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  1. Thanks all of you! I did purchase a Bosch Duel Glide Miter Saw and anti-gravity stand a few months ago being I have a framing project coming up first on the to do list in my home. I had decades ago a Makita Chop saw and always found it handy for making quick miter cuts and there are great reviews on this saw and I got the anti-gravity stand for free so I pulled the trigger. I am going to most likely get both the table saw and the track saw but not at the same time. Being most use track saws for ripping sheet goods for onsite fabrication and or just like making one cut an
  2. Very good points. I typically have all my windows open and both garage doors opening when doing projects except when windy. I am dealing with the heat ok in Utah thus far the shade of the garage helps and I am adding some ceiling fans to circulate the air as well. I will be adding heat or heat/air years down the road to the garage. Right now no welding or torch work going on or really any wood working as of yet being I am now just building into a shop. Once the shop is done as per closing in the studded walls which will be insulated, and the attic above the shop insulated I may add either
  3. Thank you again. I was going to invest in a new Makita cordless track saw which is about $500.00 but I think with the information I am getting from you guys it makes more sense to invest in a high quality table saw first.
  4. Did you opt for the router table wing and do you use a riser or drill in for a riser tool?
  5. Thank you great points. I don't have a good table saw so I would start there. Question your thoughts on Track Saws. Can they really replace a table saw as mentioned in many Festool posts? I was thinking of just using my circular saw with a great straight edge guide and making these cuts outside of the shop for now then using a tables saw for fine tuning with finish cuts. Thoughts?
  6. Good points thank you. I think I will go for a new saw for now. Add a router table solution to the saw later. That being said probably wouldn't need to go Festool.
  7. Good points. Well most of the cabinets will be built in the shop as per fabrication then just moved to the basement when needed. I don't plan on any need to do any projects away from my home. The MFT leads to a bunch of other Festool Tools which I understand are great but I already own a router and am looking for ease of use and bang for buck solutions. I like the idea of incorporating a router table into a table saw.
  8. No it would be in the same shop this is hobby so no real concern combining both skills in one place for me. I will be making a MFT welding table which would roll and also could fasten to a MFT type table if necessary for more work space. Thank you for the welcome!
  9. The only thing I don't like about the stock fence is there is no rail on top or side which one can incorporate some other jigs, or tools like the JessEm Clear Cut Table Saw stock guides or feather boards.
  10. Hi Drzaius, I presume you use the stock Biesemeyer Fence for your Saw Stop saw correct?
  11. I built my home about 7 years ago with an unfinished 4 car garage and a 1780' sq. ft. unfinished basement. I am doing a partial finish to the basement basically two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a studio for music recording. I will be making my own cabinets, a new studio desk, and Murphy bed. The garage will be next which would include cabinets, shelving and new bench. Then adding a kitchen to the basement and some Home Theater cabinetry. Once the basement and the garage is finished the next items will be toying projects like furniture, and artifacts.
  12. Thank you all of you for your responses! Well that settles it. Taking the $400 plus money that I was going to spend on this fence and putting it to my new saw! Sometimes one gets wrapped up with cool stuff and what really matters is the core tool. Question anyone using the INCRA miter system?
  13. I have an empty shop and am going to get into woodworking and metal working soon. I am not sure which direction makes the most sense for a couple of tool options and would love some opinion's. This is a hobby shop not a business. 1. Replace my old 1980's Craftsman Table saw with a new Grizzly 1023RL cabinet saw, or upgrade my old table-saw with either an Incra TS-LS Fence System. 2. Purchase a Festool MFT/3 with rail and miter/routing guide, or go with the Incra 28" x 32" 28" x 32" Wonder Fence Joinery package, Routing Table, lift, and dust collection and as an add on to a tab
  14. I have an old 1980's Craftsman saw and it works fine just has a horrible fence and was going to invest in the INCRA TS-LS. My question is 32" or 50"? I may want to incorporate their router table as well to my saw. Do you like having all this on one table or would you think a separate table for routing is more ideal. I have the space to stash the table but if it is more convenient to have it incorporated on the TS I would go that route.