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  1. $1k for electrical? I got quoted $2500 for a sub panel install here in KC. Gotta think wiring up a new building would be significantly more, especially in California.
  2. Stradman had 14 million views the past 30 days. Shmee had 9.6 million.
  3. I average about 1 cent per view from plans, YouTube, and Amazon affiliates and if April makes similar then she is doing incredibly well. She probably makes quite a bit more per view because she has a lot more revenue streams than I. She had 5 million views last month, do the math.
  4. I love those bit holders. I did 2" oc staggered. These are the trays I made for my router table cabinet:
  5. Yeah, I was in a similar situation till I built my scrap storage cart.
  6. Been at it for a couple years now and have my shop in a pretty good place. Lots left to do but I like the direction it's going. Would love to hear any feedback!
  7. Two car garage, a little under 500 square feet. I have five 8' 4 bulb LEDs on side of the shop. Each bulb is 2k lumens at 5k temp. In a quarter of the shop I have four 4' 2 bulb LED fixtures that put out around 1500 lumens each. I am replacing those soon with 4 more 8 footers like on the other side of the shop. Here's my shop:
  8. I have not but I definitely will be in the very near future. It's definitely something I'll need to look at. I think maybe just a couple of holes in the bottom of the door should do it, hopefully.
  9. This was just delivered to my house yesterday. Gonna give it a good look over this weekend.
  10. I used to be an engineer at an architectural millwork management firm. Architectural millwork covered pretty much any finish made of wood; cabinets, fridge panels, coffered ceilings, doors and windows, door and window casing, crown, base. About the only thing we didnt handle that was made of wood was flooring.
  11. I recently purchased a router table that came with a cheap, useless cross legged stand so I decided to build this router table cabinet. Very fun project and provides me with quite a bit of storage of which I am quite lacking. Hope you all enjoy it.
  12. This thread is great. I am fairly OCD in a few areas of my life and tools is one of them. I bought a few Bessey clamps when starting out so that's what I buy now. I have some Harbor Freights that are still on my walls and they make me cringe whenever I look at them. Most of my handheld power tools are DeWalt but I have some older Craftsman and a few Ridgid. The Craftsman are on their way out the door. They work perfectly fine but they don't match and it drives me crazy. However, if there is a discernible difference in quality then the better is my pick. For bench-top and floor tools I don't really care about matching. Quality and price are first and foremost on my mind.