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  1. Dont sell the WoodRiver planes short just because they are made in China or wherever. They are very nice planes. Sucks the price went up so bad. Its almost hard to not justify spending a little bit extra for a Lie-Nielsen.
  2. I use a thin kerf Freud crosscut blade for most of my needs. If im ripping a thicker piece of hardwood ill throw my Freud rip blade in. But my general use blade is the thin kerf crosscut Freud. Costs like $45. Works for me.
  3. Titebond 3 is my preferred glue. Little bit longer open time than the first two. Does tend to be a bit runnier though. Havent decided if thats a good thing or a bad thing.
  4. Everything was fine once I took the t guide thing on the front. Doesnt seem to work with my table saw. It took alot of fiddling to get the fence square, I had to be very patient and use a consistent method of tuning to get it on. Im still not terribly impressed with this miter gauge, but It is working for me now.
  5. Got to mess around with the thing for about 30 minutes at lunch, finally got it to an acceptable square setting, and the movable flip stop on the money. Thanks for the help everyone.
  6. Thanks everyone. I initially used my reliable square up against the blade and the fence. That got me very close, but I wanted to be closer. My method for fine tuning, is the method Marc uses in his 5 cuts method on his cross cut sled build video. He uses a thin shim between the fence and a workpiece to move the fence in the proper direction by a few thousands or whatever. That method has worked for me before, and im sure itll work now. Just need to mess with it when im not already frustrated.
  7. You were right Sawdust, it was the little T shaped thingy. I thought i pulled it off and checked it but I must not have. The bar sits flush with it off of there. Ill just run without it, I dont really see much use for it anyway. So with that settled, ive been monkeying around with the gauge trying to get it to cut square, and having a heck of a time. Itll be off one way, ill adjust a little, gets closer but not there, I adjust a little more, and its off by a mile the other direction. Very frustrating. Least favorite part about woodworking, constantly having to fight with stuff to ke
  8. I checked the T shaped thing, its not interfering. I did remove the aluminum fence, and still have the problem. Ill get an exact measurement on the thickness of the bar and the slot, I checked with just a ruler, its close, but from what I can tell the bar is not as thick as the slot is deep. lll make for certain with my calipers though.
  9. Whats up everyone, So I just got my new Incra Miter 1000se, set it up, everything seems to be in working order. Except, the top of the miter bar is sitting higher than the surface of my table saw. Not by a huge amount, but enough to cause me problems. Its causing the work piece im cutting to not sit flat, and im getting inaccuracies in squareness because of this. It doesnt make any sense, the top of the bar is bolted to the underside of the base of the gauge. I cant see what the problem is. I thought the bar might have a crown in it, but a straight edge says it pretty close to flat.
  10. Derek- Do you put a shoulder on your tail board, to help with alignment when transferring the pins? Awesome journal, your work is absolutely stellar.
  11. I just bought a Veritas flat bottom spokeshave. I found it to be a pleasure to use, and wont hesitate to use it again the next time I am doing anything with curves.
  12. One thing ill throw in here, is that when using the digital gauge to set the blade to 90 degrees, dont just set it until it hits 90.0 degrees and call it good. To me, its still not close enough. Get it close with the gauge, then fine adjust by making test cuts on a thicker piece of material and use a good square to check its dead on. If it isnt, keep adjusting the blade until it is.
  13. Whats your IG handle? EDIT: nevermind, saw your signature here. Subscribed
  14. Glad they are doing the right thing and replacing the saw. Lets say that this new saw gives you the same crap a year down the road. Will PM just keep replacing the saw?