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  1. I installed swinging, windowed carriage house style doors at a former house but had the additional problem of owning a 130' wide lot with no rear yard access. In your case, with that awesome breezeway, I would just go with windows.
  2. Just curious because I live on a property with many on the same characteristics....what impact will the breezeway have on accessing the back yard with equipment like skid-steers, backhoes & such? Does the swale/ditch cut the whole property in half?
  3. I was able to get a fridge with the refrigerant evacuated from a local appliance repair shop for free. Installed a 50W bulb & wired it to an old thermostat, seems to work great.
  4. I think I am also missing something... the blade centre (sorry for the spelling, another Canadian) is not a fixed location, the arbour flange is fixed and blade centerline varies with blade width.
  5. Hello All, I'm a first-time poster who has been lurking and learning from you all for over a year now. I am currently slowly turning a portion of an existing storage shed into a workshop. the shop will be 24' x 20' with provisions for an external dust collection, compressor room and possibly a 10' x 10' finish room. Because it had a dirt floor I took the opportunity to form a service chase through the centre of the shop. It is 12" x 12" and will allow me to run 220v, 110v and a dust collection main to my major tools. Dust collection for secondary tools will all run along the walls.