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  1. Just as soon as I get to Washington and get it into the new shop. The shipper wants more weight in the rear of the container which will actually be closest to the tractor rather than on the trailer axles. Since the saw is one of the largest and heaviest items it needed to go in asap so that we can continue to pack the container.
  2. Hi Patrick, Thanks for the input. I actually bought the saw and have it loaded for the move. I am very happy with this saw, no offense but I was looking for a good quality older saw. I based this on the enormous amount of research I did prior to looking for equipment to purchase. I know that it does not have all of the goodies that newer saws have but I have no doubt that it will run for the rest of my life. Many here have given me great advice on how to get it serviced and tuned and Tom King was gracious enough to send me a set of splitters to make the saw even safer. I want to say Thank You to all of you that took the time to respond to my post. You are a Great bunch and I appreciate your help. I have been occupied with our upcoming move but once I am settled in Washington I will be back here with you all. I still have a lot of equipment to buy so I will have many more questions. Thanks again
  3. I just want to say Thank you again for your help and Tom I want to Thank you for your generosity. I have always heard that woodworkers are the best people and that has been my experience here for sure. I will post some pictures of my new saw just as soon as I can.
  4. Guys Thank you all, I greatly appreciate the advice. After reading all of your comments I called him and told him I would take the saw. I will actually pick it up tomorrow afternoon. Everything I could find was telling me that it is a great saw however not having any experience I wanted to see what those that do know had to say. All of you have been a great help. Now that I have decided on the saw what do all of you thing about Microjig's splitter set up ? Are there better out there ? When I did a google search that is what came up.
  5. Thank all of you for your insight. The riving knife is something that I would have never thought of and you make very a valid point. I do not know the market everywhere else, I know that here in So Cal this is slightly lower than average for the saw and table and that does not include the router and lift. I have watched the saw run and it is very smooth. It is 220 single phase so I don't have to worry about the whole 3 phase problem if I were to purchase it. The top is in beautiful condition, it has not been sanded or anything like that and has no rust what so ever. The gentleman that owns it is the second owner, fortunately both owners have always kept the top and table coated. The fence has no damage and has never been run into the blade. Both previous owners were hobbiest and the saw has only seen minimal use. The bearings are something else to consider but how often do they need to be replaced ? I would rather have an older good quality saw than a new import. The safety issue is what I am going to have to think about. Did they ever make a riving knife for that saw ? Are they still available ??? Would I be better off looking for a Delta ? I told the gentleman that I would get back to him by next Friday. This is not an impulse buy, this is a huge decision and I sincerely thank all of you for your help. I only plan to purchase these tools one time and would rather spend a little more up front than buy a "beginner" tool only to have to upgrade it later. Please let me know what you think. Thank you
  6. Hello everyone, I am a newbie and I need some good advice. I came across a Powermatic model 66 for sale. It is 1982 vintage and it is in like new condition. The saw has a 52" table and Biesemeyer fence with a router and lift built in. The gentleman is asking $1000.00 for the saw. Everything I have been able to find has told me this is an excellent quality saw. Should I pull the trigger on this purchase or pass ? Thank all of you for your help, I am happy to have joined this group, to date everyone has been wonderful. I have been wanting to get into woodworking for many years now but life has always been in the way. 3 kids through college later I now have the opportunity to build and equip the shop I have always wanted. Thanks again.
  7. Thank all of you for the warm welcome. I have been a knifemaker (hobby) for sometime now and have slowly been working toward woodworking which is something I have wanted to do for a very long time now. I will gladly accept any and all advice given, I am starting from square one and I really don't know where to begin. Thank all of you again.
  8. I just wanted to take a moment and say hello being a brand new member. We currently live in Southern California but as of August 1st we will be Washington State residents. I am originally from Montana and my better half is originally from Oregon. We have been a couple of fish out of water in So Cal and cannot wait to get back to a much slower pace. If any of you are ever in the North Eastern Washington area please let me know, We would love to have you out to the homestead.