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  1. Sounds like a solid plan. My wife painted our doors with the Snapdry product with them still hung on the hinges on a not-too-hot, not too humid summer day. I was surprised by how well they came out (my wife is an excellent painter, but I was skeptical about paint that kicks so quickly). So long as you can get the Sherwin-Williams name or number for your trim color it should match just fine. I am not aware of limitations in color matching for that product (though I am by no means an expert on their or any other paint product line).
  2. I agree with @BillyJack that stacking is a real PITA. That said I do like to literally be able to see each individual container (vs digging) so I am willing to sacrifice room to make that happen.
  3. Sherwin Williams snapdry is a good option for quick indoor door painting.
  4. Last week I finished my router table. Thanks to everyone who chimed in re: fixing the sloppy fit of my JessEm router lift in my General International/Excalibur cast iron table. Long story short, I took up the slop with some metal shim stock, but discovered my router plate is far from flat. It's useable in the near term for less sensitive operations but I will need to source a new plate to do anything with precision. I will likely buy a Woodtek plate and drill it for a Triton 3 1/4 hp router once I have enough pennies saved. This is the closest thing to actual furniture I have built in over alm
  5. I use AkroBins from Akro-Mils. They are relatively inexpensive and widely available. I got the rack for about $35 from another woodworker who was rearranging his shop. The bins I purchased myself, but depending on where one lives I imagine they can be found used on Craigslist and the like. I see them frequently on my local Craigslist. My current setup is suboptimal. I really shouldn't have bins in bins if I can avoid it. It's nice to be able to retrieve fasteners etc. without sifting through (and likely spilling) multiple bins. A future shop project will see me house that freestanding ra
  6. drzaius, do you have an Excalibur table as well or did you mount the lift in a table of your own construction, or another brand? Any issues with the chains getting too gunky?
  7. A couple updates on this one: 1. For posterity, I can confirm that the Woodtek that the Woodtek Router Lift (Woodworker's Supply) is identical to the Excalibur/General International. This is per: where the Product Manager who handles that particular item for Woodworker's Supply explicitly confirms they are the same and made in the same factory. 2. @man of wood I sort of used the method you described (pushed two perpendicular sides of the plate flat against the plate opening). Th
  8. I managed to hit a buried staple this morning...didn't notice the first time, but had run the board in the wrong direction on edge so had some minor tear out...turned it around and noticed the catch. I have definitely accelerated the changing of my knives
  9. I believe part of the initial design consideration was making an area @treesner could tuck a dirtbike into.
  10. I second @wtnhighlander in terms of counter-weighting the bottom. You could do that by using much lighter construction for the upper portion, but if you plan on having any real weight up top I imagine concrete or sandbags would be a good idea at the base.
  11. The latest FWW "Tools and Shops" shows a cool shop in a log cabin, and the woodworker who owns it uses a lot of recycled furniture for shop fixtures. She uses a metal three drawer file cabinet (low-wide, not tall-narrow) for finishes. It's obviously not an OSHA-rated cab but I imagine office furniture is going to start showing up for cheap all over. One could just put one of those things on a couple harbor fright furniture dollies, or make a mobile base for it if you needed it to roll around, @treesner
  12. A metal detector and a moisture meter are both on my list. To be honest, I was not paying close enough attention. I do have a couple strong enough magnets that had my mind been in the right place I could have used to investigate what are very obviously nail holes to me now. Frankly, the dinged up knives were a literal wake-up call (I was clearly too tired to be operating machinery). Thanks for the suggestions, folks! I will definitely look for that jointer knife setting process. Off to the search box.
  13. I've been chuckling at myself all day. Oh yes, carbide knives. That's another option...less expensive than the Self-Set knives or Shelix but more expensive than HSS. Hmm.