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  1. Item has sold. Item Description/Model #: Hammer A3-31 Jointer/Planer combo. Machine has the mobility kit installed, DRO, Silent-power spiral cutterhead, and two of the 400mm extensions. Unit is just over a year old, have to sell for shop move. Original price was $5600 on sale. Machine is in great condition. Price: $4000 Does the price include shipping? No Accepted Payment Methods: Cash or PayPal. All other forms of payment must be discussed. Pickup Location: Gilbert, AZ.
  2. I know there are some who really love this machine, however I am not the biggest fan. Bed lengths are rather short and don't get me started on that shitty fence. Sorry, but it is the glaring weak spot of this unit. I have an A3-31 with the bed extensions, digital readout, mobility kit, and the spiral cutter head. The accessories are actually rather nice additions to the machine with one exception, the bed extensions are shit. The manner in which they secure to the side rails is simply not rigid enough if you start using 8/4 and 12/4 material as the weight of the wood is enough to c
  3. Nice, glad all is finally well. I'll have to look at mine sometime to see if there's a way to adjust it so it doesn't oscillate so much.
  4. I cannot believe this still has not been resolved. I really hope that they get this taken care of soon. Makes me really hope I don't have any issues with mine or my Laguna bandsaw. Damn that sucks.
  5. Lovely, yours was probably in the same batch as mine as I had it preordered too. I'll be curious if your new one does it too
  6. The motor on my 16-32 does this exact thing. I've been meaning to look at it as I'm concerned about this as well. I have been nervous watching that motor move.
  7. I am looking to sell a bosch router combo that is gently used. Trying to eliminate some of my tools I don't use very much and would like to get 200 for it with an edge guide included. I also have a new in box edge guide that could be thrown into the deal for an extra $15. I'll cover shipping up to the first $20 and after that it's on you.
  8. Fills up fast and as you can imagine, there will be many more. Work is looking good, time to give that front slab some love to accommodate some hardware.
  9. Yes. The leg chop, tail vise end cap, and sliding deadman are all made from cherry.
  10. I honestly do not know why I didn't even think to do that. I should have done that long ago to take advantage of the tail vise sooner.
  11. While there are certainly many threads of everyone building their Roubo benches, I figured I would make a quick one to bring things up to speed on my build. I should have started this thread early into the build as then maybe I would have taken more photos. But here it is: Nothing like a truck full of lumber. This build is all hard maple and touches of cherry. I totally underestimated how long it would take to mill so much hard maple to laminate the tops, did not take pictures during the process as I was constantly emptying the bin on my dust collector. Two days of
  12. Very good news, will have to slowly replace some of my old stones as the Shapton's are nice!
  13. I don't think it's about tilting the fence for bevels being an issue, I think it's just a weakness of the fence system in general. It seems like a few of us have had this issue. I personally got frustrated with Hammer tech support as I work nights and the hours I can talk to them are when I sleep and it's a lot of voicemail phone tag. It also never seemed that they could not figure out the issue trying to pretend as if the fence was not known to be an issue. I can use mine reliably now for edge jointing only if the fence is set within four inches of the front. Anywhere else and it will start s