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  1. Lmao!!!!! Yes those are both seals.
  2. Thank you Ronn and Eric. I'm not looking for extreme protection as after all, they are just small projects but wanted to give it some protection. I'll definitely keep Epifanes in mind for bigger projects.
  3. Good day ladies and gentlemen. My first post besides my introduction. As a complete novice, I'm going to be asking a lot of questions that may seem simple. Because I have little experience, I'm starting small and a few months back, my wife said she would like a bird feeder, so I'm gonna surprise her. What I'm wanting to know is how to finish something like a bird feeder or house so that it looks natural but is still protected, to withstand being outside in this bipolar Midwest weather. Thank you all. Chuck
  4. Ccann76


    I know better than to ask questions like that. A few years ago when I was working on my Jeep, it was the same way in forums. Everyone has their own preferences.
  5. Ccann76


    Thank you all. I'll definitely be asking questions.
  6. Ccann76

    Hi from KC

    Hello from Belton, MO
  7. Just joined the site and complete novice to woodworking. Hoping to learn a lot.
  8. Ccann76


    Thank you very much. I look forward to learning quite a bit, and maybe some day making this hobby into a small, side business.
  9. Retired from the Army Sep '14 after 20 yrs. Now working as a Letter Carrier for the Post Office. Complete novice when it comes to woodworking, but hoping to learn quickly.