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  1. Chisel Sharpening

    It wears out pretty quick but it removes the steel in a hurry. I start at 80, go to 120, then 220, then to my waterstones. And wearing out sandpaper is better than wearing out your diamond plate.

    I liked this guys videos, learned alot from them. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyRg6E5LC5XXirMtKkQZ48w Jay Bates has alot of sketchup videos that apply to woodworking. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoEggaYbboJEVR_uRhSO4LfiSpp41dXn_
  3. Coffee Table build

    This is the only place that Sketchup fails me, is getting a sense for proportions and size. I usually will use cardboard or something to mock up whatever it is im making to get a real life feel for size.
  4. Best router table for the money

    The Jessem Rout-r-lift is on sale at woodcraft.com. Ive heard good things about that lift, may be worth jumping on now if in the market for one. Id be all over it but have spent alot of money on tools here in the last few weeks.
  5. A couple small boxes.

    Me too, its my favorite wood.
  6. Tight deadline. Need quick advise.

    If youre looking for a quick drying finish, BLO is not it. I like to use a dewaxed shellac on small projects, like boxes. Ill put a thin coat on the box, and be ready to put the next coat on by the time im done with the last. That would be my recommendation.
  7. Beautiful bowls and pens. Ill agree that it doesnt get better than walnut for workability. What lathe are you using?
  8. A couple small boxes.

    Thanks everyone. I cherry-picked (no pun intended) the best looking corner for the grain wrap picture. The other corners are close, but the grain lines dont match up as good as I would have expected. As for the handle, I plow a 1/4" or so groove about an 1/8" to 3/16" from the edge of a board. I rip the board an equal amount from the other edge of the groove. Then I just take and cut the angle with a miter gauge, and then square cut the little handle out. Next time I make a handle like this, ill take some pictures of the process.
  9. A couple small boxes.

    So I finished these two boxes a few days ago. I started them way back probably in November, just as a project to work on here and there because of the cold. The box is cherry that i resawed to get a four corner grain match. I wasnt so successful at achieving that, will need som practise on that. The lid is curly maple, around 5/16" thick. I simply made a rabbet around the upper perimeter of the box for the lid to sit in. The handle is cherry and walnut, and is a design I borrowed from the keepsake box I made this summer, modified just a bit.
  10. Cherry Bookcase

    Those dovetails look great to me Chris.
  11. Head is Spinning.... A Newbie and I need some help!

    Ill toss my .02c in here as well. I bought a Craftsman hybrid saw off Craigslist about a year ago for $250. It the same model as the Ridgid you can buy from Home Depot for I think $600. Although the saw has some things about it that irritate me a little, It does everything I need it to do.
  12. Twisted board.

    Or find a flat surface and see where the board rocks. The points at which the board pivots on are the high points. Flip the board and knock those down with whatever tool you have to do so; I use a hand plane. Keep checking your progress by flipping the board over and checking the face you are removing the material from against your flat surface. Use a straight edge to make sure you arent introducing any cup or bow in the board. The flatter your reference surface is, the easier it is to identify twist, cup and bow in boards will be.
  13. Morris Chair Pair

    Im excited to follow Chestnut. Someday ill make a Morris chair or two as well.
  14. Side Table Build

    Hey pkinneb, have you done the kumiko for this piece yet?
  15. Well.... I guess it moved

    That sleigh cleaned up nice! I like the racing stripes.