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  1. Rob Cosman just did a free video workshop on you tube and covered the whole process. But almost exactly as Ronn W explained it.
  2. If you are anything like me I’m constantly bringing home a new plane or something. Just last year I built a chest of drawer type plane storage. I’ve just about out grown it already and I’ve still got a wish list. So the plan is to build another one next to it. IMHO I don’t like multi layer drawer especially for large items such as planes. I’ve got a #7 and wooden fore plane currently on a shelf that doesn’t fit
  3. I have small veratis I got it for cleaning up small hinge mortises. It works great just don’t to much material or the blade twist. The depth stop is sold separately just a reminder(I didn’t read carefully enough)
  4. Could just be the grain rising from water contact. Sand back to 600 grit and reapply your finish and it should be fine from now on.
  5. I believe that’s a Veritas dovetail saw there in the picture? JK....
  6. I would simply just dado it. Just because I have never liked dowels. A biscuit joiner would work to. Looking at your sketch with the miters at the ends the two middle boards would holding all the weight. Granted your not talking much weight but I’ve never trust miter for strength even when reinforced with splines. No it’s not strange it’s a skill that once you get it down the joy is always there.
  7. The process I use is to lay the piece down on the bench shim it any where it’s not touching. Then place winding sticks across it in a couple different locations or if have a eye for it just sight down it. Take down high spots then lay straight edge down it to see if you have caused a hump or concave surface. Now if the twist is taken out an is fairly straight (no hump concave is ok) break out the jointer going with the grain I usually take the first few passes shewed a bit say 15* . Then once you start getting some Continuous shaving not whole pass straighten the passes up. Remember to keep checking your progress as you go with winding stick and straight edge. But normally it doesn’t take long an your be good to run it thru the planer face down as your reference side and be good to go.
  8. Tmize

    Smoothing plane

    On the BU plane it came with a 38* bevel angle I honed in a slight micro bevel so maybe 1 to 2 degrees ( free hand sharpened). As with all my smoothing planes the irons have the corners knocked down with about a 10 second extra pressure applied to each corner on my dmt stones for a slightly radius cutting edge. Now with the BU lron I polished the back flat. I prepare my BD blades with a slight back bevel using the Charlesworth method. The BD has a thicker woodriver V3 blade in it. It has the original chipbreaker set as close to knock down corners as I could get itabout a 1/32. The chipbreaker was prepared to fit flat to the back of the iron. The mouth has a opening of a 1/16. The BU plane has about 51 to 52* cutting angle. I set the adjustable mouth was also set at 1/16. Now the only difficulty I’m having with the BU is getting the cap iron set to the correct pressure. The set screw they use to center the iron in the mouth is great. I’ve noticed when planing the cap iron will work it way lose then the lateral adjuster gets pushed over. So then I have to reset everything again. So I’ll tighten it up about 1/2 a turn more. I was fiddling with it last night a think I’ve found the perfect combination.
  9. Tmize

    Smoothing plane

    I got my BU smoother today. Been playing around with it comparing it to my Stanley #4 and well side by side going with the grain can’t tell much difference in cut quality. Not when I got into reversing grain I could tell a difference. The #4 has some tear out not much the BU cut clean thru it not glass smooth but no tear out. Now in the wild forked area of the board is where I noticed the biggest differences BU was a clear winner to be fair in this short test I was planing straight toward my planing stop with a slight skew trying not to stop plane the area as I normally would. Now I’m still trying to figure out this plane a get the adjusting comfortable to me. But I had the same learning curve with my first bailey style so more to come.
  10. For $20 to $30 could you not build the same thing out of 1/4 ply and 3/4 dowels
  11. Tmize

    Smoothing plane

    Oh it can it has got my a lot this year
  12. Tmize

    Smoothing plane

    Yea I’m interested in how I like it to. I seen they was have free shipping an seen it as a sign. I differently give it a review once I try it out. If all else it has good resale value
  13. Tmize

    Smoothing plane

    Well I ordered the bu smoother with the PMV-11 blade comes standard 38* bevel iron. I’ll try that out it will put it my at York 50* pitch I’ll put a small micro bevel on so like 52ish and see how I like it.