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    I have long done "easier" woodworking - Think Ana-White. About 2 years ago, I found Marc's video on doing a Pizza Peel. Since then, I have renewed an old interest in more traditional woodworking and am trying very hard to get an appropriate tool set and skill set to make beautiful, traditionally crafted furniture.

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  1."+jointer+knives Any reason something like that wouldn't work in it? I know it says they are for a different jointer, but the sizes are the same. Someone else said they fit in a Grizz 8". Trying to get this up and running quicker without spending an arm and a leg on shipping.
  2. Yeah, looks like $54.90 - Not awful. I haven't taken them all out, but at least one blade is stamped as BOICE-CRANE - Which I assume means it could possibly be original to the machine....
  3. First update on this beast! I picked up the OneWay Multi-Gauge and it confirmed exactly what I expected it to say. The blades are nowhere near level with the outfeed table. Looking at the blades, it looks like the last time the guy had them sharpened, he just put them all back in on their lowest point. I wonder how he ever had any decent results?! One of the lifters wasn't even installed properly, so I had to completely remove the knife and reset the lifters. Bad news - although neither are "that" bad.... I am struggling with two things with this jointer, one I need to go search OWWM
  4. For the record - I did purchase this and I plan on doing the adjustments this week
  5. Table seems coplaner, I can rock a long level ever so slightly towards the infeed table. I picked it up for 450, so I spent 475 after the trailer rental. It makes woodshavings! I need to do some reading and checking to see about making sure every knife is set right and check the height on everything.... So far... seems like a good purchase! The guy did say someone had called yesterday and then never showed. I got lucky.
  6. 110v power Was thinking of offering 375, but don't want to lowball if it is already priced well. Does this mean adding a Shelix at some point would be a no-go?
  7. So probably not terribly often for me.... slight bonus. And from what I understand, this is a BEAST of a jointer. Better than the standard Grizzly.
  8. That's my concern - But my thought process is - Hard to adjust jointer is better than zero jointer. How often does something like this need adjusting?
  9. Hey All! I have the opportunity to pickup an 8" Boice-Crane jointer today near me for $475. Pictures of it look good to me and I have posted below. I was going to offer him $375 and see what he says, assuming it checks out. I have talked to a few people and been told that it is possibly a good deal, but I also know very little about this jointer and have never heard of it. I have no jointer right now and while money is tight at the moment, for the right purchase I can pickup this jointer. If I didn't, I would likely end up with something like an LN 62 to do hand jointing and pic
  10. JUST replied to that. Some other guildies had pointed it out to me. Jumped right on that. Trying to convince Mel\Llama to sell me his LN62 - But so far no luck :-p
  11. I'd love to procure at least one of each! Send me a PM too (Please!) if you have any left! I have zero planes currently and am looking to actually do the whole "hybrid woodworking" thing.
  12. Yep - I have a few resources that I can drive to - Otherwise, I will order from Bell Forest, who is actually located here in MI - When I don't need it "yesterday". Thanks to both of you! Much appreciated.
  13. Hello There from SouthEast Michigan! I am relatively new to the field of fine woodworking. I have always done general construction, trim work, and have done several Anna-White-esque types of furniture. I recently picked up my first real table saw, trading in a cheap Ryobi for a R4512. I found Marc about two years ago when looking for plans to make a pizza peel for my father in law. That led to finding the WT crew and to me being here. If anyone knows a good source of hardwood in\near SE Michigan, I would love to hear about it. Same goes for any good guilds in the area! I am sti