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  1. Drew

    Delta ts350 stalls

    Comment removed. Please read the forum rules.
  2. Drew

    Delta ts350 stalls

    I moved the fence to see if it was interfering with the cut. I wasn't using material I wanted to use for any project I was testing the saw after my father in law told me it wouldn't work for him.
  3. Drew

    Delta ts350 stalls

    I'm trying to do a simple rip cut of 3/4 inch pine with a 60 tooth blade. It worked fine when I last used it. It's not tripping the breaker, seems to run smoothly when not cutting, but weakens to a stall whether using the rip fence or not. It does the same thing when doing a cross cut on the same material that's only 3 inches thick. And, yes, I believe the unit is direct drive. I've hade the unit for years and only used it a handful of times over 12 years of ownership; it sits in a dry shed.
  4. My Delta Delta ts350 stalls two inches into a cut and I am wondering what could be wrong and how to address that problem.