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  1. In Tokyo, we have been under COVID-19 catastrophe even now. As this tight situation, we need to take a short time of healing us. Why don't you look at my works. If my works can help it, I am so happy. Merry Christmas and happy new year. My new works and my collection: Yoshii
  2. Hello, Coop I am happy you say so and enjoyed my works. Thank you Yoshii
  3. Hello, RichardA Thank you very much. Realy tears are coming, also you say so. I will come again. Yoshii
  4. Hello, Dave H I am very very happy you said so. So, I will contenue to come this forum sometimes. Thank you. Yoshii 
  5. Hello, Mr. Steve B Anderson I am sorry if my works is out of place of this forum . But I am happy if my works are helpful for your relaxation. All most of parts are Wood and are made by NC milling machine. I am so happy you enjoy my works. Thank you. Yoshii
  6. Summer Greetings from Tokyo Japan Japanese rainy season: Tsuyu of this year was record long. Every day was rainy in July. It is really rare. And also, COVID-19 is coming back powerfully. In these situations, please look at my works below. Thank you Yoshii New one: Just before: Popular: All of mine:
  7. Hello, wtnhighlander I am glad you looked my works carefully. This mechanism has a motor behind by it. A magnet is not shifted but fixed at center of bottom. Two coupled iron ball is shifted, between the right side and the left side of the magnet, by the motor drive. Thank you Yoshii
  8. Hello, curlyoak I am glad you love my works. I am sorry, it can only be looked in video. If you don't mind you can look at my other works below. Thank you Yoshii
  9. Hello, wtnhighlander I am glad you like my works. Thank you Yoshii
  10. Greetings from Tokyo In Japan, the state of emergency was finally released in this week. During the home stay period, following works had been made.
  11. Hello, gee-dub I am happy you enjoyed my works. I 'd like to up next works, too. Regard. Yoshii
  12. Hello, Bankstick I thank you for your kindness. I am relieved by your saying. Thank you. Yoshii
  13. Hello, wtnhighlander Thank you for your kindness. I, my family and others in my town are all quite well in good health now. I hope and believe it dose not go bad. I am happy you have interest in my works. I think they are getting good recently. I hope you look at them below, little by little. Kiyoshi
  14. Hello, RichardA I am happy you have interest in my works. Please look at other works below. Yoshii
  15. New year greetings from Tokyo It is warm in Tokyo this winter. it's good. But, It is feared that the transmission of New coronavirus is progressing just now. I dream it shall be broken with this cannon. Please look at my works below. Yoshii