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  1. To take this even further off-topic....I too have had a swiss army knife in my pocket at almost all times for the last 50 years. The quality of the knives has not changed a lot but it seems to me the quality of pockets has...I get a hole in my right (knife) pocket before the pants are even properly broken in. My wife, who re-inforces them for me, says I need to stop buying the version with the corkscrew (the Tourist) but I feel you need to stay prepared.
  2. Hi JohnG, looking forward to a beekeeping thread! I started beekeeping a couple of years ago and the whole family is really getting into it now. I built most of my woodenware, it probably costs me more but allows me to hang out in the shop woodworking with my kids more too. There's no end of learning in either woodworking or beekeeping, they both can provide a bit of income to (partially) offset their expenses and for me in Canada, they are both seasonal, wood in the winter, bees in the summer.
  3. My pet peeves are mostly in word usage: a line is straight not strait, sandpaper is coarse not course. For planing and jointing board feet would be an good measure if it referred to the volume of material removed, not the remainder, but who want's to do that math...machine hours are probably the most useful.
  4. Sorry for the hijack but, Chestnut, I think you had a thread on the hall table build shown in the photos above. I can find it, can you guide me to it?
  5. I installed swinging, windowed carriage house style doors at a former house but had the additional problem of owning a 130' wide lot with no rear yard access. In your case, with that awesome breezeway, I would just go with windows.
  6. Just curious because I live on a property with many on the same characteristics....what impact will the breezeway have on accessing the back yard with equipment like skid-steers, backhoes & such? Does the swale/ditch cut the whole property in half?
  7. I was able to get a fridge with the refrigerant evacuated from a local appliance repair shop for free. Installed a 50W bulb & wired it to an old thermostat, seems to work great.
  8. I think I am also missing something... the blade centre (sorry for the spelling, another Canadian) is not a fixed location, the arbour flange is fixed and blade centerline varies with blade width.
  9. Hello All, I'm a first-time poster who has been lurking and learning from you all for over a year now. I am currently slowly turning a portion of an existing storage shed into a workshop. the shop will be 24' x 20' with provisions for an external dust collection, compressor room and possibly a 10' x 10' finish room. Because it had a dirt floor I took the opportunity to form a service chase through the centre of the shop. It is 12" x 12" and will allow me to run 220v, 110v and a dust collection main to my major tools. Dust collection for secondary tools will all run along the walls.