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  1. First time poster here, lurking and learning for awhile from everyone. Have wanted to join but this topic finally spurred me to do so. Jeepdad, where in Delaware is the widow? I live in DE and I know that the Woodcraft store in New Castle is holding it's annual swap sale on Sat, Sept 16th. I don't work there nor am I affiliated, but I know because I recently upgraded my jointer and was looking to sell my old one at the swap. This also motivated me to clean out my shop and look for other items I don't use or want to upgrade. There is no cost to sell, you can call the store and find out the details. Also I know there are local woodworking clubs that use the store. Since I'm in DE, what large woodworking machines or tools does she have, and any chance she has a festool domino? Can't blame a guy for trying.