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    Troubleshooting bandsaw from Grizzly. Had almost a year- still not tracking. No local service available. Phone only.
    Any ideas regarding this manufacturer?

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  1. They went by the book, literally. Page after page of the manual. Found out that they were shipping out eccentrics that had 2 diameters on the pins. Mounting brackets require all eccentrics have matching pin diameter. They were surprised by that and it took a couple phone sessions to get that resolved. They also shipped me a bag of eccntrics with same dimensions as the originals.! Arggh! I'm beyond frustrated, and would love to get it out of my shop. Still will not track and am looking at having to deal with lateral adjustment for my next task. Manual gives a very loose directions. I have had side to side play ( approximately .125)which is "normal" according to their techs. With no access to local techs, it's a crap shoot when talking to them. I had my dad spent a day with me going through every adjustment and at end of day, we required several adult beverages.
  2. Purchased a Grizzly 0555LX and hvae had nothing but problems. Had almost a year and still won't track properly. Had castings break out portions of threaded areas. List goes on. Help!!