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  1. One thing that keeps coming up when my wife and I discuss making ornaments or other decorations is that we would like to etch or burn some writing into the wood. In particular we were considering making some wooden ornaments for the Christmas tree and would like to maybe put the year or some other text on it but what is the best method for doing this? Do you freehand it or use a stencil? I've seen some nice pieces online where someone had a quote from scripture and the guy said his wife made a stencil then he traced it on the wood. Is something like that done a letter at a time or would y
  2. Just got my new B&D BDEJS600C this evening. I've been watching a few videos on YouTube about it and I have a question. What does the orbital feature do for a jigsaw and will I need it? I plan on cutting some thin beech ply this weekend and making some Christmas ornaments as a starter project to get my feet wet.
  3. You meant to say "his" wife right? Your "friends" wife. Right? LOL
  4. Katy, TX here. Just getting started
  5. LMAO! I can easily see my wife doing that as well. WTS: All my woodworking stuff. Make offer.
  6. Yep, the board I make for our house will definitely be used quite a bit. My wife is already giving directions on what she wants it to have. Has to be large and she wants some "handles" routed into the ends. That works for me because then that means I also get to buy a router! I forgot to mention that we do have a sander but it's a small B&D palm sander. My step dad also has a Skil belt sander but I don't like it because the front roller already has some of the rubber coming off.
  7. True. As for tools, I just bought a new planer, (Wen 6550), last night and it should arrive on Friday. I have access to a table saw and a pretty hefty Dewalt Miter saw. I also have a few inexpensive chisels I picked up from Harbor Freight but I don't expect them to last. Just something to get me going in the right direction.
  8. I live in Katy, TX about 25 miles west of Houston. I have found this place, http://www.clarkshardwood.com/ , and he looks to have some very nice stuff. It also looks to be spendy but of course those are for big slabs and exotics that are waaaaay out of my league for the time being. I'll probably go by there this weekend to see if he has some scraps or smaller pieces they can sell to a new guy just getting started.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply woodbutcher. Guess I need to make it a point to swing by the other shop I mentioned. I went to his website and he has all kinds of stuff imported from everywhere. Just looked at his site and he has all 3 that you have mentioned plus MANY more.
  10. Obviously I am new to the world of working with wood. The first project I plan on making would be a cutting board for my wife to use at home and perhaps another to give to my mom during the holidays. Today during lunch I ran over to HD to just look around and what lumber they had. Now, having done plenty of reading on this forum, (and others as well), plus watching a bunch of videos I have heard many times that you shouldn't use oak for cutting boards. Is that correct? Also, does it apply for all species of oak or are there some that are ok to use? At this particular HD they had some red
  11. Thanks for input guys. I actually decided to not get it after all. Looking around online it became clear that parts are no longer made for it so if something were to break or needed replacing right away I would be up the creek. I'll keep looking but I'm leaning heavily toward the DeWalt 734 or perhaps the WEN 6550.
  12. Mornin' gents! Hey, as I've mentioned in a previous post, I'm new to the hobby. I have a basic question about using a jointer. Looking around online I see that most of the jointers are 6 inch machines. I know there are larger ones out there but for a hobbyist or small shop the vast majority are 6 inchers. What happens if you want to work with a board that is 8 inches or even bigger like a 2x12? Is it possible to run it through then rotate it and do the other side? That doesn't seem like a good idea to me or am I missing something? Thanks in advance guys!
  13. Agreed, however, after chatting with her for a bit she said the machine was her dads but due to health issues, (couple of strokes), he is no longer able to do woodworking. She mentioned that he was meticulous in caring for his equipment. I also realize that people would say and do pretty much anything in order to sell a piece of junk to some unwitting stranger. I don't get that feeling in this case. I'll give it a good once over and if there is the slightest hint of shenanigans I'll pass on it. Even if the switch is bad I've been told it's an easy and inexpensive fix. For a new guy starti
  14. Ok, she said he was running and working when she locked it. She said she was actually showing it to someone when she pulled the red thing out and now it won't start. If that is the only issue then simply putting the red switch cover back on it should fire up, right? Is there something else that needs to be done to get it to start after replacing the red switch?
  15. Ok, that's what I'm hoping the problem is. Is there a switch, key, or something else that goes under the red thingy in order to turn it on?? Do you guys think that $250 for the unit is a good price? Everything that I've found online points to this being a pretty decent machine and since it's a combo unit it would definitely save me from having to buy two different machines. I've messaged her this morning to get a little bit more info about how she "accidentally locked" it and if it was running before then. On a side note...the spec sheet says it weighs 320 pounds so
  16. Was looking around and found a lady selling a Hitachi planer/jointer combo. I looked at the pictures and did some more searching and to my untrained eye it looks like an F1000A. She said that she accidentally "locked" it and wasn't sure if she wanted to sell it unless she knew it worked. Aside from being a bit dusty it looks to be in good shape. I asked her that since it was locked if she would take $250 for it and she said that would work. Now, my question to you guys is, what do you think being "locked" means? There is a little red switch on it that says "Remove to Lock" and there
  17. Thanks for the replies gents! I have access to a table saw and a miter saw. My step dad has them and they are available to me whenever I need them. I do plan to start out small to be honest. The obligatory cutting board and picture frames then moving up from there. I've seen a couple of faith based items I'd like to make for my folks and also to hang in our house. After doing a bit more digging it appears the jet is an older model, the blue one, (jwb-12 I think),with the adjustment handle on the side as opposed to the top. I think for just a couple hundred dollars more I will go wi
  18. Greetings all! I am new to this fascinating hobby and have been reading a ton of information and watching a lot of videos on various topics. I'm also looking at the possibility of acquiring the tools of the trade. It seems that a planer and/or jointer get used quite a bit and I've managed to come across some listed for sale in my area. The first is a Rockwell 37-220 6" Jointer for $200. Judging by the pics it's obviously used but seems in good shape. Description says everything works great, (of course), and of course I would give it a good looking over before committing. Is this particula