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  1. Looks good, although I'm not sure the F clamps are really needed. But on the infrequent occasions I need one, I grab one of my cargo clamping bands that I got from Harbor Freight several years ago. Pack of four for nearly half the price of the Irwin, and make my own corner blocks from scrap wood. (I actually used them as cargo tie-downs once, and several other uses after that.) Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
  2. I have had a Workmate for nearly 30 years and use I practically daily. I would definitely recommend one. I use it as a portable work surface, something to hold things being cut, for some light hand tool work, and as a place to mount infrequently used tools. I have a SMALL shop so some tools are stored on a shelf & put in the workmate as needed. (Each is mounted on a piece of plywood with a small bar underneath that can get clamped by the Workmate.) Bench grinder is the main one. For lots of ideas look at YouTube for John Taylor or Marty Backe - they both have lots of creative ideas for Wo
  3. @Jg2259 - thank you. It appears to be easier than I feared it might be. Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
  4. I plan on getting one of these for a workshop in an outbuilding now under construction. I am also planning on attic mounting and ducting to outside. But being a newbie, I need to ask: what is involved mechanically to vent one outside? I am assuming that the airflow normally going into the top bag is what we are talking about, but I have never seen an example of HOW to do it. Do you have suggestions and/or pictures? I want to do attic mounting because I need to make best use of scarce floor space in the workshop. The attic will actually have more stand-up floor space than the shop!
  5. One city we lived in (in coastal South Carolina) the Mayor lived across the street from us. Guess who was the BIGGEST fireworks violator - often with many of the on-duty police and fire department shifts in attendance. Seriously, fireworks - especially unexpected ones - can be a serious problem for those of us who are combat veterans. PTSD is real and it doesn't go away. We can manage the symptoms but we also never know what or when the next "trigger" will be. Someone might just suddenly turn badass Marine on you! Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk