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  1. Hello I am rounding the corner on my executive desk build and I am currently "Paused" at the stage of routing the profile on the top edge of desk top. The bit I purchased, based on Marc's recommendation is a 2.5" diameter table edge bit. I have several routers but not the size of the OF2200 that Marc used and I am now considering all of the many ways that this can go horribly wrong with my OF1400 or Bosch 1617 routers if I am to attempt it. First off the diameter of the bit is larger than the baseplate - this was my first clue that something is wrong with what I am trying to do. Of course I know I need to slow down the speed of the bit nearly to the #1 setting but even with that I am having doubts about spinning something that big in a handheld machine cutting into 5/4 cherry. Has anyone completed this build and can you offer any insight into how you routed the profile. I am leaning more now twords just doing a simple round over on top and bottom to stay safe - but if im being honest I am not sure I will really love that look - but I guess I would like that better than loosing a finger or worse trying to make the original design. I guess I could also buy a bigger router but that is not really in the cards right now moneywise as I would want the OF2200. TomD
  2. Mick - lead time stated on the order confirmation was 5-7 days - im in no rush so if it takes longer I will not be that upset, but I was pleasantly surprised it was only that long... Drew - yeah I ordered the webbing a few weeks back from Amazon and did not have the motivation to staple it in yet as the cushions were not even ordered until today. I am in the final stages of the guild jewelry box build that I started up while waiting for the chair finish to cure, so multi tasking between projects. I still have to do one final rub down of the finish on the chair as we spoke about some time back - thanks again for the details you provided and of course I will post back with final pics and how I feel about the cushions.
  3. I am not sure if this has been discussed previously but a quick search did not return anything so I thought to share an option I found with my fellow guild members. (NOTE: I have absolutely no affiliation with this company) After 7 months of on and off work I have completed my Morris chair build, well everything except the cushions. Originally I had convinced my MIL who is a fantastic seamstress to make the cushion covers for me, even though she was very worried about doing a good enough job... I stumbled onto an interesting website called On this site you can basically "configure" any cushion you want including ones with notches in the corners as both the ottoman and main seat have with this build. The only limitation with this company is that main fabric choice is the Sunbrella line. Ironically before finding this site I had mentioned to my wife that I would like to see if we could get some sumbrella fabric for her Mom to make the cushions with. So today I placed my custom order for the Ottoman, seat, and back cushion. The total cost including shipping for all three was $282 !!!! Time will tell if this was the right decision but honestly with such a low cost for all three if I dont like them after some time I can always have different ones made like I was originally thinking. Im not sure how much the material, foam, and batten would have cost me if I had stuck to my original plan but with the edge piping options, notched corners and ties for the back I feel like this is real bargain. One other bonus is that I will not be indebted to my MIL for her sewing services..... LOL I will post back some pics once I get them with my impression of the quality of the cushions. The Sunbrella fabric option is not for everyone but if you are like me and actually do like that option this may be a good alternative to a brick and mortar upholstery shop which could be exponentially more expensive. TomD
  4. Hi all it seems like Marc may have updated the templates for the Morris chair and it no longer contains the arm hole layout - unless I am missing something obvious. The layout of the template looks different then when I originally printed it 8 months ago so I'm assuming it has been updated because it contains an updated logo. Would anyone happen to have the original PDF template you can send to me instead of waiting for the existing one to be updated. i appoligize if I'm being a bone head and missing something obvious but these holes are my next steps and I got some shop time reserved in the coming few days. TomD
  5. Hi Eric Thanks for digging to make sure I'm not on the wrong path, seems you are looking at an adirondack chair plan and I am building the Morris chair.. sorry if my post was not clear. TomD
  6. Hi all im well on my way into my first guild build and made a measuring mistake, essentially there are two opposing mortises on the front legs. The front rail mortise is 5 1/2" and the side rail mortise is 5 1/4", and I got them backwards. The bottoms of both mortises are set at the correct height of 5 5/8" so I am racking my brain trying to figure out if the rail locations will be fine as long as I adjust the tenon sizes to match, or if I will end up with either the front or side rails being 1/8 " off on both sides? Hoping there is someone out there who can envision this mistake more clearly then me and offer some guidance? I'm usually pretty good at fixing my mistakes, I have a lot of practice !! But this one has me a little stumped. Thanks in advance TomD