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  1. Rippin'

    I can never find deals like. If you plan on ripping hardwood with it put you about 4-5 degree rake on the teeth it will start cutting a lot smoother with a low tooth count
  2. I built one of this last Christmas for my son an I just used a flush trim but in my router. I backed the rpm down. Run a sanding block afterwards. It worked out great
  3. Dovetail Chisels

    I don’t have any fishtail chisels I just haven’t saw a reason to yet. But I have a 1/2 Narex dt an it has never failed to do anything I’ve tried. I cut all my dt’s 7:1 by hand wither soft or hardwood. I don’t know if you do a different ratio if that would effected it any.
  4. Moxon Style Vise

    Great project. It has talked me in to finally making one. Just could ever make myself spend the the money on the hardware kit
  5. Personally I would go with rigid ts a dewalt planer both great option when budget an space are problems. I have the table saw an couldn’t ask for a better one at the price point. As far as a jointer I get by getting it rough flat by hand then run it thru my planer
  6. Newbie Question: Spots/Separation on inlaid box

    Sunlight is usually the problem when it gets spotty like that. I don’t think the pledge had much to do with it. The only finish I can think of that might be harmed by it would be shellac because it alcohol soluble I’m thinking it’s a ingredient in the spray
  7. Newbie Question: Spots/Separation on inlaid box

    It looks to be a veneered piece to me. I would take it to a professional Shop an make sure they have some good reviews. A piece like that could get ruined very easily by sanding to deep or by using the wrong stripper or heat. Has it been by a window in direct sunlight by any chance?
  8. Having issues with Purpleheart wood

    If he has already cut it for mitered 45. He can simply cut a groove inside the miter for a spline. It not the best way for doors of much size. Either a bridal joint,haunches mortise an tenons, or a cope an stick router bit set would be the other options
  9. Chisels

    If I decide to get more it will probably be the Veritas.
  10. Chisels

    I bought my original set of 4 Narex from Amazon for $38 an prime shipping since then I’ve gotten the 1/8 sizes for around 15$ from Lee valley plus mortise chisel they are a little more but I’ve got a whole set for the price of probably 2-3 lie Nielsen ones
  11. Chisels

    I have Narex chisels a love you. They under $10 a chisel.
  12. Edge treatment suggestions.

    An as far as options for later projects Garret Hack wrote a decent article on different types an when best to use them for popular woodworking magazine. You can find it on there website worth looking at.
  13. Edge treatment suggestions.

    Light chamfer is all I would do. On a simple project like that there isn’t no reason to go real fancy on edge treatment.
  14. Twin bed for daughter

    Great job never can go wrong with the shaker style. An you hit the nail on the head with this one
  15. Starting out - 8" or 10" brace

    I have both. An I like my 8” Stanley better. It’s easier to the handle an hold plum when up on the bench or standing over it. But you do get more torque with the 10” an is just fine for hortizonal holes. Just to me you just have more control in the starting of the drilling with the shorter revolutions