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  1. Thanks, the lumber will turn into a nice king size bed one of these days and maybe a nice glass front case for the bourbon collection if enough wood left. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Makita's problem with loggers and tree services is that they don't have a high end top handle or 90cc in their line up any longer. I have mostly makita tools where possible. Their 18v/36v line is amazing to say the least. And yea I have over 150 saws in the shop at any one time. It was a hobby/obsession that turned into a small after hours business. It also helps heat the shop and house since I have 2 wood boilers.
  3. I read the article and feel like I already knew that information but needed reinforcement to do what I want to our furniture. That being said I am going to struggle with a stain decision for this settee. I want to go with a lighter color in order to show off the beautiful wood grain but... I also want to preserve the original look. So maybe I'll leave it up to chance! I plan to look through old photos from my great great grandparents who owned the furniture. I planned to hang pictures of them in the sitting room with their furniture that I'll refinish. If by chance there is a photo with the furniture I'll leave it dark like the photo, and if not I'll pick another tone that reveals the wood grain. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. What size bar on that 036? I usually stick with 20" on 60cc unless they really have the guts to pull a 25". All my personal stock is mostly Dolmar/Makita. Easy to find parts and their resale isn't near as high as Stihl. Dolmar is a professional saw out of Germany and a brand that is older than Stihl. Makita bought Dolmar in 1991 and they still make great saws. I sell the Stihls because they bring more $$ and run the makita/dolmars b/c they are just as good. Here are a few of my saws. Not pictured: 118cc 3120xp husky 54" bar 111cc 076 stihl 2x 6100 makita's Another makita 9010 or 2 5-6 stihl 044/440's 3x Stihl 066's 2x poulan pro 655bp 100cc 166 dolmar 188cc 4x Dolmar 143's 95cc Etc Etc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Well nothing is ever done quickly around here... the last buffet I spoke of looks great but took me the better part of a year in between all my other hobbies: chainsaw rebuilds, milling logs, fixing our cars and acreage equipment, fixing 2 driveway blow outs, fixing up the house, etc etc etc. I will repair and fix anything that will save me money. Anyhow most woodworking will never be worth cash vs time in the end, and I understand that. As for the other points above. Yes, if it stays in the family, I guess who cares what the sale value is worth. Right now we don't have kids yet but we are hoping to start that soon... which is another reason I wanted to get the rocker fixed up. [emoji16] Can't watch the video right now at work but will on my way home. As far as skill level is concerned I am middle of the road? I have made some real nice shaker style furniture with clean simple lines out of the wood I mill. My grandfather (who has since passed) was a master of wood working. He would make grandfather clocks with wooden gear internals. Unfortunately I didn't get as many of those skills passed to me before he died. I know most forums like pictures so here's a few... Oak and walnut 3.5" thick to 5/4. What are oak burls worth? This one is about 3' across and 16-18" deep! Hard dry elm that I was cutting wooden bowl blanks from for a friend. (37" bar and that's a medium size saw for me!) Refinished buffet I previously mentioned. Does anyone have access to antique keyhole inserts? I don't want new brass ones...
  6. Hey guys, New to the forum but have been refinishing pieces that the wife and I have picked up at auctions for $1 and about to start on the restoration of family heirloom settee... It's a pretty basic set: rocket, chair, bench for two, from late 1800's to very early 1900's from what I'm told. My parents left it in an outbuilding in Iowa for 20+ years. Needless to say it's a complete overhaul needed. Old animal glue letting go, leather torn to shreds, veneer peeling. Pieces have the zig-zag seat support. Normally I'd pass up a project like this because they aren't comfortable to sit on nor are they particularly ornate. However, this is a family heirloom set. Pics to come soon... My questions are mostly going to center on: 1: am I going to kill any value by stripping the old super dark finish and staining lighter to reveal oak grain? 2: I'll need assistance/advise on what to do with the peeling veneer on curved surfaces. 3: easiest/best way to strip that old dark varnish over a chemical stripper? The last piece I did was similar, quarter-sawn oak claw foot buffet. Complete tear apart, strip, rejoint, and stained in a medium red hue stain. Replaced veneered top with marble slab. Also had to glue oak back into the broken out claw feet and re-carve them by hand. I was thinking of staining this settee to a medium red hue to match the clawfoot buffet and maybe make a coffee table to match: they will all be in the same room. It was an easy choice to strip and stain the buffet since we paid $1 at auction but this family heirloom set gave me greater pause for quality of work and value after the fact, since I want to keep it in the family. Gathering information before I begin on this one! Any thoughts for me?