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  2. I found a Don Derry Hollowing system for sale from a gent I bought a Tormek 2000 sharping system from he sold it to me for $50 all complete with attachements he is now offering me the Don Derry Hollowing system for $25 and it is also complete and in very good condition is this something I will use later in my pursuit to be a turner ? thanks scott
  3. I Just picked this up for $1 was only a few miles from me scott
  4. Offer up is a place to sell things like craigslist look into it you will find great deals Bought a nice unused mini lathe for $50 the other day ! he actually had 2 a mini and a larger one both in very good condition $50 ea or $80 for both i took the mini for $50 but kicked myself in the butt for not just taking both scott
  5. I can get turning blocks let me look into it thanks scott
  6. Just happened to open up OfferUp and went to tools first ad I see is for a tormek 2000 with attachments ad had Ben posted for only 3 min great condition and the right price $50 now I can sharpen all the new carving tools I have scott the gent was an older guy and used it to sharpen his lathe tools he just bought a new T8 so did not need this one
  7. Ok saw this add for a bunch of carving tools, guy wanted $500 I offered $200 this was thur then fri he shoots me a message and says $300 i say nope I have $200 to spend in my stupid stuff kitty he says he is flying out sat and cannot take them with him So I wait ! Contacts me late fri and says FINE $200 i ran right over there 40+ pieces with names like Swiss made ashley and some Asin brands j love offer up! scott
  8. I have a chance to pick up a older ROCKWELL bandsaw for $200 not sure on the year? but looks to be in good shape any thoughts thanks scott
  9. Well here is a cane I made from a thicker piece scott
  10. I live up north of Seattle about 15 miles Lynnwood area thanks for the suggestions I will work on a project tonight scott
  11. Like I said befor in another thread if you live in the Seattle area contact me for a steal on some of this maple slabs and whole logs he can have cut to whatever you like i have a good friend who I get it from scott
  12. I should have mentioned that there is no running out of this wood i can get these bundles anytime i just went a little over board on collecting them as they were so cheap and nice wood now need to build something with them to warrant the purchase
  13. I have 7 bundles (150 pieces)of this maple and not sure what to build out of it ? any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks they are 7 3/4” w 21” L And 1/4 thick
  14. If you live in the Seattle area please feel free to contact me and I will get you in touch with the man with the wood maple only thanks scott