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    I'm a trucker by trade but dabble in woodworking on weekends as a hobby. Albeit an expensive one lol

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  1. It's been awhile since I posted. But finally got this Closet done. Drawers added Gluing up doors doors hung didnt notice glue until after I stained it. Will clean it up later and re stain
  2. On my way home from a long week of trucking to continue building on this closet. Gotta make the drawers. Will probably go with finger joints. I would do the dovetails but don't have the dovetail guide jig. And I'm not experienced enuf with hand tools to cut them out. So I figure next best thing is finger joints. The doors will be made out of the maple plywood and trimmed along the edges with 1/4" thick red oak to match the sides of the closet. Im also going to add in the middle where the doors close together, thin strips of red oak glued and bent to shape a heart. At least I hope. Never attempted wood bending but seen a few vids on it. Hopefully I can pull it off.
  3. I seen your journal you posted about your project. I had some reclaimed wood but didn't trust it after I noticed they used a reciprocating saw to sheer thru the nails. So I pitched the wood. Learned my lesson never buy reclaimed barn lumber from someone you didn't help bring the barn down. I called the doors I made barn style cause that's what they remind me of. I used common white board to make them and the door in my bathroom after plumber knocked a hole in the wall. I posted those images as well
  4. I am remaking them tho type of cedar Lowes has but it doesn't give that cedar smell like a cedar chest does. . Not sure if that's what I needed or not. But it is cedar. But man it's a soft wood. Feels like balsa
  5. At least I did something right and got ya motivated tho don't do my mistakes lol
  6. My wife has a lot of summer dresses and other nice clothes that she's had to fold or roll up to put in the dresser. That being said I decided to make her a closet wardrobe thinga ma jig. Its a work in progress. Still got 2 drawers to make as well as the doors. But she can start hanging dresses in the mean time. Its made out of a sheet of maple plywood and red oak. The drawers will be out of pine and not stained or painted with red oak faces. Ill upload what I have now and add it it as I go.
  7. I don't live in South Carolina but here in Kentucky only place I found was Wood Crafters. None of the big box stores sells it.
  8. I myself have been driving since 92. Finally got recognized as a million mile safe driver. Enuf off topic tho back to wood working lol.
  9. Hey folks this project was 2 years ago when I got back into woodworking. See I drive a big truck for a living for now anyway. But I got on a lane where I get the weekends off. So I got time on my hands and started pursuing my passion of woodworking. this is the first thing I made. It not fancy by any means and isn't a mantle that you purchase and have installed lol. To expensive. So I drew it up on sketchup layout and got to work. Took me a month due to no tools but a skil tablesaw and a cordless drill. Let me know what ya think
  10. I'm torn. Should I stain these or leave them as is. My wife wants a primitive theme in the house. The original builders of the house built a book shelf into the corner of the downstairs area. But my wife wanted it covered up. So I made a couple doors. I did put matching style door handles on them too haven't took an updated photo yet
  11. One word beautiful piece ok that's two words but who's counting.
  12. I would but I'll ask client to update the conservation peeps
  13. Yep cut the pieces and screwed together in place. It's all I can do to slide it. Only board I forgot to stain ahead of time was the top. Can't see the top so "outta sight outta mind" as my wife says