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  1. I need to splitter for my 10-30r dryer outlet. I use that for my planner, jointer, table, and dryer. I’m over having to unplug them and don’t want to wait much longer to have my dad wire in some 220s and a subpanel. Been waiting 1 year now. I will only use one device as a time as it's just me and my wife here. I almost bought the first one shown on amazon for $70 but feel I can make one. However, I’m kind of lost how the two boxes are connected to the single plug. Any tips would be helpful. Anyone have tips on wiring the two 10-30 females with the single male plug similar to either photo? I've wired a VFD and other things but haven't 'tied' two outlet together like this before. I think I can make this for like $30 as I have spare 10awg wire. Plus I can make it this weekend and not wait a week for something to be shipped. I'm finding out but don't quote me, the dryer 3 prong uses a neutral BUT the 3 prong for my tools is like a grounded and not neutral. I've been plugging and unplugging them without issues. Would an issue arise if/when the dryer and a tool are plugged in together? Wouldnt that only be an issue if they are used at the same time? That wont happen because it's a 30amp breaker and I can't run two tools or the dryer and tool at the same time.
  2. For a bowl for sure I'd do that. But a film is what I don't want. It will get cut. Thinning allows it to seep in. In the kitchen lighting, it looks great. Might just need to set a day or so.
  3. Walnut, cherry, and mahogany with Walnut dowel plugs. First time doing that and radius corners.
  4. Yeah but they gotta look nice for gifts and to sell I was also trying this method out. Likely go back to mineral oil and beeswax.
  5. I was afraid of no penetration but the board was definitely soaking it up. Thinning salad bowl finish is woodwhiperer's go to cutting board sealer. I read on a post of his by another guy, he sanded to 1200 to seal the board and wet sanded up to that grit. Said it came out great. Thought behind it I think is to seal the board best as possible so no bacteria can get in AND so there less re-applying of mineral oil as that can be a monthly thing if the board is used a lot.
  6. I have Mark's salad bowl finish and mineral spirits a try. It seems dull and it as deep as mineral oil. Kinda blotchy how I look at it too. I did sand with an orbital to 600 then added the varnish. Waited 24 hours. Applied again and wet sander with 600. Waited 24 hours. Applied again and sanded with 600 then did a light wipe on coat and left to dry. So 3 coats. Any ideas? Maybe in a couple days a buff out will help?