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  1. Thanks...Does seem like a very fun group
  2. I wish I could honestly say now was a good time for an AZ vacation.
  3. I completely understand. I would be skeptical too. No scams, just trying to place a few nice tools with people that can appreciate and use them. When I list anywhere else I get the "will you take $50?" offers or the "I can pay by certified check..." Anyone local is invited to come inspect the tools, and visit with me personally.
  4. I would love to keep it...My garage is way to small. Hoever, that doesn't answer your question. As a woodworker, I appreciate quality tools at a great price. I purchased these tools at auction to resale them. I got a great price on them and would like to make a few bucks while giving someone else a great deal. I did post here just to sell these. The best place to reach woodworkers is in a forum like this. Don't believe that I would have much luck on Facebook or Etsy.
  5. I don't believe that there is a transferable warranty on Delta tools.
  6. Router has not been used Systainer latch is missing and hinge is broken missing the chip catcher purchased at an auction router works perfectly Metric Version retails for $570
  7. Forgot to mention....Drum sander was purchased at auction. Was a special order that was not picked up. No damage to the sander. The crate was in good condition as well. took the crate off to unload and store the sander.
  8. Thanks for the guidance. Bought the saw at an auction. No damage to the saw or packaging. it was a special order that wasn't picked up.
  9. Save over $430 Brand New Delta 31-481 Took off crate for pictures and storage 3HP 230V Extra deep 12 1/4" capacity by 25 1/2" wide simple tracking and tensioning adjustments Dual dust collection ports Retails $2055 new plus tax Pick up in Queen Creek AZ
  10. Save $475 Still in the crate and boxes. 3HP Delta Unisaw 52" Biesemeyer fence Left tilt Cast iron base- very stable true rise/fall riving knife Sells new for $2649 plus tax Pick up in Queen Creek AZ
  11. Nice bench. would be real easy to give a rustic flare. With a little sandpaper, some hard objects to make varying dents, and a little glaze you will be able to achieve more of the look your wife wants.
  12. Nice table... Always fun to complete a Boss pleaser.