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  1. Rensell

    Table Saw

    thanks for advice. Those are very useful. Now I can decide on what table saw I will buy for my dad
  2. Rensell

    Table Saw

    thanks @mikem. how long does table saw lasts?
  3. Rensell

    Table Saw

    My budget is 200$. I want it to place in his garage permanently but I don't have idea on what wood he use. and yeah he have a 200 volt outlet. any suggestion on what would be the best table saw that I can buy?
  4. Rensell

    Table Saw

    Hello guys. My dad always spends time in his garage working with wood. I thought it would be a nice idea to buy a table saw as his birthday gift. Which one you can recommend (as for the first time)? I already checked some products on amazon and here , but still I'm full of doubts. Have you ever faced this problem? Thanks in advance!