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  1. I didn’t paint it.... this was in the house when I moved in.... I really don’t think there are any cracks on the vise, I personally don’t see any, and I’m a young age so my eyes are still good!! Haha
  2. Oh wow... I didn't notice it wasn't suppose to be black. Interesting.... so this changes everything now? I never noticed the difference between this and all the pictures I've seen online. How embarrassing!! Does that really change the price in this?
  3. Emmerts vise in great shape... no cracks... in Depew, New York
  4. Thanks guys, tom I'm not sure what swivel lock you are speaking of do you mean any of these perhaps?
  5. Ok I'll attempt every function I can google on it. Do you know where I can go to sell it? Or who I can contact?... I'm in Depew, New York....
  6. There are zero cracks.... this guy clearly used this vise because it's hooked on the working bench, and in a drawer was a bunch of metal pieces for furniture making.... it looks in great shape to me.
  7. This vise I never used. I don't know anyone who uses this so I'm not sure. But it's on my working bench right now. It came with the house I bought. An older couple lived here. If I was given instructions I could test everything out and let you know?
  8. Hahaha, I saw online this vise could be $700+