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  1. Quick project for my wife. She has some spools of thread that are too large to fit on her sewing machine. This allows her to put the spool next to the machine, the thread goes up and over the “finger” an then over into the machine. No plans, just eyeballed and built it as I went so I’m sure it could be done better. Cherry because… cherry. Still needs some edge treatment, sanding, and finish. Felt good to do something in the shop other than organize and clean, which it seems like is all I’ve done lately. The shop is coming along though.
  2. Remember when TVs started to brag that you could answer your phone calls through your tv, then everyone realized that nobody actually wants to answer phone calls through their tv?
  3. Don’t mean to make you all jealous, but I’ve got a Vizio soundbar for my tv. WITH a subwoofer…
  4. I believe Mike Farrington uses a MDF top torsion box as a workbench with dog holes like the MFT. I think he mostly uses those for reference pins, stop blocks, and clamps. I don’t imagine it works with holdfasts.
  5. Pretty good. No snacks provided though.
  6. I don’t really imagine using either of those features much either. Maybe every once in a while.
  7. This followed me home today. The unit fits in the trunk of a Tesla model 3, but the box will not! As a bonus I don’t have to get rid of the box and styrofoam!
  8. Shame on that Rockler for letting the glue sit on the shelf that long. I’d be checking dates on all glues and finishes from that store before buying.
  9. Protects them from deer and other wildlife as well. Some have no vent holes at the bottom to make it safer to spray herbicide around the base if that’s what you’re into.
  10. I did this same thing on my wife’s desk. It has been holding up really well.
  11. Finally got the right plugs to wire up my new dust collector. My shop recently gained an additional 240v circuit so that’s now dedicated to my DC.
  12. JohnG

    Windows 11?

    Once you get your folder organized, power down the phone. Then drive to the store and get an iphone. Sorry, I don’t have much android experience. None that’s recent enough to be helpful.
  13. JohnG

    Windows 11?

    I use the search bar to type in program names, too. The only Microsoft applications I use are the office apps, so no issue with name changing, and the rest are 3rd party software. I do the same on my phone, no cluttered home screens, just the few apps I use the most. The rest are in a folder so I don’t have to see them or be tempted to waste time.