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  1. Bmac

    Style References

    Just received a gem, "Thomas Moser, Artistry In Wood", fits this category very well. Five Chapters; 1- Origins; the least interesting to me, but it outlines his background and his humble beginnings. 2- A Covenant with Wood- a very interesting chapter that speaks glowingly, and very interestingly about his favorite wood, Cherry. 3- The Moser Aesthetic- A chapter on design and inspiration, covers his background as a refurbisher of antique furniture and a Shaker enthusiast. He discusses those who influenced him and his love for exposed joinery. This chapter was a very nice read. 4- Craftmanship- A discussion of construction and fabrication. He loves through tenons with wedges and dovetails. 5- Shop Tour- Self explanatory.
  2. Bmac

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Did Rickey kiln dry it or are you air drying? You are stocking up on some nice lumber, but as I always say, you can never have enough.
  3. Bmac

    Style References

    I got you, no worries.
  4. Bmac

    Style References

    Here's a topic you may want to include, even though you have titled this style reference. I read a lot of books on wood, the medium we work with. There are a few favorites of mine that I'm constantly referring to. "Understanding Wood" by Bruce Hoadley, pretty much the bible on the subject. "Cut and Dried" by Richard Jones, what I would consider the new bible. Very detailed book. "With the Grain: A Craftsman Guide to Understanding Wood" by Christian Becksvoort, a great addition to any woodworker's library. Details the many North American Hardwoods we work with, their properties, milling and drying, and a section on how to work with solid wood. "Selecting and Milling Wood" by Charles Self, another quality book on the subject and he discusses the structure of wood, North American hardwoods and softwoods along with exotics species. He also hits on felling, milling, and drying. For something else, a topic I've also studied quite a bit is chainsaw milling. there is only one book on this subject. "Chainsaw Lumbermaking" by Will Malloff, he discusses the equipment, the powerhead, the mills, the chains, felling, milling technique, and basically everything about the subject. This book has been worn out by me.
  5. Bmac

    Style References

    That looks interesting. Going to Dc this summer, think I should visit the Renwick.
  6. Bmac

    Style References

    Yes, not getting those guys at a cheap rate.
  7. Bmac

    Style References

    This looks interesting, ordered it. This is outside my knowledge base and it will be interesting to see some of these pieces. Also ordered a few Moser books, interested in reading about him. Just received this book on Wharton Esherick, hopefully will get some feedback out on this when I have a chance to jump in.
  8. Bmac

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Well I prefer the thicker stuff, but I certainly could find a use for that great looking tiger maple!
  9. Bmac

    Style References

    Coop, that is a wonderful book, and very inspirational. I agree with Birdie, Maloof stuff is more a feeling, but it also is a completely different style than most woodworkers are used to attempting. I've found it's a lot like most of what we do, the more you do it the more natural it becomes, but none of us will match the original.
  10. Bmac

    Freight shipping cost estimate?

    I looked into this when getting lumber from Spanky. Bottom line, freight didn't work for me. I went with regular shipping, UPS and FedEx will ship up to 150 pds with certain size limits. For the lumber shipping with UPS, the package weighed 130 pds and cost around $145. With you, I'm not sure if UPS or FedEx is an option due to the size of your shipment, but you should check. Your next option, like you said is freight (UPS and FedEx also does freight). There is a significant added cost for residential delivery with freight. Here are a few links I found when looking into the freight options, perhaps they will help;
  11. Bmac

    Style References

    You can't go wrong with that collection
  12. Bmac

    Style References

    I have this, didn't realize it when I looked at your link, I have the paperback and it doesn't have the same cover as the hardback. I enjoyed this book, less a how to but more an autobiography with a healthy dose of philosophy about his craft. I'd be interested in what you think. The one I don't own of his is "The Impractical Cabinetmaker".
  13. Bmac

    Style References

    If you find it I'd be interested in what you think. It is typically available on Amazon, also receives good reviews there.
  14. Bmac

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Those are Rickey's stacks right?
  15. Bmac

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Well you don't like curly maple, so you wouldn't help with that, you'd be helping with the Walnut and curly cherry. Was that $2 walnut kiln dried?