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  1. AnonymousAccountant

    A Desk for My Wife

    Yeah, over the winter I made the mistake of leaving everything in the garage. We had a particularly cold winter and all of my glue and water based finishes froze. After having to throw all of that away and buy new, I won’t make that mistake again. I have a bin in my indoor closet to keep surplus glue and finishes.
  2. AnonymousAccountant

    A Desk for My Wife

    I finally had a few more minutes in the shop today. I broke down the boards with rough sizes of parts laid out on them into more manageable sizes. I'll run these through the planer to make sure they are the same thickness. Some will be ~3/4" and some will be ~1/2", and I did think ahead and grouped parts with the same thickness together. I also started gluing up the leg stock. I'm going for ~2.5" square, so I ripped the boards to a bit under 3" just to be sure I end up with enough material so I can square it up later. I ripped one board per leg a bit wider than the others so that I'll be sure to have one good edge to run against the fence when squaring them up. We'll see how well that works out. I had planned on gluing all 4 legs at the same time, but after spreading glue on the first two, I realized that I wasn't going to have enough glue for all 4. I went out and bought a gallon of TB2 this afternoon to be sure I don't run out again any time soon.
  3. AnonymousAccountant

    Pine Dresser With "Big Box Pine"

    Welcome and nice project! I am also pretty new to the forums, but have already seen a lot of friendly and constructive criticism and advice on here. A recent issue of FWW had an article about some nice pine furniture. I'll add a pic when I find it. It reminded me that not all pine is the big box variety of pine. Though, in some settings, I do really like the look of SYP furniture. You may enjoy looking at some of the older builds on Jay Bates' youtube channel, he has several project videos using SYP. We have a mass produced "rustic" pine coffee table that was given to us, and it the top has similar cupping to the boards. If you're looking for a bit of constructive criticism, I'd offer that you may want to work on grain selection, especially for the most drawer fronts. For instance, I don't think that the right middle drawer front looks nearly as nice as the bottom left or the middle left. It just sticks out that it is two boards glued together and draws your attention to it. It's something that I am forcing myself to work on and isn't always easy, but can make a big difference in the final product.
  4. AnonymousAccountant

    Arts and Craft Sideboard

    True. And hopefully you aren't like me- the first thing I do when showing a completed project to my wife or other family members is point out all of the mistakes I made.
  5. AnonymousAccountant

    Arts and Craft Sideboard

    Excellent fix! You'll be the only one that knows it was patched. I'm looking forward to watching this progress!
  6. AnonymousAccountant

    Beginner lathe

    I have an old midi lathe (original Nova Comet), and I've been a fan of the midi size. It can turn more than pens and bottle stoppers, but can also fairly easily be moved around and stored away when not in use, if space is limited. Just keep in mind that the cost of accessories quickly exceeds the cost of a lathe, especially if you go with a Harbor Freight lathe. Depending on what you want to turn and what comes with your lathe, you may need to buy a chuck, various chuck jaws, mandrels, drill chuck, faceplates, tool rests, and of course the turning tools. Also think about what you'll need to sharpen the turning tools, if you go with traditional tools. Harbor Freight also sells inexpensive sets of traditional turning tools. These work fine but do require more frequent sharpening than some of the more expensive options. However, this also gives you the opportunity to improve your sharpening skills without fear of ruining expensive tools. If you are patient you can find good deals on a lathe with tools and accessories on Craigslist, which would be a good way to get into the world of turning without spending too much. You could also sign up for a turning class at Woodcraft or similar, which would give you the opportunity to give it a try before buying a bunch of stuff.
  7. AnonymousAccountant

    Sanding Procedures

    Do you go faster or slower as you get higher in the grits? I usually leave the speed alone, but only because I haven't been told or tried otherwise. I have noticed that I get some swirl marks when I hook up the shop vac to the ROS, especially when I come back from a break and start sanding with the hook and loop on the ROS base instead of a sanding disc. edit: wtnhighlander beat me to the question.
  8. AnonymousAccountant

    GF Arm r Seal Problems

    I'd call General Finishes and let them know. There may have been an issue with the batch, or they may have another idea of what is causing the bubbling. It's definitely not normal, ARS is generally an easy and foolproof product to use.
  9. AnonymousAccountant

    Morris Chair Pair

    Well done, they look great!
  10. AnonymousAccountant

    New Rockwell saw Loose Arbor Bolt

    The arbor nut (female threads) is loose on the arbor (make threads)? Or does the arbor itself wobble, as if there is a bad bearing/bushing inside the saw?
  11. AnonymousAccountant

    A Desk for My Wife

    I have my wood stickered, but I didn’t have much weight on top. I checked a few more boards, and so far it was just a couple of the boards on the top level that had a slight bow. Again, these may have had the bow in them when I bought them. I did put the nicer lumber at the bottom to make sure it has plenty of weight on it.
  12. AnonymousAccountant

    A Desk for My Wife

    Minor update: I started laying out some of the parts on my lumber last night. As stated before, most of the desk will be poplar since it will be painted, but I will use maple for the top since it is harder. I laid out most of the poplar parts for the main desk, and about half of the maple top. The rest of my maple is stacked under a bunch of poplar, so I'll have to dig that out. Some of my poplar moved a bit since I bought it, or maybe I didn't inspect the boards thoroughly. Not much twist but there is a bit of a bow to a couple of the boards I had on top of the stack. I laid out the parts so that I can cut them down to shorter lengths before final milling. Laying out parts on lumber was much more fun than on plywood. I'm excited to get moving on the build, and I'm looking forward to using some M&T and dovetails on an actual project.
  13. AnonymousAccountant

    OTT - Precision Framing Square

    Have you found generic squares that aren't actually square? I hear a bunch of people (especially brands like WP) bash inexpensive squares for being less than square, but I haven't seen evidence of that. I've checked all of the various squares I have bought or inherited over the years, of various quality levels and purpose, and they are all square. At least as close as I can measure by making a knife line, flipping and checking against the original knife line.
  14. AnonymousAccountant

    Drawer Slide Misalignment Help

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with drawer struggles. They look so easy and foolproof in the videos, but it never goes as quickly and smoothly when I build them. Does it just take building dozens of drawers to really figure out and streamline the process that works best for you? I had this exact problem with a couple slides and tried moving the slide components back and forth along the carcase, but didn’t try shimming away from it. I’ll have to go back and give this a try.
  15. AnonymousAccountant

    A Desk for My Wife

    I'll try that out and see which she prefers. Good thought. Good catch. I had meant to do that. They are vertical, but I agree that it looks like they are slightly splayed. Curves is a good idea, then I can buy a bandsaw! I'll mock up a couple ideas with curves and see what she likes best. She has requested to have some outlets/usb charging ports in the back of the top section. At most she will have a laptop and a phone/iPad charger going, so it won't need a lot of cable management. But I'll probably add something like that just in case. I was just thinking about making the top section removable. Originally I planned on it being permanently attached, but now I'm thinking it should be removable. I'll probably make some sort of removable blocks to secure it in place. Maybe a C shaped block that can be screwed into the back of the top section and the bottom side of the main desk surface. Thanks for the great input!