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  1. A little goes a long way, I think it has a "softer" feel to it after just 2 coats than you get with 3 coats of varnish/oil and 3 coats oil/wax. Agree, the product line is confusing, looks like Woodcraft trimmed it down to what is good for woodworkers. I'm using the Polyx Oil with high solids, no coloring. Also use the Top Oil, which is food safe and great for cutting boards and spurtles.
  2. Dave, thanks for posting!!!
  3. As you guys know I'm in the shop a lot, and as a result I generate a lot of scraps, mostly designated for the woodstove. That has always bothered me because some of the wood I burn is really nice stuff, it's just odd shaped or too small to do much with. Lately I've donated alot of my scraps to a few young budding woodworkers. This gets rid of a good amt of stuff and they are so happy to have it. But I still have that pile of wood, I'm sure we all have it, that pile of some nice pieces we hope we will find a use for in the future. Well my pile just seems to keep on growing despite my efforts to
  4. That should turn out to be a very nice piece, I'm not an A & C guy, but that has a classic and attractive A & C look too it. Solid joinery should apply well to this design and you'll have some nice options for finish. Hope to see this turn into a journal!
  5. Well that would work well then. I was using your initial drawing of the space and it must not be drawn to scale, the sides of the couches in that diagram are shorter than the angled back wall section which you have labeled as 30" long. The sketch up of the table had the sides of the end table at 32", that's why I was concerned about the corner sticking out. The above pic also has the couches much closer together, which makes your design a perfect fit for that spot, as long as the width of the couches correspond to the length of the table sides. Also in the pics above the sides of the couc
  6. The above designs are looking good and have the desired Arts and Crafts look. Also the thought process of a table you can use in this angled corner or you can turn around and use in a square corner is a good one. What I think could be a problem with your design though is that sharp corner you are going to have sticking out between the sofas. I think if you put that shape into the first picture of the space you showed you would see what I mean. If I'm understanding the dimensions correctly, you are going to have two 32" sides coming to a point, I think that will jut out quite a ways into
  7. Or think outside the box with a top shaped like this; Maybe 4 legs in the "corners"? Not sure what I'd do below but the shape of this top could end up as a different and cool table.
  8. I'd be looking into something that is oval, that would fit in the space well. Here's a link that could give you a good starting point; I really like this design, I think this could be made into an oval;
  9. Permission granted, enthusiastically.
  10. Very nice MCM piece, like the leg design also. Had to chuckle about the change of heart with your new bride wanting maple used now. I think in the past I've heard you have some distaste, or at least a lack of love for it. Good news for you with your mill it's probably easier to nab some silver maple logs where you live. I'm so fortunate with my wife, I make what I want and she loves it, very few requests. The biggest problem is talking her into throwing out or giving away old furniture to make room for the new stuff. She'll ask what are you going to put there instead, I tell her to
  11. Very Nice Coop, great job. Love the look with the frosted glass (I'm guessing). Thanks for sharing.
  12. Very viable options that I had not thought out.
  13. Didn't see your post before I posted the exact same thought!
  14. OK, why have I never run across this thing, I think it's pretty darn useful. I got the Morley Lounge Chair project from Marc and hadn't looked at it yet. But yesterday when @jussi posted about the L-fence and the technique Morley was using I went and watched him using it. Then I went online and found a few articles about this fence, and man this is useful. I'm making one this weekend! Here's a neat article;
  15. Yes in theory the size of the post would be a factor. Both table tops were close to being the same width/size. But there is some room to play with, the leg could have a bigger sweep or curve to meet up with the table top bevel. This is as good as an alternative as changing the size of the hexagonal post. As for how I came up with the original size for the hexagonal post, that was purely just to make the glue surfaces of the hexagon to be around the same width I wanted the legs to be, which was a little bigger than an inch. If you make the hexagonal post bigger than you either have wider