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  1. I forget how long it is, maybe 5'. I should know, I moved it from the old trailer to our new bunk house this morning. Two grown men can set very comfortably on each side and one on the end. My old hunting camp had/has a 1959 house trailer on it. Three years ago a mouse got in bed, and bit me on the thumb. I told my wife I was cashing in my UPS stock and buying or building a new bunk house. It took three years, but last night we slept in the new building for the first time. Base board heat kept us toasty at 46* outside. I bought a 12'X40' garage package, then bought two skids of 1" thick interior Pine paneling 16' and 20' long. It's taken about a year and the inside is almost finished. It's close enough we will be staying in it for deer season this year. As ssoon as I get the new table pics uploaded, I'll post them.
  2. I have to agree with Mark, they don't bring much at auctions. A friend takes them apart and makes night stands out of them. They are beautiful, and it breaks my heart that he takes all the machine parts to the scrap yard for scrap price. We had an old local restaurant that had all the dinner tables made on old sewing machine bases. When they went out of business, my friend bought all of them for $20 a piece. In the last 6-8 years the most I've seen very nice ones sell for is about $75. I saw one sell for over $100, but an interior decorator bought it for a project house and was going to double the price to her client. I bought the two base pieces of the sewing machine and two bases for a cast iron framed school desk. The desk top is on the back, for the kid behind you. The seat folds up so you could stand and let other kids get by. I think I paid $10 for both sets of bases. I carried them out to my truck, and forgot to go back for the sewing machine. There were a few parts on it I wanted for other projects, but I didn't realize I left the other stuff there, and it was a 2 1/2 hour drive, so I couldn't go back.
  3. You can see the doors on the floor, the farthest one away, the boards look like they are smaller and don't match up well. The boards were 30+ years old, some were 6", some 6 1/2" and some 5 1/2 ". I built the left door first, and was very careful to only use 6" boards. I got tired and careless and grabbed a stack of 5 1/2" boards to finish the "X" pieces on the right door. When I slid them together my heart dropped. i had to take that door apart and rebuild it with 6" boards. Somewhere I have pics of the doors hanging, they turned out well. They were very heavy, a good 100 pounds per side. I made small doors for two powder rooms. They loved them, they still haven't grown on me. If i can find the finished pics, I'll post them, Joe.
  4. I made these for a friends Timber Framed home on Black Mountain NC. The boards are all 30-50 year old 1"X6" White Oak fence boards from another friends farm.
  5. Sometimes I almost feel guilty or ashamed posting pics of some of my projects. Most are not high skill level. I do have some pretty nice equipment, and can do pretty nice work when prodded. Most of what I do is just for fun or man cave type stuff. We have hunting property in WV. My parents put a very nice 42 foot trailer on it back in the 70's. As the older guys started dying off, or trailer went into disrepair. It still has power and a fridge and stove. no plumbing. We put an 8X12 addition on the back that kept it in use for another ten years. About 3 years ago, while asleep, a mouse bit me on the thumb. I told my wife I was buying or building a new bunk house. The first thing I saw was this 12X40 garage. It now has a 100 amp service, electric base board heaters, A/C, 5 burner cook top. Every thing but plumbing. All of the interior Pine paneling came from an auction, the big picture window came from the old house trailer. Probably have less than $1000 into turning it into a bunk house.
  6. The 37" wide Pine table was milled on my property in WV. The hinges are inlayed in the table and it folds up against the wall with a paddle to hold it in place. it's one of my favorites.
  7. I think I might be able to find a couple pics. I tend to keep my barbarian wood working skills away from real craftsmen, but since you asked?
  8. Oh, our friend is feeling better, and the wedding got postponed till spring, so I have time to work on the table.
  9. Sorry, it's been a while getting back. We had a bit of a scare a couple weeks before my nieces wedding. My wife's friend who was donating the use of her house and yard for the wedding, had a severe A-Fib attack. She's been in and out of the hospital since, mostly in. They had to take her to Washington Hospital Center and ZAP her 3 different time. When they zap her, her heart will resume a normal heart rate for 8-10 days, then go wonky again. I was at a farm auction 2-3 weeks ago and picked up a Singer treadle sewing machine base and a cast iron desk frame with folding seat. I decided to use the Singer base. I took a scrap piece of Dawn Redwood and mounted it on the base. It doesn't fit, and the base is wobbly, so don't hold that against me. The base has holes for 3 heavy rods that stabilize it, of course they were missing. I'm going to use black plumbers pipe with a piece of all thread through the middle. That should stiffen it up. Ran the Redwood through the planer to get both sides close to flat and parallel, then painted on some old Helmsman Spar Urethane. It was the only thing on the garage shelf last night. I had to rip a hole in the solidified glob to get some liquid out. Please don't hold that against me either. Got a new can of Satin Min Wax Poly. I'll try that on the flip side of the test piece later today. Here's the first test run, I like it so far, Joe.