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  1. sure thing. thanks for the offer I live in NY.
  2. wtnhighlander the speedball India Ink went on super easy and covered great. I'd use it again and probably will soon since I still have half leftover.
  3. Hey Joe, Thank you.. I used the leftover 4” oak flooring and 1 x 2 for the inside I ripped downs 1 x 6 oak to 4” for the outside, 5 pieces laminated total. Yes overlap the inside boards and just 45 the outside (strong enough to hold a truck!) look at the picture of how I built the inside “built to hold a lot of weight top and bottom”. I probably wouldn’t plane all of that oak, I’d make something with weathered wood… I’ll take any of the wood you don’t want,,,,,,! no problem with any questions, just not sure when I could answer.....
  4. The measurement from the inside point to point is 24”. I believe the standard measurement of a dishwasher is also 24” and most if not all only have support at the back.
  5. I hear you, I'll give it some thought...thanks!
  6. I wasn't planning on sitting on it and I hope no one else will except for the cats.
  7. The India Ink was easy to apply and came out great IMO. I have thought about that, the guy that dropped off the granite didn't say a thing, he did try and lift the piece up TRY...
  8. thank you, the slab will be here next wed.
  9. built to hold a lot of weight top and bottom gripper on top to keep the granite from sliding felt on bottom to slide the table on foor
  10. Adam, the top will be a 30" x 57" slab of granite, the granite should weigh around 200 lbs. I'll put some gripper strips on the top of the wood sides. I believe this should hold it in place....