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  1. Verbalkint99

    Parallel clamp clearance at Woodcraft

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post or if it is not allowed...but.... made a random stop at my local (metro Detroit) Woodcraft and happened upon a pallet of Bora brand 50" parallel clamps with a "manager's special" sign stating they were $32 each and if you bought 4 you got a $20 gift card.
  2. Verbalkint99

    Hauling rough lumber in a SUV

    Oh the right impact those boards would take your head clean off. Have you considered strapping the boards to your roof?! Secure the boards together with ratchet straps to make one secure unit. Pad your roof with a couple small folded moving blankets, with your doors open use two ratchet straps to secure the load to the roof through the inside of the car. If you are worried about caving in the roof, consider cutting two boards that will span the black trim where a roof rack would mount. The doors should still close without issue. Be sure to secure the front and back of the boards under the front and rear bumpers. this will work for the OP too, securing the boards together first is the most critical step though.
  3. Verbalkint99

    furnace vacuum for dust collection?

    oh, that is good to know. I never would have thought about that
  4. Verbalkint99

    furnace vacuum for dust collection?

    Thank you all! I guess I should have gone with learning the basics first, just did not know where to start. I guess you don't know what you don't know. Working with my grandfather, his DC system was me vacuuming the shop after a project was done. Never considered looking at CFM. I guess I have a dedicated vacuum for my RO sander.
  5. Verbalkint99

    furnace vacuum for dust collection?

    Hello, I have been reading the forums here for a little while and am looking to get into the hobby after growing up in my grandfather's shop. My first question for you all is about dust collection. I hope to get to the point where i need a full size dust collector but for now I am using a Ridgid shop vac and a dust deputy. I see a lot of people with this set up build a cart to keep them together. I fear that if i tried this it would be quite large with my 16gal vac. I was just given a Mastercraft Sootmaster 652 ($700 new) which is much smaller at 6gal. I think it has the power, but know nothing about furnace vacs. Especially why they are so expensive! If anyone out there happens to know a thing or two about both DC and furnace vacs whould you be able to tell me if a furnace vac with a dust deputy would be a decent set up while I relearn the trade?