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  1. I don't I had three boards around 12ft long that I used to make the top. I'm not sure where this one came from out of that mix.
  2. I've posted this on the Guild FaceBook group, but thought I would see if anyone over here had any opinions as well. I recently finished a table for our kitchen. One of the glue joints in the top has begun to fail (picture 1). This was a problem with the joint itself. There was too much of a gap and I tried to force it closed with clamping pressure. I'm going to use some epoxy to try and fix it. I've posted a picture of that below. The second and fourth picture below is something new that has just recently occurred. A crack has developed right next to the glue joint. It runs a few inches into the table top. I figure the best way to fix this is with a butterfly from the underside. I attached the top with table top fasteners (picture 3). My question is what did I do wrong? I know the problem with the glue joint, but this crack that has developed makes me think I might have done something wrong. Could it be the heat in the house is causing the wood to crack? If so wouldn't the tabletop fasteners allow for wood movement? Just curious what I need to do differently next time. Thanks for any insight.
  3. Hello all, David here from NC. I live just outside of Charlotte and have been woodworking for a few years now. Just bought my first guild project (Shaker table) a few months ago, and am looking forward to getting started on it as soon as my current project is out of the way.
  4. A new Sawstop will be on the way as soon as my current project finds its way into the house. It will be in a basement shop. I have outside access and can drive within a few feet of the door. There is one concrete step down and in to the basement. My question is, should I pick the saw up in the bed of my truck or would putting it on a trailer be a better idea? I will have some help getting it in the shop and I plan on unloading all the extras before moving the saw, just not sure how harry it would be to move the main cabinet down off the back of the truck. Anyone who has done this have opinions?