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  1. Yardwork all day. Mowing the pastures took a while because I had let the grass get 2’+. Then some work on our landscaping and bushes and shrubs, and made a little more headway clearing a trail to our creek. Going to sneak in a few minutes of woodworking while my wife and kids are out of the house.
  2. They recommend 85-90% for daily driving when you don’t truly need the full range. I’ve heard a few reasons for this from different sources- 1. Charging the last bit takes longer and is less energy efficient to charge, since it has to slow down the charging rate. 2. Regenerative braking does not work when the battery is full, reducing driving efficiency. 3. Long term life of the battery. The batteries do lose some capacity over the long term, and charging to a lower % on a daily basis is supposed to extend the capacity.
  3. I’ll definitely keep you posted. It ended up being a few days later than the initial delivery window estimate, but that’s not too bad. Unfortunately, NC is one of the few states where they cannot deliver the car directly to your home/work, so I had to travel about 90mi to pick it up (I knew this going into it). Most of the paperwork was done online in advance, so pickup was a relatively quick process. My car had a couple tiny issues, but I can’t say they wouldn’t have occurred with any other manufacturer. Two very small paint defects, most likely from a small rock or some other road
  4. I noticed this occasionally before the update.
  5. You have to hit the three little dots in the top right of your post to edit. On a similar note, it will not allow screenshot uploads from iphones due to the file extension (png).
  6. Not sure what “alternate source” you are looking for. Are you wanting someone here to make them? You said you already found them elsewhere on the internet. Why not just buy them where you found them? I think your original post was a little too vague for anyone to know how to respond.
  7. JohnG

    Domino Time

    Festool’s CT-15 is $350, or you can watch festoolrecon for a CT-Midi or Mini which should come in under $500.
  8. I was veneering plywood substrate with some cherry veneer using the “hammer veneering” technique. It doesn’t actually involve a hammer. First pic is before it is glued down and the second is after. It’s a really quick process.
  9. And now I have a veneered panel and a bunch of hide boogers.
  10. It's a HF metal tool stand. There's an inner box that seems to be intact, but for some reason they put that in a bigger box with no packing material so it just got trashed.
  11. Got a Wynn filter for my HF dust collector, and a couple bad packages from HF- This one got stuck at a shipping hub for about a week. The tracking said that the barcode label was unreadable and was replaced... And this one was undamaged, but is funny because I didn’t order it.
  12. Agreed. And I’ll again mention that while mine blistered like that very soon after filling the bag, it’s been in there and handled, moved, used, etc for 18months with no leaking or worsening. It may not be ideal but I don’t have any concern that it will ever cause a leak.
  13. Maybe that’s what prompted this-