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  1. Derek- Do you put a shoulder on your tail board, to help with alignment when transferring the pins? Awesome journal, your work is absolutely stellar.
  2. woodbutcher

    Spoke Shaves

    I just bought a Veritas flat bottom spokeshave. I found it to be a pleasure to use, and wont hesitate to use it again the next time I am doing anything with curves.
  3. One thing ill throw in here, is that when using the digital gauge to set the blade to 90 degrees, dont just set it until it hits 90.0 degrees and call it good. To me, its still not close enough. Get it close with the gauge, then fine adjust by making test cuts on a thicker piece of material and use a good square to check its dead on. If it isnt, keep adjusting the blade until it is.
  4. Whats your IG handle? EDIT: nevermind, saw your signature here. Subscribed
  5. Glad they are doing the right thing and replacing the saw. Lets say that this new saw gives you the same crap a year down the road. Will PM just keep replacing the saw?
  6. Kev - Sorry to hear about the issues with Powermatic. My mind had already pretty much been made up as to what table saw I was going to upgrade to when the time comes, but your dealings with this saw and its manufacturer have sealed the deal as to what ill be buying. What do you plan to replace this saw with?
  7. I use the ruler trick, and find it to be a huge time saver. I have a few older planes with thin blades. They arent very flat and before I started using the ruler trick, I spent what seemed like forever flattening them. I got to a point where i said screw it, close enough. Now that Ive started the ruler trick, I was able to have the cutting edge flat within a few minutes of work. I recently bought a couple new handplanes, a 4 1/2 WoodRiver, and a Veritas spokeshave. I had the backs flattened and polished in less than 5 minutes per blade using the ruler trick. I certainly understand peoples hesitation towards the ruler trick, I was pretty hesitant too. But now that I have used it for a while, Ill never go back.
  8. I do Robs micro bevel with the 1000 grit diamond stone, then add the additional tertiary bevel on top of that with my 12000 grit shapton. Works well for me, my irons and chisels are way sharper than I ever got them with my previous sharpening systems. What are you using for stones? Are they good and flat? How much of Robs system are you using when you sharpen?
  9. How in the world did you make that? That is incredible!
  10. Well, if you decide you dont actually want them, send them up my direction. Nice tools, if I ever jump into the Green pool, that router and the track saw will be the first things I buy.
  11. I really like the look of your cabinet. The second row of drawers, and the side cubbies look really cool.
  12. I did a double blind tenon to attach mine. With lag screws through the upper rail. Strong as an ox but the double tenon was a serious pain. If I were to do it over again id just do a single tenon.
  13. I have a Craftsman no. 4 and no. 7. The 4 is pretty lightweight and is a bugger to keep set how I want it. Blades really thin. It gets the job done when the blade is sharp, but not the funnest plane to use. The 7 seems to be the same plane pretty much, just bigger. I have better luck using it for whatever reason.
  14. Looks awesome, you are cruising right through this project. Are you planning to do a different species for the chop and deadman, or will they be the same as what you have used on the rest of the bench?
  15. Yeah they are good runners for the most part. Im glad youve had good luck with it.