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  1. Tmize

    Milk paint

    Question answered after two coats no problem bounding to the planes surface. It looks like it will take 3 coats to cover it. I took my fingernail an scratch at it an no paint flaked off
  2. Tmize

    Milk paint

    The smooth surface is what my concern was. I’m going to try a piece tomorrow night. It a frame and panel case with plywood panels I did sand them to 220. So all I’ll have to ruff up is the frames and drawer faces. An then hit it with 400 grit between coats
  3. Tmize

    Milk paint

    Thanks. Yea I think I’ll try a it on a scrap piece. I hate painting the last thing I want to do is have to strip it an do it two times
  4. Tmize

    Milk paint

    I’m getting ready to use general finishes milk paint on a project I am wrapping up. Got the can of it today and it says to saying to 220 grit. Here’s my issue The piece already has a hand plane finish. I’ve never had a problem with a finish it hearing to it before do you think it’ll be a problem?
  5. Tmize

    Throwback Thursday

    So .30 cent an hour would probably be average journeyman pay back then. So that not has changed comparing journeyman pay now to price of handtool now ( excluding battery/power tools)
  6. Tmize

    Throwback Thursday

    What was the weekly bring home pay back then? Like $5 a week?
  7. Tmize

    Free wood, is this Red or White Oak?

    Red oak is my guess
  8. Tmize


    I guess the up side to soundproofing the whole basement would be I couldn’t hear the wife hollering to come up an do something
  9. Tmize


    Wow thanks y’all great info. Sounds like I just need to build a free standing shop out in the backyard. I’ve got 10’ ceiling down there. Could I just down a drop ceiling down about 6” down with rock wool batten above it. The walls are concrete block. Now I would love to frame it out but a lil to work for now. Now the space is about 700sqft but I mostly work on one half of it separated by the load carrying beam down the center of my house. Would do anything to just the ceiling in the area I’m working in or to down any good would I have to do it all?
  10. Tmize


    My shop is in the basement directly underneath my kids bedroom. I want to go down there after we lay them down for the night and work for an hour to. It’s mostly handwork I do any power tools stuff before they go to sleep. So it’s mostly just Chisel work or tapping together for a glue up but the wife says it’s still very loud upstairs. Between the joist already has some insulation. I was thinking about getting a few sheets of the pink foam board do y’all think that would help or just make my shop uglier.
  11. Tmize

    Shaker huntboard

    I like that idea. Maybe a spilt panel but that might take away from the traditional style I’m going for. Off the top of my head I can’t think of a shaker piece that has spilt panel doors in it maybe I’m wrong
  12. Tmize

    Shaker huntboard

    It’s been a good project. Only real mistake was when the stiles for the main case work I cut one 2” shorter some how so I cut the rest to match. I didn’t see much difference then in my layout but now that I that I cut the drawer faces an placed them in the drawer width look wrong to the door openings now. Is it just me or are the portions off?
  13. Tmize

    Shaker huntboard

    I’ve slowly been pecking away at it. Life has gotten in the way. But the frame work is done milled and cut down the drawer parts an got them ready and laid out for dovetails
  14. I’ve never taken a face to face class either but I do recommend Rob Cosman online hand tool classes. He is a very good teacher. I use a combination of a few different people style for different things. But I use his freehand sharping method but on diamond stone and his hand cut dovetail method
  15. Tmize

    What did I do wrong?

    I maybe wrong but isn’t acetone alcohol based? Using it to clean up behind sanding wouldn’t it just dissolve the layer of shellac you just put down?