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  1. You making this rack for yourself will have absolutely ZERO impact on the genuine Coleman parts rack market. If you were to make a lot of these and sell them, I could understand their concern if it is not easily differentiated from the genuine racks. You might not market them as original, but you don't know what will happen to the ones that you sell, especially if they trade hands a few times. If down the road they start getting advertised as genuine racks, then it could impact the market for the originals. Cool project!
  2. @Mark J thanks for asking! It has calmed down, though it never got too crazy in the ED, the ICU got the worst of it. Their patient volumes still haven’t gotten back up to pre-covid levels. Their covid numbers are going down, which is good. She has had some crazy stories, though that is not specific to the covid era. One patient tried to hit her, then removed their mask and started forcefully blowing around in the air. Of course they later came back positive. Another time had to intubate a patient without full PPE, but that was not due to lack of supply and was surely against policy, but t
  3. You know how people throw pencils up into acoustic tile ceilings? At the hardware store I worked at we used to take those 99 cent disposable box cutters and throw those up into the ceiling tiles above us, and if it didn’t stick we would to try to catch it instead of letting them fall to the floor.
  4. The instructions on Varthane "Poly+Stain" readily available at Lowes/Home Depot does not instruct you to wipe off the excess, as @drzaius suggested. If you used a different product, check what it says on the can. It does specify mineral spirits or paint thinner for cleanup, so if that does not remove it then you are stuck with scraping/sanding. It is possible that you applied too much. Pictures would be helpful. I will also point out another section on the label... It is important to always create a sample piece when you are using a finishing product or technique that
  5. L fence is now the only way I’ll trim splines on picture frames.
  6. Sorry, I meant Felder’s. I meant to only quote that part.
  7. I thought theirs was electromagnets? Not sure they ever gave much detail though.
  8. I opened this up today and was surprised to find it largely covered in sawdust. I’m assuming it was from them testing the unit, but I was surprised because the other two items I have bought from them gave no indication at all that they were reconditioned units. Excited to use it today regardless.
  9. Of course NOW the CT MIDI is on festoolrecon.
  10. I don’t see the swirls. Can you post a closer picture to show the swirls so we can see exactly what you are talking about? ‘Swirls’ can mean different things to different people. If it’s a scratch pattern left by the sand paper, then grits were skipped or not used long enough to remove the scratches left by the previous grit.
  11. The emails have been very spotty for me all along and I haven’t received any since before the start of covid. I just happened to check it one day and there were several pages of items. I bought the vac and then mentioned it in the Hijack thread, and a few minutes later when I checked the site again it was over. I’d imagine that they would probably have quicker sales on some of the slow moving items if their email system actually worked.
  12. I was debating between the MINI and the CT-15, but ended up with the MINI. Initially I was watching for a MIDI or 26, but then the MINI and 15 both came up on the recon site and I decided to go ahead and jump on one.
  13. I picked up a CT MINI from festool recon and it arrived today.