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  1. $1k for electrical? I got quoted $2500 for a sub panel install here in KC. Gotta think wiring up a new building would be significantly more, especially in California.
  2. Stradman had 14 million views the past 30 days. Shmee had 9.6 million.
  3. I average about 1 cent per view from plans, YouTube, and Amazon affiliates and if April makes similar then she is doing incredibly well. She probably makes quite a bit more per view because she has a lot more revenue streams than I. She had 5 million views last month, do the math.
  4. I love those bit holders. I did 2" oc staggered. These are the trays I made for my router table cabinet:
  5. Yeah, I was in a similar situation till I built my scrap storage cart.
  6. Been at it for a couple years now and have my shop in a pretty good place. Lots left to do but I like the direction it's going. Would love to hear any feedback!
  7. Two car garage, a little under 500 square feet. I have five 8' 4 bulb LEDs on side of the shop. Each bulb is 2k lumens at 5k temp. In a quarter of the shop I have four 4' 2 bulb LED fixtures that put out around 1500 lumens each. I am replacing those soon with 4 more 8 footers like on the other side of the shop. Here's my shop:
  8. I have not but I definitely will be in the very near future. It's definitely something I'll need to look at. I think maybe just a couple of holes in the bottom of the door should do it, hopefully.
  9. This was just delivered to my house yesterday. Gonna give it a good look over this weekend.
  10. I used to be an engineer at an architectural millwork management firm. Architectural millwork covered pretty much any finish made of wood; cabinets, fridge panels, coffered ceilings, doors and windows, door and window casing, crown, base. About the only thing we didnt handle that was made of wood was flooring.
  11. I recently purchased a router table that came with a cheap, useless cross legged stand so I decided to build this router table cabinet. Very fun project and provides me with quite a bit of storage of which I am quite lacking. Hope you all enjoy it.
  12. This thread is great. I am fairly OCD in a few areas of my life and tools is one of them. I bought a few Bessey clamps when starting out so that's what I buy now. I have some Harbor Freights that are still on my walls and they make me cringe whenever I look at them. Most of my handheld power tools are DeWalt but I have some older Craftsman and a few Ridgid. The Craftsman are on their way out the door. They work perfectly fine but they don't match and it drives me crazy. However, if there is a discernible difference in quality then the better is my pick. For bench-top and floor tools I don't really care about matching. Quality and price are first and foremost on my mind.
  13. I just bought all of this stuff at Menards and Woodcraft in KC last weekend. Mendards has 2 foot sections of sewer pipe you can carry around to test fittings. Unfortunately, the regular rubber pipe clamps wont work on sewer drain pipe because it's smaller than sch 40. I bought blast gates and clamps at Woodcraft. A little pricey but I wanted them right away. Here's links: Blast Gates: Clamps: You could probably source all of this quite a bit cheaper online but then you run the risk of stuff not fitting together and having to deal with returns.
  14. I hear you can build a connect four game in the bed of one of those crucks.
  15. I have this trailer: which I pull behind my SUV. It's great because it folds up and fits nicely in the garage. It's big enough for 4x8 sheets, not sure how it would handle 5x5 without some sort of rack or modification. It's a great little trailer though. That said, I hate it, and will be getting a truck (hopefully when the new 2019 GMs come out) soon. I work about about 15 minutes north of my house and the one good hardwood dealer is east of my office. I can't take the trailer to work so it's a pain if I want to get some wood during the week (which I would rather do and not waste my weekend shop time). Also, HD and Lowes are on the way home form work and it would be great if I could stop by there to get things without having to deal with a trailer.
  16. The difference with non skippable ads now is that creators can chose to only run non skippable ads. They have been around for a long time but they have always been intermixed with skippable ads. There is now an option in Creator Studio to uncheck skippable ads.
  17. April is oppressing her audience? Oppression is an act of control and cruel treatment. (This isnt directed at you, Chestbut) I don't get these discussions about what YouTuber's get/make from their channels. If you don't like it, don't watch it. She (or all of them) puts out content that people like and she get compensated for that. NBC, CBS, etc make crap scripted television so I don't watch it but I don't give two hoots that they make money off of it. Michael Bay, on the other hand...
  18. I toyed with an idea similar to yours but couldn't find a good spot for it. Looks like a good solution!
  19. Decided to get a handle on my scraps and built a rolling storage cart so my shop can look a little less like a tornado just rolled through. The inspiration for this came from a Find Woodworking article. Mine is pretty close but I changed it up some. Made it bigger, adjustable compartment sizes. Here's a link to the Fine Woodworking article: Let me know what you think! Thanks for watching!
  20. Thanks! My vacuum cart is a little bit modified version of Jay Bates cart. You can find that here: