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  1. I am building an outdoor planter box. For the trop trim, I would like to replicate the profile shown in the following picture. I am not sure what router bit to use that can create this profile. The size of the trim is 1'x2'. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I will try these out and report back on how it went.
  3. I am a beginner in routing and looking to learn for some DIY home projects. I bought/setup a Craftman's router/table. It is a non-variable speed router (27000 RPM). I tried two practice cuts using a 1/4'' Craftsman Roman Oagee bit. I'm attaching some pictures that show the setup. In the first cut, the test block got burned (picture not attached). This was most likely because I fed the stock too slowly. For the second cut, I tried to a go slightly faster/steady, but not too fast. However, as I slid the block across, I felt a somewhat strong resistance when the bit first came in touch with wood. I was not able to slide it past the bit, and felt like it got 'stuck' in the bit. I was not able to keep the board parallel against fence (given the resistance) any longer, and hence, I shut the router down (felt like I was going to lose control of the board). My feed direction is right to left on the router table. By looking at the pictures, what did I do wrong? Is the bit positioned too high? I made sure that the bearing and the fence are aligned. Should the fence extensions be tighter/closer to the bit? 1. I am going to get a push stick/block to hopefully provide more force to keep the board aligned to the fence at all times (and keep my fingers far away). But my thinking was that the board should have been able to 'glide' along the fence with not too much force. Maybe, I tried cutting too much material in one go? 2. I will get some more scrap material to practice on, but I would appreciate any help on why I'm messing up.
  4. I am a beginner in basic woodworking. I bought the Craftsman fixed-based router + table for DIY home projects. I am in the process of getting familiar with the router/table operation + safety rules. I have the following questions. 1. Generally, how high does the router bit need to be positioned with respect to the stock? For example, in the picture below I have a 3/4'' block and am using a 1/2'' cove bit. Where should I set the bit? Are there any rules/tips guide? I understand that the bit needs to be positioned between the gap in the fence. 2. The user manual advises multi-pass routing with cut depth being 1/8'' max/pass. Does this mean that when I align the router fence it should only expose 1/8'' of the bit? The depth is in the X (lateral) instead of the Y (vertical) direction? 3. There is a guard on the router table. During operation, do I flip the guard up or leave it on (for safety) and slide the stock through it using push pad/stick? For example, in table saws the guard should always be present for safety. I have been looking at a bunch of YouTube videos, and all of the router tables don't seem to have a guard.