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  1. It's an old Craftsman but it seems to work very smoothly. I think I'm most pleased with it. My table saw doesn't have a splitter on it and scares me to rip on it. Plus, the bandsaw has been fun. I also ended up taking the Delta scroll saw and tried it out. I had a lot of fun before the blade snapped. I'm guessing that's pretty common.
  2. Thanks for all of the help, everyone. I'm putting the jointer, bandsaw, and scroll saw into the shop today. Then I'll toy around with them and see how things go.
  3. Thanks, gee-dub. I definitely don't want to waste my time, effort, and money in materials but am a poor teacher who can't afford power tools at this point and free tools from the great grandad are too tempting. Are you saying this jointer is not worth my time? Wood butcher, Is the table good for plain-old routing and not jointing? It comes with a router (not sure which one at this point). Thanks! Grant
  4. I have another choice to make. Thanks to all of you who helped me figure out that my choice between two jointer was actually a choice between a jointer and a routing table... I now have to decide which of these scroll saws to take (inheritance) without any understanding of what makes a good scroll saw (I'm very new to woodworking). Both are 16". One is a Delta and one a Craftsman. Both are in good working condition but old. Thanks! Grant
  5. Well my ignorance and freshness to woodworking are showing... Thanks. Maybe I'll talk my brother into letting me take it too since he isn't interested in woodworking. I'd love to have a router.
  6. Just imagining that gives me chills...
  7. I do have a choice between the one I posted above and this one. Which should I choose? I originally chose the first because it had a planer, or so I thought. I don't have the model number for this one but can get it tomorrow.
  8. Well that's disappointing. I guess I figured as much since there's no way to feed the lumber under the blade. Why would they say Jointer/Planer? Because you can joint faces? Confusing. Thanks for the lightning fast response! I guess I'll keep learning how to use my hand planes better until I can invest in an actual planer. Grant
  9. Hello! I am very new to woodworking but am loving it so far. I've been doing a lot of research and practicing a good deal. I just inherited an old Craftsman 6 1/8" jointer/planer combo and just can't seem to figure out how to use it to plane. I've attached a picture I found online of the same model since I don't have a picture of mine at the moment. Doesn't a planer have to cut from above so the jointed side can rest on the table? i can take more in-depth pictures of my own if that would help. Thanks, Grant