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  1. Since the OP specified he wanted new tools for $900, this is not for him. However, if you are willing to go with used tools, a $900 budget will easily suffice .In my area, I would bet that estate auctions are where you could find a lot of "old iron" tools. Craigslist can be a little sparse sometimes. One benefit of old tools is they are usually more robust than even fairly expensive new ones, and they are worlds apart from any new tools you could buy for the same price if that is even a possibility. My bandsaw and jointer are both "old iron" found on Craigslist - a Delta 14" bandsaw for ~$120, and a Dewalt 6" jointer (aka Atlas 6001) for ~$150. I did purchase a new planer - a Dewalt DW734 for around $450 - but you could go with a used or a cheaper new lunchbox planer if you're really tight on budget. But I would recommend a DW735 now, since they can be gotten for only $50-$100 more than I paid for my DW734.