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  1. hearing protection

    I also use the Howard Leight foamies. The NRR of 33 db is higher than the earmuff style I had, and at $18 for a hundred, the price was right.
  2. DeWalt DW735 planner

    The Deulen looks easy enough to use. Thank you.
  3. DeWalt DW735 planner

    @RichardA, @treeslayer - what are you using to hone the Infinity blades? I originally planned on upgrading my 735 to a Byrd Shelix, but the Infinity knives would also be an improvement over the OEM knives. Do you use a jig and waterstones, or something like the Diamond Knife Hone on the Infinity HSS Knives page?
  4. Wife Gave Blessing for Sawstop at Christmas!!

    My wife bought me the 3HP PCS for Christmas last year. It has been great. I have the regular mobile base rather than the ICS, and it has worked fine for me. Since getting the saw, I moved it once when I rearranged the shop. I could see the ICS base if you are moving the saw out of the way after each use so you can get a car in the garage. I doubt I'll move the saw once a year, so the regular base is all I need. I also like the overarm dust guard. I keep it on all the time, and only remove it for non-through cuts or so I can lay foam insulation over the saw and outfeed table so I can cut plywood with the track saw. It takes about ten seconds to remove or replace. Now I just need to find a way to get the old table saw out of the shop.
  5. Setting up my dust collector

    And for the finishing after, add these between the pink particulate filters and the mask.