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  1. Heading down to NC, Winston-Salem area.
  2. We are under contract on a house, so today I’ve been making floor plans in acad so we can do some planning for furniture and some possible renovations. We have a few dimensions but I’m mostly working off of memory and pictures, so I’ll have to update them with true dimensions after I can take measurements.
  3. Anyone here watch Zoboomafoo as a kid or with your kids?
  4. Freud industrial blades are very good for their cost. I use separate rip/crosscut blades now but was happy with the results of my Freud combo blade before switching. Diablo blades are OK but the industrial line is much better for not much more money.
  5. JohnG

    Only Festool...

    Thoughts on the new CT 15 vac?
  6. @Mick S that does sound like an ideal setup!
  7. +1 for a review of the PantoRouter. I've always wanted one, but have wondered if my workflow and projects could really take advantage of it or if the learning and setup time would keep me from using it.
  8. @Mark J If you still can’t see the picture, its a normal slice of watermelon and says if you see it as- Blue - eyes are fine Green - think about getting your eyes checked Red- hate to tell you this, you seriously need a new lathe. (paraphrased, I’m typing this on my phone)
  9. That must mean that you need two new lathes!
  10. JohnG

    DSLR vs Tablet

    @Mark J What did you end up choosing?
  11. Welcome! I've had ARS finish on my desk for 2.5 years with plates, cold water cups, hot coffee cups, and a lot of abuse from my kids and none of it has left marks that are visible in normal use. I'm sure I could find some scratches if I looked with a magnifying glass, but it's been very tough in my experience. Ive only used waterlox on a low-wear item, so I can't compare them.
  12. @legenddc Yep, our preschool/daycare for our older one follows the public school system, so they're shut down for the rest of the year. No word yet on payments for the remaining months.
  13. Yep, just saw that. There’s a good chance that my wife and I, and our kids, won’t have a chance to see our friends again before we move this summer. That’s a bummer.
  14. 10” units are often bashed as bad at both operations and good at none. 12” units, especially from Hammer/Felder, get excellent reviews and several members here have them A3-31 and A3-41, I believe. I’m sure they’ll chime in. What is your budget?
  15. Before sanding and refinishing the entire top I’d apply a bit of finish to the repaired areas. It’ll still be noticeable, but far less so that its current state. It might be “geed enough.” You’d have to redo those areas anyway if you are going to refinish the entire top. Of course, refinishing the entire top would give the best results. Just be careful when sanding. Commercial veneer is *very* easy to sand through.