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  1. Thanks for the advice. I have virtually unlimited piles of stickered wood, Black Walnut, White Oak, Meta Sequoia, Spalted Maple, White Birch. My family is in the Tree Business, so anything that grows in the Mid Atlantic area I can get. It's a cool little block of Cherry, but nothing really special. The more I got to thinking about it, a wood tooth brush holder probably wasn't a good idea. At one point I was going to use the Cherry as an abstract center piece, might still go with that. Thanks again, Joe.
  2. Off topic to this question. I was bringing in some firewood this morning and saw a piece of Ash with nice grain, and the next thing you know I've got a new handle for one of my throwing axes, Joe.
  3. If I'm cutting firewood and see an interesting piece I'll rough cut it with the chainsaw and put it in the shed till something strikes me. Five or six years ago I cut an interesting piece of Cherry in a kind of trapezoid block. This morning I was looking at our tooth brush holder and thought I'd like to make something like it out of that piece of Cherry. This is the picture of the holder. I would put drain holes in the bottom so water wouldn't build up. What should I use to finish or seal it. Or, is this a poor project for wood.
  4. Oh, a month or so ago my wife looked out the kitchen window and there were 3 Blue Birds sitting on the gutter of our family room. I thought they migrated, so I did a search. It said some do stay in town and become residents. If so they need extra food. It said they like meal worms best, but they were a bit pricey. The first big bag of wild bird seed had the Blue Bird first on the list. So, I've been feeding them. I have about 15 showing up almost daily, plus Cardinals, Blue Jays, Chickadees, and squirrels, Joe.
  5. Hey neighbor, I'm off Prospect, just outside of town. I like Blue Bird houses too. Here's one I made from old Oak fence boards. I like to leave them the natural grayed out color, or make a couple passes through the planer just to clean them up. My Mother in Law wanted one "finished" so I took this one down to "Pretty Oak", Joe.
  6. Actually, the trailer is Andy and Kim's. I'ts nice but not nearly heavy enough for what I do. I have a Pequea 8" dump trailer, single axle, 5000 GVW. I think I paid $3500 for it about 12 years ago. Best money I ever spent. I haul a lot of firewood and I have a chainsaw mill, so I bring home lots of saw logs. It's the perfect size for a 1500 series truck, like my 99 Ram. The nice thing about their trailer is they can pull it with their outback, Joe.
  7. Waiting for Kim"s approval, looks done to me. Her builder has to hang them, Joe.
  8. I was going to ask the folks here for recommendations. She doesn't want to put anything on them. She likes the just out of the field look. With all of the fuzzy stuff still on them they are going to be dust magnets. So, for now, the answer is I don't know, Joe.
  9. Measure twice, cut once, oh well, live and learn. The barn doors are quite heavy. When we finished the right door, we put them both on the floor of the garage to make sure all of the "X" braces lined up. The bottom brace lined up perfect, the middle brace was off center and the top brace was worse. Looked at it for a minute and realized that all three braces on the left door were 6 inches wide, the three on the right door were 5 1/2 inches wide. I guess you just can't trust rough cut fence boards to all be perfect. I'm heading up to my hunting camp, for a day trip, tomorrow. I only had 4 screws in each brace, so Friday I'll just zip them out and replace them with 6 inchers. Every thing should be dead nuts then, Joe.
  10. I'm like you, just getting started. I lucked into a deal. A friend of my cousins inherited his FIL's wood shop. I had just burnt the bearings out of a HF planer. So my cousin contacted his friend and he had a new, unused Rigid 13" planer. When I went to look at it, Jimmy wouldn't sell just the planer, I had to buy all he had left. So, I got the planer, 6" Delta jointer, 12" Craftsman band saw, a belt/disc sander combo, and something else. Five tools for $700. I make a lot of wide stuff, so I jumped on a Jet 16-32 drum sander I found on CL. My new neighbor is a custom cabinet maker. He has a couple big Cherry logs and forks he wants milled. I'm gonna swap him some wood working lessons for milling his logs, Joe.
  11. Must have been too big, my son cropped them down now they are posting. Here's the finished left door, Joe.
  12. ICP, I was admiring your bird houses first, now I like your barn doors. The project I'm working on now is a set of barn doors for a friends house in NC. I'm using the same old Oak fence boards that I plan on using for bird houses. I'm waiting for my son to get home, for some reason my pics won't post, and he's the family computer guy, Joe. My son got home and cropped them down some and they loaded, I guess they were too big, Joe.
  13. ICP, I was admiring your bird houses first, now I like your barn doors. The project I'm working on now is a set of barn doors for a friends house in NC. I'm using the same old Oak fence boards that I plan on using for bird houses. I'm waiting for my son to get home, for some reason my pics won't post, and he's the family computer guy, Joe.
  14. Well, since we are on the subject of dangerous woods. What are the dangers of sanding or planing "Spalted Woods"? A friends brother was a custom cabinet maker, many years ago. He died of a lung infection. From the time of symptoms to diagnosis to treatment to death was only about 6 months. The doctors said it was caused by breathing the dust of Spalted Maple he had been working with. I have stacks of Spalted Maple, Hickory and Birch stacked all around my yard. When sanding these I've always used a double filter painters respirator. Is that over kill? Would a simple dust mask work? Thanks, Joe.
  15. Especially eye protection. I had a hard time finding comfortable goggles that fit over my prescription glasses. My insurance gives me, I think, $135 toward new frames every 2 years and new lenses every year. Last time I was due for frames I got full wrap Oakley"s. I had to pony up the extra for the frames. For lenses I got " Deep Water Polarized", polycarbonate shooting lenses, great safety glasses. I'm going in for new lenses in a couple weeks. This time I'm getting amber lenses. The new lenses pop in and out of the old frames. I could never afford Oakly sun glasses, but with the help of insurance I have really nice safety, shooting, fishing, and working glasses, Joe.