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  1. Tmize

    True but still funny

    My seen that same photo of Facebook few months ago an said so it gunna get worse from here on out. I’ve only got about 2 years an already building a nice tool collection
  2. Tmize

    Arts and Craft Sideboard

    I think it a great looking piece. Personally the door panel on the left looks good if I was to change one it would be the one on the right. The cathedral are to random compared to the other panel and door fronts JMO
  3. Tmize

    Cherry Driving me Crazy

    Try shewing the plane right before you get to the reversing grain. If that does seem to help your blade isn’t sharp enough. Really a sharp blade will fix just about any problem.
  4. Tmize

    ADVICE PLEASE - Starting Hand Tool Woodworking

    Now the bevel up or bevel down debate will never by decided it comes down the to your style. I learned on a bevel down an that’s my preference. When it comes to my bench planes 1-8 size but now block planes yes get low angle. I know LN offers high angle frogs LV may but something I do to combat having to have one is have a spare 2” blade that has a 10 degree back bevel on it. It does amazing job on high figure an end grain. An a 2” blade will fit a #4 or #5 plane
  5. Tmize

    ADVICE PLEASE - Starting Hand Tool Woodworking

    I would start with a #5 jack plane bevel down. An get at least one extra blade leave one blade straight across just knock down the corner to help with track marks the other put a radius bevel on it to act as your scrub plane. That will get you by for a lil bit til you save up for your next one an so on an so on.....
  6. Tmize

    Pine Dresser With "Big Box Pine"

    I’ve always liked the pine personally. You really don’t need dowel for a edge to edge glue joint just glue is plenty strong enough. I use to use a biscuit joiner for all my panel glue ups an my panel nearly always requires excessive sand an rarely came out flat. But since I just starting using glue a a few cauls they came out so much better now. An one more thing the breadboard end you have on the ends of the top. They say that if don’t leave room for cross grain movement the piece will self destruct. I’ve started using a tongue groove glued in the middle then pinned underneath with room to move side to side I usually do a 16th each way per foot it is wide. There are actual calculations out there if you want to get extract bout it. But contrary to that statement i have several piece in my house now that was glue all the way an are still perfectly fine that I built before learning the above.
  7. Total skipped over that I even reread the post just not the title. My bad I change my response to a water based poly
  8. Did I miss where he said would be outside
  9. With much to do in a short time I would do shellac you can reapply the finish in about an hour of dry time. For more of a amber tone like the oil would give is go with amber shellac.
  10. Tmize

    Table top attachment

    Just for fun could you do a sliding tapered dovetail an have each board stop at the right spot to leave a gap you want. It would be a total PITA to fit tho lol
  11. Tmize

    The Pekovich Cabinet

    It’s a ship lap joint
  12. Tmize

    New shop and beginner woodworker

    To me the best starter project in furniture is the shaker end table it has m&t’s,dovetails and edge joining a top. All great joints to learn on a smaller scale an is a awesome looking piece. An only about 10-15 board feet of lumber so not a lot of expense either
  13. Tmize

    Drawbore tenon

    That would be a cool experiment. I was thinking two 3/8 pegs in each side. At that size dowel would you have to clock the grain so you don’t have a cross grain pushing against each other?
  14. Tmize

    Drawbore tenon

    Ok I have some oak dowels an the the leg is Douglas fir that should be hard enough
  15. Tmize

    Drawbore tenon

    So my thinking is in between the two mortise would that make it to hard to drive the dowel thru or do I need to offset them an drive them in both sides to hold each tenon separately?