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  1. TRIP TO YOUR FRIENDLY WHATEVER. Ask for an Entrance door that has a small defect/damage, can't be sold as door. FILE DRAWERS==Get two LOW LEGAL FILE CABINETS. Ok, place cabinets where you want your desk, lay that cheap entrance door on top of'm!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRESTO==A USABLE DESK WITH MORE storage than you'l probably ever need. GIT YOUR ON CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, yeaw some will question the already bored holes for door lock/latch/deadbolt?? Locate wires for ph., computer, etc.. Yeaw, you can finish top side.
  2. Buck Nall


    Being a newcomer HERE, I just had to throw this in. About 100 mi. N of Jacksonville, Fl & 60mi from Atlantic ocean,OK. There were three maybe 4 different kind of Oak in front yard. Swamp Chestnut Oak(leaves almost as big as a mans hand, grew straight up, many limbs. Nearby, White Oak, leaves not near as big as Swamp Oak, grew straight up, plenty of limbs, but not like Swamp, scaly kinda bark. A huge oak near the house, 5' diameter, grew straight up, not many limbs, some crooked, leaves oval shaped very green on top bout 1 3/4 long. Another Oak out about 60', straight, few limb
  3. Eric has spoke the truth, all the way around. Beginners have a LARGE PROBLEM selecting a finish. Sanding before any finish is of upmost importance before any finish. Yeaw sanding is a whole nothr part of your ''shinny''' thing.
  4. Thanks Tom, a word from the real world.
  5. ,,,,AND sometimes the floor aint level, I say aint level!
  6. After legs are on an short one is discovered. Bore a hole up into it maybe 3''. get one of those giz'mos that is driven into a hollar, as big a one as is appropriate. screw a bolt into giz'mo. Set table down, screw/turn bolt until leveling is accomplished. Member now that giz'mo has little leafs/spikes/wings/??? to hold giz'mo in place. Be sure to get one the size & threads of the bolt. Oh yeaw get/put some ''thread locker'' on it.
  7. One of those little giz-mos you pass over wood to see if there is any metal hiding in there . HAND CLAMPS, vice grip type plyers w./flat area for gripping wood. Ear protection. BELIEVE i'M DONE now, Cya..
  8. Gallon of glue & a squeez bottle of Mustard(squeeze the mustard out, wrenst it good, fill it with THAT glue.. Several different grits of SANDPAPER. Quart er two of Poly, couple brushes to go/use it with. Good Claw Hammer. I'm goin bak to tha wagon folks these shoes are killin me. GOOD LUCK, Cya
  9. Bar clamps, lots of'm, never have enuff.
  10. I'd be considering a 2x4 glued & screwed down (behind the metal, so it won't be seen)to make it flat then attach it to metal.