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  1. The gap (both sides combined) is probably 1/16" inch or less.
  2. So I was working on this mortise and tenon for a table and I didn't know it but my shoulder plane blade wasn't square. This resulted in me putting a big taper on some of my tenons. I'm thinking about just redoing the whole pieces but I saw some tips on youtube about finding a shim and glueing that to the tenon to build it up and shave it back down again. Any other ideas anybody's used in this situation?
  3. I am not dealing with a very large piece. 12" x 15" roughly. I tried wetting it down and smashing it flat for 24 hours. That mostly worked but I don't think it's worth the trouble for what I need. @BillyJack I took your advice and bought a cheap melamine shelf that was small and already close to the size I needed and it works great.
  4. That's what's interesting. After I applied the poly it was drying with plenty of airflow all around. And the other half of the sheet, without poly, is still flat. I mean it's not a huge difference but definitely discernible.
  5. I've got no plans. Just wanted to make something simple I could start using. For the router table sled I'm actually making it without runners so the flatness on that one is what's critical. For the table saw sled I'm going to try some of the miter bars from Microjig as well. So pretty much this is some testing I'm doing to see what can be helpful.
  6. I'm making a sled for my router table and another for my table saw so I can use my matchfit clamps.
  7. Well believe it or not I bought a cheap 2 x 4 3/4 inch plywood sheet from HD and got it home and it was dead flat. I cut it basically down the middle. After I routed a dovetail grid on one piece I decided to put some wipe on water poly on it. I left it overnight and that turd had a 1/16 inch bow in it this morning. So I wet it down and have it smashed flat. We will see if that does anything at all.
  8. It's normally around $27 here in Arkansas for a 2 x 4 ft sheet of 3/4 inch. Yesterday it was $ 40. I got some scraps around here to test with so I'm really hoping MDF will suffice for my needs.
  9. Yes, birch is usually what I get. It's not terrible in most cases but it's hard to tell until I get it home. Sometimes there's a twist in it.
  11. That's been my solution so far. But I have decided to try out some of the Microjig matchfit dovetail products so I need something that can take the clamping pressure. I will test MDF, too. It's certainly cheaper now.
  12. I don't have access to good plywood. Home Depot is my best source and I always wind up with some slight warping. This is only a problem when I try to make jigs/sleds for my table saw or drill press. I've seen different tricks around the net for warping/de-warping plywood but they all look pretty extreme. So I was wondering if anybody has any tricks they use when they get a piece of plywood with a slight warp or one that warps after they get it home. Seems like you could just wet it down a little and smash it? I can't be the first person to think of this, hence my topic!
  13. Yes. The 2 at the front are stationary and the 2 in the back have elongated holes. I used phillips head and washers. When you say flathead do you mean panhead? If so, yes.
  14. Well I didn't. I did do some planing and sanding. Then after applying BLO and waiting a day it was about a 1/16" of an inch cupped on both sides. I only had one "show" side because of some surface defects so flipping the panel wasn't really an option. Since this was part of refurbishing an old dresser I just used it as is. It's attached to the original top using some screws about 2 inches from the edges. I did put a little tension where the panel curled up by tightening the screws but given the width of the panel is over 18 inches I think it'll be ok.
  15. Well I got it where it needs to be attached and I don't think it is juvenile wood. I think this was my mistake of not letting air get to both sides during 3 days of tornadoes. It was the last thing on my mind.