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  1. SCPDX

    Baby Boat

    I like that sentence - "We picked out...." Cute! The only wood my significant other would be interested in picking out would be from West Elm.
  2. Had this pop up on a social media site - I am assuming the red paint job is to mimic Freud. I was tempted, but then remembered that if it seems too good? probably isn't.
  3. Nice boxes - I like how the splines are varied, but still uniform as graduated. What is the octagonal box in the back?
  4. Here is another place - most of their stock goes into tone wood and the export market. The maple at these places in the northwest is all Big Leaf Maple - not Hard Maple.
  5. SCPDX


    Domestic. Usually called Claro Walnut or California Walnut. Probably most normal type of Walnut on the West Coast as opposed to English or Black Walnut. Couple of small mills that harvest salvage trees. Big stuff usually goes export. Small stuff I like to pick through. Not enough for me to sell. Comes in a wide range of thicknesses. I think this will be destined to jewelry or other type boxes.
  6. 17 acres of woodland and she thinks might be cheaper to mill that wood than purchase? Good that she found some old crappy windows - so I am sure those will be a HUGE cost savings and get you close to the $500K. I am afraid the good doctor might need to find a good doctor.......
  7. SCPDX


    A buddy said he has seen me at the shop - asked me what I was working on. I said nothing. Just milling up wood for the heck of it and not really sure what to make. Then it hit me that maybe I should just be in the sawmill business as I like finding scraps and seeing what they might be. (Maybe there is some Oprah type story about looking beyond the rough exterior?) Anyway - now I have a stack of this. About 10" wide 3' to 4' long.
  8. I would also finish all six surfaces prior to installation - I do that for any exterior wood including mahogany decking. Will really help with the movement and longevity of the finish.
  9. So the wife has been on Pinterest (which I believe is pretty much porn for women). Has seen all the "miracle IKEA bookcases". And now is wanting the old IKEA book cases in the bonus room turned into something that will look like custom built in bookcases. I have suggested that if that is what she wants we can do that, but why not just build new bookcases? The power of the internet has her convinced that re-working the IKEA is fast, cheap, easy, and will look absolutely amazing -- because look at what this person did in a few hours one weekend. So - happy wife, happy life. I guess it
  10. SCPDX

    Post the Loot

    Wow, That is beautiful,
  11. Is that a pet goose? And apparently the goose and the dog get along.......
  12. Christmas is finished - 10 cutting boards. Planned on a couple of jewelry boxes but life got in the way and time ran out.
  13. I just keep everything in 43 HomeDepot bags - that way I can't find the toilet part that didn't work, the odd size screws, the extra wire, the metric allen wrench that came with the refrigerator handle, the two extra chip brushes, or anything me a reason to get out of the house Saturday morning with the dog when I need to find something.
  14. Well one thing that I have realized is that I am not very good at accounting for the saw kerf - and the more cuts/glue ups = huge waste of wood when compounding the saw kerfs, cleaning up a little glue up offsets, surfacing, etc..... So ended up adding some cherry I had sitting around to get a bit more width along with a frame of walnut. And ran short of stock so ended up with a cutting board and a cheese board (yeh, thats right - I wanted to make a matching cutting board and cheese board and thats the story I am sticking with) Need a lot more sanding, routing edges, and oiling which wil
  15. What about laser cutting and engraving? Ran into a guy who has recently aquired a machine - has started doing some 3D stacked paper art but also doing some wood engraving. I was thinking about that as an addition to either the top of jewelry boxes or some message/saying engraved on the inside of a box lid? Looks like to you take just about any text, or graphic, or picture and replicate burning into wood (or about any other material) Anyone have experience with those?