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  1. VizslaDad

    Pre-stickered cart

    Pretty neat. You even have room for another stickered shelf down below!
  2. VizslaDad

    Beginner building workbench

    Here's a DIY, no-welding-required version of a quick release from Pask Makes (probably pretty tricky for a beginner but really interesting!):
  3. If you're anything like me, you've unfortunately subscribed to (or perhaps more accurately, not un-subscribed from) umpteen email newsletters from various woodworking vendors. I was shocked to find something reasonably valuable in my inbox today (that wasn't a coupon): Choosing and Using the Right Wood Finish & Wood Paint There's a video covering the topic at the end of their blog post: I am in no way affiliated with Infinity Cutting Tools, nor have I been incentivized in any way to post this. That said I have had good experiences with both Infinity and General Finishes.
  4. VizslaDad

    Opinion poll 3hp v. 5hp for home shop

    I was wondering myself whether a good point of differentiation between a 3HP & 5+HP saw would be whether or not one envisioned themselves incorporating a power feeder into their work on the tool at some point.
  5. VizslaDad

    I'm building a shop!

    Rad. Many congratulations!
  6. VizslaDad

    HELP on a wooden rocking horse

    If it's latex paint, this stuff should take it off: It will take all the paint off, though. I agree with @Isaac and think a new horsey paintjob could be a nice way to go.
  7. VizslaDad

    Tool stand

    If you orient your planer as @gee-dub has, you could potentially incorporate drop-leaf style infeed and outfeed supports. It'd be a decent place to set workpieces before and/or after drilling, too. See horrible drawing snuck in while I attempted to look very concerned and attentive during a work meeting.
  8. VizslaDad

    Moving shop do my plans sound?

    All on the docket, plus new tires. I'm not going to chance anything. I'd like to survive to use those tools!
  9. VizslaDad

    Moving shop do my plans sound?

    I'll give a wave for sure. Thanks for the tip on gas...I've done extensive road trips on the west coast but this will be my first big drive headed east. I'm definitely interested in pit stop/restaurant options!
  10. VizslaDad

    Moving shop do my plans sound?

    The move is in early November (we close on the house the first week, and my wife and most of our stuff will arrive on or shortly after closing day). I have to stay in Washington for work for a bit but hope to make the drive before Thanksgiving. Weight-wise, I estimate 3500-4200 lbs including the trailer (it depends on how much of my precious lumber I keep). I hope to avoid loading the truck bed much if at all. We're sending the bulk of our stuff in Pods, so what I pick up with the trailer will be limited to my tools and lumber that are in a storage unit an hour from our current house.
  11. VizslaDad

    Moving shop do my plans sound?

    Thank very much. I've only towed anything of any substantial weight (for my 6 cyl little truck) a handful of times. Uhaul instructions are not to be trusted implicitly I guess!
  12. VizslaDad

    Moving shop do my plans sound?

    Great tips, thank you. I moved from the wet side of Washington State to the dry side, so my (likely misplaced, given how dry it is east of the Cascades) paranoia about rusted cast iron encouraged me to bathe everything in Boeshield. I have visited my tools several times to get things out of storage and haven't seen a single speck of rust, so I should be ok... ...until I am in an uninsulated two car detached garage in the midwest. Dehumidifier (and structural upgrades) are on deck!
  13. VizslaDad

    Moving shop do my plans sound?

    My wife lived for several years in Cleveland proper. We’re going to be on the east side, though...more horses than stoplights. I’m looking forward to actual seasons and real winter conditions, though it seems cruel that there are very few skiable mountains close by haha. Climate control is going to take on a new meaning to me in the shop I imagine.
  14. VizslaDad

    Coffee Grinder Sale at Woodcraft

    I wonder how well one of those would work for shellac flakes. It might make for a "classy caveman" setup for an enthusiastic hand tool enthusiast!
  15. Hi folks - my beautiful wife and I are leaving the Pacific Northwest for the great state of Ohio (greater Cleveland area). My stationary shop tools have been in storage over a year, and this big move will finally allow me to unleash them once again in my new shop space, so that's exciting. What is less than exciting is the prospect of loading and moving the tools myself, as it is impractical (financially and logistically) to have a moving company do it for me. Thus I hope my plans outline below are sound, or I can be pointed in a better direction. The bulk of our furniture and other possessions will be moved in those "Pod" moving containers. My stationary tools will be moved in an enclosed rental trailer behind my 2012 Toyota Tacoma. This feels like the safest from a solo loading/unloading perspective, given that rolling everything up a uhaul truck ramp the last time I moved saw my drill press nearly trebuchet me across the parking lot. I'll be loading the following tools: 1. My tablesaw (contractor saw with cast iron wings, 36" fence rails etc.): it's already disassembled, though the main table is still affixed to its stand, on a pallet. Cast iron extension wings (including a 3rd router table wing) are on a separate pallet. I'll strap these down at the front of the trailer to concentrate weight there. 2. My 6" Grizzly jointer will be wrapped in blankets and snugged in next to the tablesaw. 3. My Dewalt planer and its stand will roll up wherever they fit since they don't weight much relative two the other tools. 4. My 17" drill press and Laguna 1412 14" bandsaw will be transported on their side and back (respectively) in 3/4" scrap ply crates that I will screw together around them in their storage unit. This will allow me to (hopefully) safely lower them from their upright positions onto furniture dollies for rolling out and up the ramp. The interior height of the trailer is not sufficient for them to be moved upright anyway. 5. (Different kind of tool) my wife scored a Wolf range off Craigslist for a ridiculous price in anticipation of putting it in the new house we are now not going to build, so it's going in the house we're buying instead. That puppy will go close to the front too I suppose. 6. The rest of the space will be filled with densely-packed plastic warehouse fliptop bins full of finishes, fasteners, etc. Does my plan sound reasonably sound (especially number 4)?