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  1. Thank you guys. I am using the rikon 70-220vsr. To finish these bowls I used the doctor woodshop friction polish
  2. I just really love working with walnut. They weren’t cheap blanks to start with but Boy do they look good. I did get a little tear out in the smaller bowl but I think it is just from my inexperience. All I have right now are the easy wood rougher and finishing tool. Still need some more practice.
  3. Turned my first two bowls over the weekend. Both are black walnut. Can already tell I need another chuck as swapping the jaws around is not fun when your in the grove making chips I have also turned a bunch more pens, made some bolt action kits as well
  4. Yes sir it is. They also give a discount off your next purchase when you take a class. I thought it was well worth it.
  5. Turned a couple more today. Each one gets a little better. First one was another slim line with walnut for one of my employees. Rifle kit was Bolivian coffee wood. Made a mistake on the first rifle kit and didn’t have the bushing set right so I ruined that blank and brass tube
  6. Number two. This one is walnut.
  7. Not the best one ever but here is my first pen. Made with a cherry blank. Dr woodshop friction polish and then carbua wax. I think it turned out alright. Any the guy that works for me sure likes it.
  8. Noted. Thank you. Can’t decide if I want to get the nova pen jaws and just keep them mounted to this chuck all the time. Or just buy the psi pen chuck.
  9. I did get some accelerator. I am using my three inch bench vise to assemble the pens. I have a set of rubber jaws for it and it worked great for me. I will end up getting more blanks but for the price these were good to start with. Turned up a cherry pen a little while ago for a guy at work. One thing i want want to get is the nova pen jaws.
  10. Did a little more shopping. So far I am at. Rikon midi lathe supernova 2 chuck psi drill chuck psi mandrel and bushing easy wood rougher and finisher Barrel turner for my drill to trim the ends hand saw to cut the blanks to size i got 50 psi pen kits 25 walnut and 25 cherry blanks doctor woodshop friction polish ca glue Going to start knocking some pens out this weekend when I am done with some projects and get the garage cleaned up and organized.
  11. I did get the adapter but have not gotten a press yet. Haven’t decided which one I really like. We did a finish with mylands and then wax. Was a great time.
  12. Well me and my buddy had a great time at the class Monday. I brought home the rikon lathe and set it up. We also ordered 100 pen kits and 100 blanks to split. I picked up a psi drill chuck. Psi pen mandrel the better one. And decided on the super nova 2 chuck I got off amazon for $129. Now to make a list for woodcraft and get the rest of what I need. Wife said I have to wait till after Christmas, I’m thinking I got a gift card.
  13. Thanks for all the info guys. I have just about decided that I am going to jump right into making duck calls first. I was planning on starting with Pens but think I will just start out with duck calls since that is what I really want to make. My list so far of stuff to buy is rikon lathe listed above Vicmarc vm100 chuck beall collet chuck with collets expanding mandrel from duck supplier And I think easy wood turners carbide tools Jacobs chuck for boring the blanks i think that is my first shopping list to start
  14. Thank you. I understand it’s not the cheapest. I’m coming from shooting custom long range rifles and reloading my own ammo so i understand the cost. I’ve been doing a lot of research and almost settled on a rikon 70-220vsr. Then I will need a collet chuck and four jaw chuck. Planning on a Laguna 1412 bandsaw.
  15. Thank you all. I am looking forward to the class at woodcraft to learn and dive in. My planning is to turn pens, and game calls mostly. I really don’t see myself turning bowls, so i have been looking at a midi lathe rikon mostly as i would like to buy from them local.
  16. Brand new to turning. Look forward to getting in and my main focus is to become proficient in turning my own duck calls and maybe some pens as well. I have a class booked at woodcraft for me and one of my friends, Christmas present for him, for next week on Monday. Decided to do the intro to pen making class. Have been looking at what lathe and tooling to get to get started in turning duck calls. I do not want to start out cheap and would rather buy quality tools the first time that will last. Anyone else on here spend a good amount of time turning calls and have tips or info for