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  1. Love me some Cat Stevens Mick! Looking good @JohnG, now it's time to mill some wood.
  2. Glad to see ole Spanky is staying out of trouble and making some money. It's a hard way to make a living for sure.
  3. Can't do that, my straight edge for joining the pieces will make the table way short. After @RichardA's observation, a very acute one at that, I'm still going with the bookmatched boards. This table will compliment the Z chairs, so I've decided to call this the V table. Won't need any coffee table books on it for conversation starters, which was also a very acute observation by @Coop. I guess I have a name for the story now....
  4. You are right but that visual is going mess this up for me now. I guess it gives a new meaning to wood porn. This story has taken a different direction for sure.
  5. After final trimming before resawing I'll lose a couple inches of outside heartwood. Man you had to go there, that is really funny though!
  6. The story of the board continues. I start work at 8am some days, 7 am others. On my 8am days I can usually get a little time in the shop before heading to work, and today is one of those days. So after my cup of coffee out I went to do the resaw operation. My 14" Laguna bandsaw is going to be worked out with this so I thought I'd take a quick look to see if there is any obvious waste I could cut off. In this pic you can see first I need new blades in my planer. Second you can see some sapwood that has some insect damage. I commonly see this with my air dried lumber if the bark is left on
  7. @Coop, no worries about thinking you were highjacking, I liked the conversation. The sapwood on that board looks real nice and compliments the shelf well. @wtnhighlander, I can totally see your point, it very well may look like that, and I have no wenge for an inlay. I am planning for the table top to be around 20" at it's widest point, so I have 6" to remove still (with the board being 13" prior to resaw), so I'm not totally locked in with what you are seeing now. I'm going to find out this morning. I have a little time before work and I'm hoping to get it resawn then. Pics will b
  8. As with most stories you hope for a good ending. Well I haven't reached the end of this story yet so my hope is that I will get to a good ending, but there is a distinct possibility it could go bad. I'll start this story back in Dec 2017, I met this tree, a funky walnut at the family farm. As most of you know I mill most of my own lumber and hauling around a chainsaw mill is my main milling technique. I'm pretty adventurous in what I'll mill. Sometimes doing that means a fabulous board and sometimes that means more firewood. I air dry all the wood I mill, and I like to mill thick, this gi
  9. You are right, quite a challenging task and I'm following along with complete confidence in your ability to pull this off. Thanks for sharing this build.
  10. I don't think I'd buy that, unless it was a cheap price. I know you could use epoxy to fill the cracks but that will affect the look to some degree. Also you might have even more issue inside that piece once you resaw. I do think you can get a pretty decent board off the right side of the piece, but then you are avoiding a lot of the figure that you may be looking for. Wood with figure like that is always a challenge. The figure represents swirled irregular grain. That means you have some end grain on the surface of the board and that end grain acts like the end grain at the end of a boar
  11. I've been following this post and hoping a bunch of guys would post some small projects they are doing for Christmas. I get some of my best gift ideas from these kind of posts. So as I thank @rainjer for starting this topic, I figured I should share some small projects I've done and hope to get more guys to post theirs. Every year I do a bunch of small projects for friends, family, and staff. My wife esp likes the fact that there is always a bunch of small gifts to give out to her friends, hairdresser, etc. I'll usually make a bunch of these between bigger builds or have some going and ge
  12. “May your troubles be less, And your blessings be more. And nothing but happiness, Come through your door.” - Some Irish Guy Congrats and best wishes.
  13. I think Mike's is in a tough spot, but also a spot that has some positives. He still has the name and the "client base" given to him by Sam, but at the same time he's not Sam. I think just doing Sam's designs means he'll never command the prices or the amount of business Sam got. But if he builds off the brand with new and interesting pieces, he might have more success. Randall, does Mike do any new designs that you know of? Sam has big shoes to fill, sort of like becoming the new SS for Baltimore after Ripken retired.
  14. Thanks for noticing that, I really like the look of walnut with the sapwood. Most of the sapwood will be hidden by the cushions, so I didn't really worry about it while I was building, then I got them done and thought that looks really cool. I could have done a little better at chosing the location of some of the sapwood, I think it looks a little haphazardly placed. But in the end I'm still pleased. My stock was less than primo walnut, but I agree we should not be afraid to celebrate and embrace walnut's alter ego.