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  1. I really feel for those young dentists, they are in a much tougher spot than I am. Hopefully your friend can get by with paying interest only for a while, I think that will be possible if not already possible.
  2. Or cut an inch or two off the bottom of the legs. I'm going to live with it for awhile and likely shorten the legs before making another. We' see. Of course your stool idea works equally well. Coop, I'm not showing everything, I need to hold back a few secrets. Great pick up on the grain on the top, that never occurred to me. Now I'm going to say I did that on purpose. I was pleased with how the table turned out, but it wasn't quite as delicate as the one I copied. Here's what I went off of to make the table; My legs are not quite as delicate and my top is a little
  3. Went to the upholstery shop today and it was a happy day for me. Very pleased with how it came out, but there are a few tweaks I'd likely do, I touch on those at the end. First the good stuff. My upholstery guy loved the chair and really liked the way it sat. He said it was a pleasure to do and is excited to do more work for me. I decided on a textured fabric that was a lighter green, super happy how that looks. I always have thought green goes well with walnut. So here are the pics; Here's the chair with a side table I built to go with it;
  4. I agree with you that it's funny how people react, and my issue is how the lock downs are affecting people away from the big cities. The big cities seem to be the hot spots, not rural areas like rural Tennessee. Being forced to close my dental office is a mixed blessing. Living in the more populated Northeast and working basically in someone's mouth, I did feel their was a definite risk. So I understand closing for me, but it is so incredibly hard on my staff, 6 women who rely on their checks. I'm definitely taking a huge hit but I at least have some resources, many of them do not. Also,
  5. OK, I love project journals, and now that I've had to close my dental office for the unforseen future, I'd thought I'd contribute to the forum again with a build. This has been a build on my list for a while. Sort of been putting it off since it's a big build, over 11 feet long. Had to build a plywood benchtop to go over my work bench and a lot of prep work needed to get the frame correct. Hopefully when this whole thing is over I'll get a chance to enjoy this build. I'll be using red cedar and paulownia for this build. The frame is made from 1/4" ply. I've had the pattern printed for a
  6. Nice job @Chestnut with that chainsaw mill. It's a great and productive way to do social distancing and to get a good workout in at the same time!
  7. On the table saw using the referencing side against the fence.
  8. Outstanding result, but I didn't expect anything less. Thanks for taking us along!
  9. Bmac


    I've used the I-box jig a bunch with my saw stop and had no issues. I think you'll be fine.
  10. Great job and I too love the back design also. Glad I was able to help with the seat sculpting, looks like that went smoothly. Doing 6 chairs at one time is a lot of work but you made great time and got a great result!
  11. Fabulous work. I love seeing you put together dovetails!
  12. Bmac

    What's This?

    Does it have an oak smell? To me it looks like it could be an oak, possibly English Oak? The only thing that doesn't jive with that guess is you said it is oily.
  13. True, Danish Modern and Mid Century Modern are not very different. In fact I think the more generic term of MCM includes Danish as a subset. But the Danish look is still unique enough to stand out among the broader MCM designs. I've recently been studying these designs, MCM, Danish Modern, Scadinavian, and American Studio Furniture. Seems to me they are all pretty related and similar and all come from roughly the same time period. Need to get @Chestnut a few book reviews once I'm done my study.
  14. Yup @Coop, @treeslayer got it right, Mid Century Modern
  15. Very nice, like the clean lines and the attention to detail with the continuous grain. Did you use anything to reinforce the miter joints? I'm assuming dominos but wasn't sure. I agree with you on the MCM stuff, kind of grows on you.
  16. This also might be of some help.
  17. Bmac

    Domino Time

    I feel the same about making M & T with routers. To me they are versatile, but they are not enjoyable. It's my least favorite tool in the shop. Some people love them but they are noisy and very messy. Another reason for the Domino, and you won't have a tool that creates less mess than the Domino Let me reemphasize, @Chestnut said the same thing, the small dominos are more useful than you think and are GREAT for panel glueups. Can't really do that easily at all with a router and a router jig.
  18. Bmac

    Domino Time

    I'd go with the 500, for a few reasons; Cost, always great to save some bucks. The 500 goes up to the 10mm domino, which I find to be a good size, the 700 only goes 2 sizes larger, 12 and 14mm. The depth of the mortise is not as great with the 500, I believe it goes up to about 1 1/4" deep while the 700 goes up to about 2 3/4". I do wish it went deeper, but I find the depth of the 500 adequate AND you can increase the width of your mortise with the width settings on the 500. So if you make custom "dominos" you can go much wider than the factory dominos. Say you need more su
  19. Wonderful post and that little dovetail plane is quite interesting. I agree completely with your reasoning of putting the base of the legs in the same place on the underside of the case. Really curious why the location of the leg bases were off, and the fact it was exactly the same the second try makes me even more curious.
  20. This chair is headed out the door to the upholstery guy this week. All the shaping and sanding is done and the finish has been applied. One new wrinkle I've added to my sanding which has really helped is after sanding to 400 I burnish the surface with a white 3m pad. This has made any grain raising during the finish application practically disappear. Wanted to go over the upholstery side of things, because I was confused about how he wanted things and I incorrectly described what he wanted. We met last week and clarified things. First is the seat. rails 1/2" below the lip were glued and
  21. I have to step back to something @gee-dub asked earlier, I apoligize if it was answered but I didn't see it answered. The ZCI that came with my sawstop had no slot cut into it. The directions were to lower the blade, put the insert in, turn blade on and slowly raise the blade to cut the slot. That's the whole idea behind the ZCI insert, the slot is only supposed to be as wide as the blade and the slot needs to be cut out by your blade. Was that how your insert was supplied or did it already have the slot cut? If it already had the slot cut in your ZCI (which would make me wonder why we ar
  22. They will be in physical form, no PDF. I can trace my patterns on a large sheet of paper and mail them to you no problem. I'll also be happy to point out the joinery I used and where.
  23. Learn something everyday. Thx
  24. Tom, what's going on with their chimney? Looks like there is a pretty big space between the roof and chimney.
  25. I wouldn't charge, wouldn't even think of it. It would be a pleasure to see someone else build this. Yes you would need to do the guild rocker first at the very least. My templates may look more like a puzzle with no directions if not.