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  1. A great *temporary* shop until I can build a better one! Luckily my wife has plans for that space, so she is motivated to make the shop build happen. There aren’t many outlets currently in the space, so I’ll have to figure out what I want to do on that front, whether I run extension cords or install additional temp circuits. The house has plenty of power so I’m not worried about that.
  2. This might actually happen. My current space is about 17'x24', so it's actually about the same area as my last setup, but I don't have to share this one with bikes, lawn tools, etc. To the left of the shop space is another unfinished room, and to the right is a "basement garage" where the HVAC, water heater, breaker panel, and my loaner ZTR mower are. The top wall with the door and window is an exterior wall, and there's a half bath and small storage area under the stairs that go up to the main floor. I currently have all of my lumber stacked up along the exterior wall since some pieces are 10-12'. The ceiling is 8' but there are some ducts running through there that lower the clearance to just under 7'. I'll play around with the grizzly workshop planner to get a starting idea, then will start moving some things around. (Once I get all of the cardboard boxes out of there)
  3. JohnG


    Very cool prints and setup!
  4. JohnG


    So the full story is that this cardinal flies into two of our window dozens of times a day. It perches in the bushes and then flies up to the window and pecks at it and kicks his feet against it for a few seconds and then returns to the bush. At first I thought he must be catching little bugs or something, but then I realized that he is probably seeing his reflection and thinking another male has moved in on his turf. I haven’t unpacked my DSLR gear to take proper pictures yet, but I’ve done a few slow-mo videos on my phone which are neat.
  5. I finally did some “woodworking” today, for the first time in a while due to the move. This was just cutting out a piece to mount our new mailbox, but it was nice inhaling some sawdust again. One rip on the table saw and a couple cuts on my new miter saw, then drive a few screws. I have all of my lumber and tools in my new temporary workshop- my unfinished basement- but I haven’t started laying it out yet. I currently have a mountain of cardboard in the middle of it that I need to deal with.
  6. JohnG

    BCTW HP-9!!!

    Also location and pictures.
  7. The house I just bought has two Lennox units. One is from 1994 and is still chugging along.
  8. JohnG


    A low quality photo, but a good moment.
  9. Moving day! Yesterday was packing and loading from 8a-8p and then driving the truck 8:30p-2a. Up again at 6:30 to get out the essentials for the kids. We’ll relax today and then unload everything tomorrow.
  10. JohnG


    +1 I did this on a few of mine, and should have done it on all of them. Good call!
  11. I agree with this. I love my 1000hd because I can set it to 45* and know that my picture frame miters will be spot on, and then I can quickly change it back to 90* for normal crosscuts and know those will be spot on too. I have used some other odd angles and they’ve been correct on the first try.
  12. JohnG


    I processed a few pieces of a maple tree into blanks a while back. I did what @Bmac suggested, and also cut a few into “more round” blocks, planning to turn rough bowls to be finished later. I never ended up doing that and they have since split. I sealed some with extra latex paint I had and those didn’t check as much. I’d cut out a few chunks of the elm. I know a lot of people like turning huge bowls but the smallest bowl I turned was by far my favorite (in turning process and final result).
  13. Amazing work as usual. That drawer is near impossible to spot, even when looking for it. The legs and proportions of the new table are far better than the original.
  14. Not in the mail but I picked up a little chisel plane from Woodcraft since they have them on sale right now.