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  1. Righto, luckily I haven't sanded any of the wood off or the stain just didn't take to well to that area and I didn't want to go any darker. Believe it or not I did try on a piece of scrap but that scrap didn't have as many redo's as my actual project. I'm going to give another coat a shot as someone suggested and if that doesn't work it looks as if I'm going back down to stain. I'm concerned about sanding through that veneer as wdwerker posted about a little bit ago. This will be the 4th time i've sanded it down for various reasons. I don't feel too bad though having this been my first proje
  2. In a bit of a pickle due to my inexperience. I put on my first coat of Minwax fast drying polyurathane today, and I had some dust and dog hair fall on to my project. I figured during the sanding phase all would be well. I used a orbital sander with 220grit, and now I have these white sanding marks from the sander. Is this going to be an issue? I've read in some places to add another layer of poly, but then others saying to remove the layer. I've tried wiping with mineral spirits but that doesn't seem to make it any better.
  3. Thank you again. Do I need to take off the stain I've already applied?
  4. Thank you for the advice. So to be clear are we suggesting I need to do a spray on? What we are looking at now was a gel stain I brushed on.
  5. Hi folks, Working on my first woodworking project, a dining room table. Bought some Maple Plywood and tried staining it with an oil based minwax branded stain but it came out in patches. Tried it 4x times but it never took properly. Today I sanded again at 150, and then used a gel stain and tried that out. A little better but I still can't seem to get an even stain. Any ideas on how I can fix it?