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  1. Nice router flatening jig. I use something like that to flatten the tops of tree slabs and segments/stumps. Your seems a lot more stable. Still had a big mess even with a vaccum? Since the sides are high some of the dust must get trapped in, maybe a second vaccum attached to the side would create a sort of wind tunnel effect and suck the rest out.
  2. I have 2 like this, you than just put on the filters you need for the job. I use giant pink filters for wood, and than what I guess you could call cartridges for vapor, it also has a soft filter that goes on top of the cartridge to stop larger particles.
  3. Seems like it protects for everything, except urethane paints. Just dust filter replacements will probably cost less than these filters if you are only using it for wood work.
  4. Depends on what you are doing with it, but there are different filters that you attach to the respirator based on what you plan on doing. If you are cutting wood you are not concerned with vapor, if you are spraying finish you want one that will protect you from vapor. Its easier to have 2 respirators one for each task, but you can just as easily switch out the filters as you need it. The vapor ones have a more finite life span.
  5. You working in a high altitude sauna? Why are you producing so much moisture?
  6. I put mine in a gallon size zip lock bag. I dont think you really need to worry much about bacteria unless you put it in the bag and don't use it again for weeks and weeks. That or you carry some crazy mutating virus. As long as its yours and you are not sharing it, you shouldn't have any problems.
  7. That is a good point. Not sure the reason why they are referred to as stumps. My theory is that they in essence emulate/become what you would do with a stump that is currently in the ground, and that is perhaps sit on or put something on it, except these are in your home.
  8. We currently live in a small apartment so it fits perfectly in front of our couch so there is space to walk around. We have a chaise on one side of the couch that you can kind of see in some of the pics. There is another chair on the other side so its a little tight fitting.
  9. Poplar never even crossed my mind. That makes a lot of sense.
  10. I always wanted a tree stump, so one day I happened to be driving and saw these guys cutting down a big tree on the side of the road. I stopped and asked if I could have one of the slices of the tree. English wasn't their first language but the look of "is he serious" crossed all language barriers. They asked where do you want it, I said in the back of my hatchback which is a Honda Fit. Similar look but they humored me anyway. One of the guys then peeled the bark off the stump in one piece. That was impressive. No idea what kind of tree this is, so if anyone knows please fill a brother in. Under the bark the wood was as white as a piece of paper. He peeled the bark off because he said it had poison oak on it, so I was grateful he didn't have me learn that the hard way. 2 guys hoisted the behemoth into my car and off I went. A friend helped me unload it at home, It stayed in my garage for over a year drying out. Every once in awhile i would roll it out for it to sit in the sun. Over time the white began to darken. I discovered years later with a much thinner slice from a fallen tree that if you wrap them in those ratchet straps and tighten them periodically you can prevent a lot of the cracking when it dries. I flattened the top, routed these 4 holes on the bottom to recess wheels because its freaken heavy, even though it probably lost 25+lbs of moisture from its original weight. Now it can be moved easily to clean, most people don't even realize its on wheels. I filled all the cracks with epoxy except the big one, I sanded the sides a little exposing more white, I than went over it with some stain to give those white areas more of a contrasting brown tone. I than sprayed the sides and top with polyacrylic a few times. I felt this was going to take some real abuse. It makes a great small coffee table especially with little kids since there are no edges. My 2 1/2yr old draws on it, puts stickers on it, leaves wet dripping cups and sticky food on it, and this guy cleans right up. It also makes a great seat if needed. Wish it had more vibrant colorful rings but still love it.
  11. Sweet, really stepping up the design aesthetics of a keepsake box.
  12. Great idea. Those look strong enough to hold an adult.
  13. I will and did.. a real beautiful bed frame. Seems like the angular lines in your designs have some Asian influence, is that right or am I just making stuff up.
  14. Wow! If what you hold your tools in looks like this, I can only imagine what you make with those tools.
  15. That is a beautiful piece of granite. If you are not having any huge parties, and dont have small children, I dont think you have to worry about someone sitting on it. Not too big of a fix, if some concern is starting to creep in.