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  1. Shop Cabinets .. question on contruction

    Here you go!
  2. Shop Cabinets .. question on contruction

    Its not a problem at all. I can reach the split without getting on my tippy toes actually. I added the mini-split after I completed the miter station so I ended up cutting out two or three of those top cubbies. I have been super pleased with the dust collection! I couldn't ask for better collection honestly, and as we know, that says a lot for a miter saw. The 4" line is coming in from the left then 90°'s to the saw base. I have a short piece of 2.5" flex hose attached to the saw that aims right at the 4" line entry at the saw base. The sawdust pours into the 4" very nicely.
  3. Shop Cabinets .. question on contruction

    Hey Drew, I built something similar to Jay Bate's and have it against a side wall. If I'm not mistaken over the 8' length I had about an inch elevation drop. I used Jays idea of the threaded insert and carriage bolts and it worked out great.