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  1. VizslaDad

    Dust 1.1

    You could attach the cyclone to a metal garbage can. You could also cut the rim off a five gallon bucket, hot rod that into the lid of a steel garbage can, and then affix your Dust Deputy still attached to the 5 gal top to that rim. Then you could have the option of still using a smaller five gallon bucket for tasks generating a lesser volume of chips and dust.
  2. VizslaDad

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    I better understand where you are coming from now. I also personally tend to get persnickety about word definitions and usage. It's a terrible familial trait.
  3. VizslaDad

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    You forgot to paste the rest of the definition from google: Pander: gratify or indulge (an immoral or distasteful desire, need, or habit or a person with such a desire, etc.) You may find it distasteful that a great many people might enjoy watching videos of shop carts and other less-complex projects, and that someone might find satisfying the desires of that audience a viable avenue for employment. I also don't believe for a second you're arguing it's immoral, but turning up your nose at her choices simply strikes me as bizarre. Ansel Adams also asserted that he learned a tremendous amount doing that distasteful "bread and butter" commercial photography that enabled him to support his family. It rubbed him the wrong way because he wanted to focus more on his art. Nowhere have I seen or heard AW aspire to aesthetic heights beyond those that bring her enjoyment. To assess another person's potential based on how she or he comports herself in a contrived environment like online video sharing seems like a bit of a stretch. Her offense at suggestions of untapped potential make sense to me.
  4. VizslaDad

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    She does mention that it's a new product.
  5. VizslaDad

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    She appears to make a conscious choice to make the projects she films accessible and entertaining to her audience. To say that she's "pandering" to lower level woodworkers is a less-than-generous appraisal, in my opinion. She's shrewd, found an audience that enables her to work the way she apparently wants to and live the way she wants to.
  6. VizslaDad

    Need some help and guidance....

    You could always pay Ron Paulk for some plans! His bench doesn't have so much of the flip-top action but you could modify to make that happen if you needed to.
  7. VizslaDad

    Desk drawer help

    If you didn't have a lathe you could also turn them using rudimentary tools and a drill press, and then cut them in half with the bandsaw or by hand. I could see this being an attractive option sans lathe, especially if you want to cut a dovetail for fitment to the drawer front.
  8. Perhaps use double-sided tape to affix it to a straight board to run against the fence? I would also use featherboards.
  9. VizslaDad

    Custom Incra Miter Sled

    Very well though-out. Thanks for sharing your sled.
  10. VizslaDad

    Makeshift basement shop and Josh Finn workbench

    That is a fantastic dog name. Yes, the new house will have. Dedicated 24’x36’ shop building. I am stoked.
  11. VizslaDad

    Makeshift basement shop and Josh Finn workbench

    @wdwerker you too have a great looking dog! Funny, my father-in-law calls Zita "pasta" ("ziti" is the pasta, to be clear). "Zita" is a Hungarian girl's name that's like "Felicity" in english, and vizslas are a Hungarian breed. My folks once named a dog "Zing" because they didn't want to name a dog something they'd heard on a dog food commercial. Sure enough, the very next week a "Zing" was featured on a dog food commercial.
  12. VizslaDad

    Makeshift basement shop and Josh Finn workbench

    Thanks all (Zita says thank you, too).
  13. I miss having a proper shop and my stationary tools (which are in storage until we get the new house built), but I have managed to scrape together a decent work area in the basement to help facilitate the major remodel we're undertaking in the current house. My traditional workbench is also in storage so I decided to crank out a version of Josh Finn's workbench from FWW. It's made of two beams (plywood + melamine, with soft soundboard on one side) and some sawhorse/work tables. They are far from perfect as other obligations put me on double-time construction mode, but they will do. The house we bought was a minimally-maintained rental for years, then a hair salon for a decade (the amount of human hair we've cleaned out of this place is heinous). Now we're converting it into two apartments, so we're building two full kitchens, adding a bathroom, adding some walls, yada yada. Fun times. RE: the shop space, en lieu of my proper Laguna dust collector I'll be using Ye Olde Ridgid with a dust deputy, plus some plastic sheeting if things are going to get very dusty. Luckily our climate and carport allow for work outdoors for the messiest parts. The last addition I need to make to the workspace before I start banging out the kitchen cabinets is a MFT-esque track saw cutting station to put on my sawhorses, which I will make out of MDF. I'm excited to use the Woodpeckers Hole Boring jig I just received to make the dog hole pattern. Anyone have any suggestions for my little slice of heaven here?
  14. VizslaDad

    I'm building a shop!

    You could rent a drywall lift and scaffolding!
  15. VizslaDad

    Why did my 3/4" plywood bent and how do I fixe it??

    That site is a gem. Thank you!