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  1. jmw

    Chisel Sharpening

    I have watched many YouTube videos. Thank you for all the suggestions!
  2. jmw

    Chisel Sharpening

    No, I am using water and rinsing a lot.
  3. jmw

    Chisel Sharpening

    Is sandpaper the best option to get that lower grit? I tried some sand paper but it seems to wear out so quickly and i'm not really sure if I am helping the process or not.
  4. jmw

    Chisel Sharpening

    No, just 3/4" back from the tip.
  5. I am trying to sharpen some Craftsman chisels. I am using the DMT W250CXNB 10-Inch DuoSharp Bench Stone Coarse / Extra-Coarse diamond plate to flatten the back of the chisel. I have already spent hours trying to flatten the back of a 1 1/4" chisel (my last one to sharpen). The chisels are made of carbon steel and are these chisels: My DMT plate is relatively new, but it is taking so long to knock down even 3/4" back from the blade. Any one have an suggestions to speed this process up?
  6. Ok, thank you! That is very helpful!
  7. No problem. Any help would be appreciated. Any idea where I wold start with sourcing similar moulding? I would love to hear from a professional too
  8. No, I don't care about the finish. I'm talking about creating the door and drawer. I'm just curious how this could/was done.
  9. I apologize for not being more specific. I haven't built any cabinets before, but am interested. It appears there is a floating panel in the frame. Is that panel just a flat panel with moulding on top of it?
  10. Can someone help me understand how I would go about making a cabinet door/drawer like this?