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  1. I’ve never taken a face to face class either but I do recommend Rob Cosman online hand tool classes. He is a very good teacher. I use a combination of a few different people style for different things. But I use his freehand sharping method but on diamond stone and his hand cut dovetail method
  2. Tmize

    What did I do wrong?

    I maybe wrong but isn’t acetone alcohol based? Using it to clean up behind sanding wouldn’t it just dissolve the layer of shellac you just put down?
  3. Tmize

    Buying tips.

    I have a 6c and I could see where it would be a problem on a smoother. I use mine on a shooting board with no problems that is a great deal to.
  4. Tmize

    Buying tips.

    That’s awful makes me cringe just thinking about it. Now is it still useable sure it’s a 20” plane but it will still give you a jointed edge as long as sole is flat an straight. Now I’m probably going to make some people mad but the sole on a jointer doesn’t need to super flat with mine I lay a wooden straight edge to it if I don’t see a light I move on an then check to see there is any twist in it with winding sticks. With the damage you are talking about already on it I would differently check for that. If the casting is twisted it not even a good paper weight. Ive gotten to where I’m replacing all my blades in mine. The thicker blades are way easier to free hand sharpen an keep constant bevel. An hold a edge longer seems like.
  5. Tmize

    Buying tips.

    He dont ever seem to have very much on his site anymore. Now one that I’ve found that’s not to bad on pricing and genuinely has good stuff is
  6. Tmize

    Shaker huntboard

    @Chet I keep looking back at your sideboard build for ideas an inspirations. I’ve never built from plans nearly always a picture or sketch is all so getting all the parts to work together is challenging. When you was the web frame assembly the individual panels dividing the drawer you cut a dado to accept it. Was it just like a 1/8” or so for positioning. My thinking is if I go much deeper I will hit my tenon. I roughed out my materials the last night an offset my groove back off center a 1/8 or so. I’m thinking of doing more of a half lap joint instead of m&t to keep it from being a problem but should I not worry so much since it will not have any or much stress on it?
  7. Tmize

    Buying tips.

    Wow that is a haul right there. That’s being in the right place at the right time
  8. Tmize

    Buying tips.

    That’s about what I have also in my mine 3-7. I think the only 2 I paid over $50 was the 6,7. If still interested in a number 7 I’ve got a extra later model that I have been debating on putting up on eBay just to get my money back on.
  9. Tmize

    Buying tips.

    I have had some great luck with eBay. When I know I’m going to need or want a certain plane. I start looking an it may take 2 weeks sometimes to find a great deal but I have alway done well. I to have never had much luck at flea malls for Stanley but I have found one dealer at one mall that usually keeps at least one moulding plane in his booth at a decent price. Other than that eBay is my only option. Now Craigslist has been good to me as far as lumber goes. I’ve got 8/4 white for a 1/3 of the price lumber yard. An recently found a fellow woodworker that got in with a wholesaler an will sell to public 10 cents a bdft over wholesale price.
  10. Tmize

    Shaker huntboard

    I had little bit of time this weekend to work on it. Got the frame built for the bottom to sit on. When I pulled the bottom glue up out of the clamps it had cupped a lil so I flatten it again. Wasn’t much took about a 1/16 out of it. Planed finish even makes popular look good. The bottom panel will act as the bottom drawer slide so it needed to be flat an square to the face frame. So when I built the frame work for it to sit on I used a cut off of the panel to flush it up to the front frame an the adjustable to set the back off of it. I’ve still have to dado the bottom to accept the drawer web frame assembly it will be rabbetted to slide in 1/4 grooves in back an front frames. Then next is the drawer frame assembly.
  11. Tmize

    Sharpening System

    I’m a diamond stone an strop fan for planes an bench chisels. I hone on the stones to 1200 grit then strop with green compound. I do go step higher for my paring and dovetail chisels to 2000 grit wet dry paper on a piece of plate glass. Those are grind at a 22• bevel an get nothing but hand pressure on them. When I first started into sharpen I bought a Chinese double side diamond stone on amazon for like 10-12$ an it worked great for about a year an I sharpen at least something once a week
  12. Tmize

    Shaker huntboard

    Yes it will have 3 drawers running on web frames
  13. Tmize

    Shaker huntboard

    She picked out a bluish green milk paint she liked (a first time for me). The top will BLO the few coats of wipe on poly. I’ve been researching grain filling I may give it a shot on this one. I’ve read that it muddy the grain sometimes. I’ll try it out on some offcuts first.
  14. Tmize

    Shaker huntboard

    We have been finally get around to finishing remodel on our dining room. The wife want a little buffet table for in to store serving an decor stuff. I started digging around google for something to meet her spec’s. The frame is popular with birch ply panels. The top is going to a nice piece of figured walnut I’ve be hoarding. The door panels insert will be walnut also flat panel on the outside an either revealed rabbet or beveled on the inside.