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  1. JohnG

    Tool stand

    It's coming right along! I'll probably start a similar build this winter.
  2. JohnG

    Bandsaw Reindeer with a Twist

    Coop, too bad your comment lives on in the quote That reindeer looks great!
  3. JohnG

    Which Lathe Chuck

    There’s a slight gap in range for the G3 kit. I know because I’ve done the same thing!
  4. I enjoyed that segment and Mike's attempts to get around the limitations of picking two Joints: I was going to choose M&T and dovetail, but now you have me thinking M&T and box joint. Wood: I'd also pick Cherry and Walnut. I love everything cherry, and then walnut to have a darker wood too. Haven't actually done much with either yet, but I have some projects with them on the to-do list.
  5. JohnG

    Tools for Glueing huge areas

    The brand and style that Lewis pictured comes in various widths, from 1.5”-6”. They also make an all plastic framed version that has rollers that easily pop in and out for cleaning and to use different types of rollers. That style comes in 4”. Other brands may offer different widths and frame styles.
  6. JohnG

    Storing Cherry furniture in the attic

    It’s a beautiful piece! If you are planning on more kids down the road and want to use it again, maybe you can repurpose it for the time being. Could be used as toy/book storage or changing table supplies.
  7. JohnG

    Strongly Considering Domino Purchase

    The one by me does. They have many of the popular Festool offerings out to handle and they will let you use them as well. When I went in to buy my 500, they were out of stock but offered for me to take home the demo unit until the next Festool shipment arrived. Since they are independently owned franchises, it will depend on how your local store is run.
  8. JohnG

    Which Lathe Chuck

    I bought the G3 kit on a similar deal from Woodcraft. In addition to a faceplate, live center, spur, and pen mandrel, it has covered all of my needs on a midi lathe. I have yet to use all of the included jaws, but it seems to be a solid kit. I have been very happy with it. I have turned some bowls, knobs, pens, and some random other things with it.
  9. JohnG

    Strongly Considering Domino Purchase

    Woodcraft now sells a hose adapter that directly connects the standard shop vac hoses to the domino. It is a rubber adapter that slips over the port on the domino. On the shop vac side, for the smaller hose size it threads onto the hose coils, and for the larger size it slips onto the smooth fitting that comes on the end of the hose. I am struggling to find it on their site but will post a link if I can find it. They don't name Festool on it, but imply it with something like "Euro style fitting." I'd imagine that Rockler has an equivalent.
  10. JohnG

    A Desk for My Wife

    I cut out the drawer parts. In an effort to finish the desk sooner, I opted for Baltic birch ply for the drawers. I had just enough offcuts to make a couple test boxes with my iBox jig, which was surprisingly easy to use and didn’t require any fiddling. I’d say it was a worthwhile purchase. The only issue I ran into was the top layer of veneer peeling off on some of the fingers (on the side against the jig). I used a backer, but I think they got damaged while I was advancing the boards along in the jig. The later pieces had much less of this damage, so I think part of it was technique/user error. Obviously this is a non-issue for solid woods. On to the glue up of the real drawers. The bottoms are just sitting on the drawers in this picture, as an aid for making sure the drawers are square. Now that the drawers are glued up, I am regretting not using solid wood for the drawers. I might remake them later on. Next, to the part every woodworker loves! I taped off the tenons and mortises and did a base primer coat. I will do some of the painting with it disassembled, and the rest after the final glue up.
  11. JohnG

    Morris Chair

    It looks great! And very comfortable. I'd fear that my productivity would drop significantly after completing a Morris chair.
  12. JohnG

    Bedroom Audio

    Nice project! It's so easy and convenient for people to just grab a bluetooth speaker and play music through that rather than 'real' speakers. You don't have to break the bank to get far better sound that- as you said - fills the room. I good friend of mine just moved and the new house has in-ceiling speakers in a room with wall volume control. Unfortunately we can't find the input end of the wires anywhere. I'm convinced that the previous owners pushed them back into the wall before installing a built-in for their TV and wall mounted surround sound equipment. We'll have to get in the crawl space to see if we can find where it is running.
  13. JohnG

    Keeping Table Tops Flat

    If the top is cupped enough for them to ask, the cupping is most likely too severe for any base to “fix.”
  14. JohnG

    Don't Ask

    I bought a new camera lens yesterday, but didn’t have a chance to use it until today. My daughter likes taking my glasses and putting them on. I figured that while she was distracted doing that, I would have time to take some shots to get a feel for it. I grabbed my camera and was frustrated that it wouldn’t focus. I took a couple steps back to make sure I wasn’t closer than the minimum focus distance, but still no luck. I started to wonder if I got a bad lens or if something had happened to my camera. After a few quick checks of settings and switches, I remembered what was keeping her occupied... <facepalm>
  15. JohnG

    Don't Ask

    I can’t tell you how many times I saw people do the same thing (or at least one of the two of those). You’re not alone!