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  1. I'm excited to follow along. I'd consider Kaizan foam instead of flocking.
  2. Thanks Kurt, I'm enjoying your build as well. The only pre-finishing I did was pre-raised the grain and sanded to 180 before gluing anything, the top and drawer fronts were finished pre-assembly too. I think your plan is spot on, I would do exactly as you mentioned.
  3. For those interested in the Jeff Jewitt finish technique; its as follows. trantint; dark mission brown. GF seal a cell GF brown mahogany gel stain 3 coats of GF ARS
  4. Thanks! I've been hoarding select pieces for a while. I just finished a coffee table that matches this and will post soon. My pile is depleting fast. Thanks! I'd love to build one of everything in their catalog if I had the time, and money of course! Thanks Coop. Hope the humidity isn't too bad in Houston yet. I grew up there. I was fortunate to had pick these pieces, just wish I had access to more! Thanks! I wish I knew who to issue credit to on the clock, its something I've found online. I've built a couple for gifts too. T
  5. As part of my commitment to share my work more, here is a console table I finished in early April. After browsing Stickley's site, I became inspired to produce some Arts & Crafts style furniture for our entry way & living room. I really like the lines of this mission style furniture, particularly the use of QSWO. Construction mainly consisted of floating tenons, the drawer construction is dovetailed soft maple. I ended up using side mount drawer slides and wish I would've just used some light duty under mounts instead; I was concerned about losing drawer depth. The finish on this piece
  6. Drop your blades off at your nearest Rockler store. They will send them out to Leitz for sharpening, its a 1 week turnaround. Price varies by tooth count but a 40t is approximately $15. I'm sure you could mail a blade to Leitz as well, they're located in Garland.
  7. Thanks! It definitely shares similar lines. The sculpting of a Maloof is a bit intimidating! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk It is not, just simple dados but a very well designed joint. Thanks everyone! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! I’ll be sure to post more now that it’s easier using Tapatalk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hello everyone! First time poster, long time lurker. I primarily hang out on Instagram but favor the old school forums too from time to time. Here’s a rocker I just completed using Scott Morrison’s plans. Scott, primarily known for his Maloof inspired rocker, also has plans for this guy. My goal is to eventually build a Maloof rocker but wanted to first gain some confidence by completing this. I will speak very highly of his plans and will eventually get around to posting a testimonial on his site. Back to the rocker. I decided to go with Cherry with this build due to a great price I found
  9. Its not a problem at all. I can reach the split without getting on my tippy toes actually. I added the mini-split after I completed the miter station so I ended up cutting out two or three of those top cubbies. I have been super pleased with the dust collection! I couldn't ask for better collection honestly, and as we know, that says a lot for a miter saw. The 4" line is coming in from the left then 90°'s to the saw base. I have a short piece of 2.5" flex hose attached to the saw that aims right at the 4" line entry at the saw base. The sawdust pours into the 4" very nicely.
  10. Hey Drew, I built something similar to Jay Bate's and have it against a side wall. If I'm not mistaken over the 8' length I had about an inch elevation drop. I used Jays idea of the threaded insert and carriage bolts and it worked out great.