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  1. I wound up getting the jobsite pro from them. I wanted to check out the contractor saw but they didn't have one. I'm happy with the jobsite though. Thanks for the recommendation.
  2. Well, I looked around a lot but after hearing wtnhighlander's recommendation I went to the nearest Sawstop dealer to me which is in Bartlet, TN. I would definitely go back.
  3. I'm near Little Rock so about 2.5 hours from Memphis. I found the place. Looks like they are in Bartlett, TN. I'll call them tomorrow. Thanks!
  4. I'm in Arkansas if that matters. Thanks
  5. I've decided I want the sawstop jobsite pro but finding it online is hit and miss. I normally order my tools from amazon or HD but this is not available there. Anybody have opinions on woodcraft or rockler? Or some other place to recommend?
  6. I was just gluing mdf the other day and it did not turn out the way I hoped. I will give this a shot next time. Thanks!
  7. I'm going to try that out on something for sure.
  8. I think you were right, Chet. This was an extremely dynamic weather shift for us here in Arkansas in the last 48 hours. All that after our snow storm. The rust was dense but not thick thankfully. WD40 and a rag got it off and I put another paste wax layer on it. Thanks
  9. So we had some sever weather here yesterday with really high humidity. My jointer was fine yesterday but now has a coating of rust on the fence and infeed and outfeed tables. What's the best way to remove this without affecting the flatness/surface of the tables and fence? I have been using paste wax on top of it. Is there something else I should be using?
  10. I've got a table saw, jointer, and trim router. I was actually wondering about trying with the jointer and making repeated passes. But I could try the dado blade on my table saw, too. I've never used one before.
  11. I was mainly practicing cutting mortises and tenons. I am not good at tenons yet. I've got some scrap pine left over I was trying out some ideas for a nightstand. I don't have any plans yet. I just wanted to see what I would need to do. I wasn't talking about butt joints. All the plans I've seen so far use pocket screws and I don't really want to do that. I've watched several different methods on cutting MTs. I can cut mortises ok but tenons is where I fail. I am trying to saw them by hand but I find it is very easy for me to get my angle off and ruin the thing. Any suggestions?
  12. Other methods? Just plain old glue. I will check out Fine Woodworking. Thanks!
  13. Do I even needed M/T or is that overkill on something this small?
  14. I'm practicing building a nightstand and I've looked at several pictures to get some ideas. Here's one I kind of like. I'm trying to figure out how to fit the top and bottom aprons and it got me wondering if I should use a mortise and tenon and then I started wondering if you can actually do that from both directions with legs that are only about 1 inch square. Is there a good way to determine what's the minimum needed for strength?
  15. I see now. But even with something other than wood glue I'm guessing it's best to orient the grains in the same direction?