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  1. Thanks for the replies. You guys gave some good ideas to consider. Thank you. Yeah, I do plan lower stretchers and later realized I didn't draw those in the sketch.
  2. I'm preparing to build a Roubo bench. I'm a small guy, not very strong, so I'm thinking about the logistics imposed by the weight of this thing as it develops. Here's what I'm thinking right now, and I would like to know if you see any problems with this approach. I'm considering building the base first as shown below, link included as well. A sketch artist I'm not :-). The top rails can be temporary. I'll make sure the top rails are level, parallel and coplanar. Then, I'll laminate the top in place. I'll build around the tenons and when finished, wedge them. This should alleviate a lot of heavy lifting. Thoughts? In advance, Thank You!