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  1. thank you for all the advice. A family friend owns the lumber mill i go to. He also has a small trucking company that runs up and down i-95 from here in Maryland. while in Florida after hurricane Andrew (1991) and delivering ice to Miami and the keys a mahogany tree had fallen in the road on a side street. The state was going to put in the chipper and grind up he stopped the guys and for 20$ they loaded over 10 logs some 26" in width all at least 12' long onto his tractor trailer. He brought back to Maryland didn't touch for 2 years and then milled it stacked it and let cure from 1994? til last month. I will post my final product in a few weeks but i am very happy i didn't stain just went with a wipe on Polly matte finish that's clear. the wood grains really pop and it looks great. thanks for all the advice. Chris
  2. Hello I am a newbie when it comes to live edge coffee tables. I was able to get some magnolia wood that is 22"-24" wide 8/4 thickness(or 2" thick) and 11' long. I cut the board into 3 pieces to make coffee tables. Around 44" long all three The magnolia was milled over 25 years ago and cured by a friend that owns a sawmill. Question1. I have not planned the wood yet but there are some other smaller pieces that have been planned ans sanded. looking on the internet also the magnolia seems to be lighter colored with a yellowish tint. The grains seems to be dense and straight. It looks great I attached pictures. the coffee tables will be Xmas gifts could u recommend an oil based stain and color that would make the magnolia wood look great. From my understanding magnolia wood 22" wide straight and over 8/4 or 2" thick is rare. I don't want to stain the wrong color and ruin a rare wood. I think it is rare because i cant find it in this size in many places on the net. And i dont want it to be a run of the mill internet garbage. 2. I plan on finishing with zar oil based polyurethane matte finish. My friends the tables are for don't want the high gloss look and after reading varnish type topcoat will need reapplications every few years not to mention the person that doesn't use a coaster and ruins the table. any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As i stated i am a newbie I have read a lot on this forum and plain to sand using an orbital sander stepping up the grit amounts slowly and finishing by hand sanding. It will be a coffee table so besides drinks spilled i can see kids coloring etc on them 3. third question is HELP i am a newbie really don't want to screw this beautiful wodd up.I got the magnolia wood for a great price 200$ for whole board 11' long 22-24" wide and over 2' thick and figured it would be something different. the tree is from the mill property in south Carolina. as i stated it was milled 25-36 years ago and stacked properly according to wood man. In the pics below is one of the boards before i have planned or sanded it. Second shows a little bit of live edge. Im removing bark because after reading around i am told moisture can get trapped below polyurethane and grow mold. Third pic was planned and sandede but i was told not stained. It is very yellow i know my sister whom is getting one of the coffee tables would want it darker. any help appreciated I have attached pics of one of the boards. It has not been planed Yet the one with color has been planned and sanded. Not that well i believe but the gentleman that did it said he didn't stain it. thanks for any tips Chris
  3. I went to a local saw mill that had a 7" long 9" wide and 2" thick piece of mahogany. It has been kiln dried and cured in stacks for at least 10 years. I cut the board to 4 feet to use as a mantle piece above my gas fireplace. I used oak wood 4-6" wide 7" long as a background from floor to ceiling. about 9" used a light stain came out great. My question is what to do with the mahogany. I was thinking just sand it smooth than use a polyurethane matte on the board. I have read that mahogany is very porous and i should use wood filler, stain it than lacquer or poly it do i need to do all that or just sanding and poly with a matte finish. Board is beautiful the grains look amazing i don't want to get a bunch of stuff on it and take away from the beauty. Any ides of another technique? below is a pic of the mahogany that is left after cutting from 7' may make nice shelves woth it the other is the wall i built around fireplce. just to show i would hang mahogany between the tv and fireplace. thank you for any tips or suggestions