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  1. Hi All. I am rebuilding a pair of front french doors 80" x 36" each door - picture a pair of glass doors with 5" x 1.75" redwood frames. I purchased rough cut clear heart vertical grain redwood full 2" x 6" x ~86". It arrived at the suppliers shop in June. The supplier (main business is custom molding) planed the rough boards down to 1.75" thickness for me. 4 months later - after sitting outside in the carport I am actually going to use them now. the wood is still dead flat in the planed dimension - beautiful! However, they are all crooked 3/16" to 3/8" over 86" length (see pic). My question is if I cut them square on the table saw will they just crook again? My hunch is they were probably crooked and had reached stability when they arrived at the suppliers and they had probably done all the warping/crooking they were going to before he planed them down to 1.75" - so whatever I cut/mill them to now will be stable dims from now on...?