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  1. +1 If it’s a big purchase I tell her that I want it/am planning to buy it. She’s never scoffed, been upset, or objected. Her usual response is something along the lines of “treat yo’self” or “you should definitely do that.” It’s usually me that delays or talks myself out of the big purchases. I told her that after we move I am buying a sawstop and she said “I will support that purchase 1000%”
  2. JohnG

    Got the chainsaws out

    Yeah it is really tempting. And my dad has a large JD tractor on the property that can probably move trees much larger than would fit on a mill like that. Hmmm... I’ll see if I can play my cards right.
  3. JohnG

    Got the chainsaws out

    Sounds like you almost own enough.
  4. JohnG

    Got the chainsaws out

    I've been telling myself the same thing. Soon I'll be living pretty close to my dad's 150+ acres so maybe a woodmizer would want to live out there... Can't wait to see what you make with it, @Bmac!
  5. I’ve been eyeing those for a while, so I’m glad to hear a review of it. Thanks!
  6. I got my replacement router plane in the mail yesterday! Can’t wait to use it.
  7. It sounds like OP wants to cut the log into "cookies". Like drzaius said, sealing the end grain (both faces of the cookie) is very important. You can use latex paint or specifically made products like AnchorSeal to do this. You will most likely still get some cracking, but you'd just hope that it would be less. Afterward, you can fill the cracks with epoxy. As mentioned above, cedar is a soft wood and is not ideal for a heavy use item like a coffee table. However, if you are making this for yourself, why not give it a try? You could cut a couple extra slices to swap out if/when they get worn out. You'd want to cut several anyway, as some may crack beyond repair while drying.
  8. DNA is also sometimes sold as “Fuel” Some say you can use the high grade isopropyl alcohol (99.9% or something like that, not the ~90% commonly sold in drug stores) for shellac, but some say it doesn’t give reliable results.
  9. Luckily it’s in Riverside, not LA Fly into the Ontario CA airport and you’ll be close and not have to step foot in LA. The guy that helped me make the ukulele lives close to that museum. I’ll check to see if he has been there and if he recalls Maloof chairs there.
  10. If you want to make an exact replica, you could buy it for a cool $18,500 and take all the measurements you want!
  11. Yes, they reportedly repackage many stolen plans as well as incomplete and seriously flawed plans.
  12. Thanks. It looks like the project will be pushed back until this summer or fall. My grandfather died a week or so before Christmas, and just a few days before his 100th birthday. He was a pilot in WW2 and Korea, flying 52 combat missions in bombers. My dad wants to make the flag display with me, so it will be done after I move this summer, when we will be closer.
  13. Unfortunately I now have a flag display on my project list. I had wondered about using box joints and remembered this thread. I may end up doing miters and splines though. I'll probably borrow your base design, it looks really nice!
  14. They’ve been on my list for a while and fit in the price range for our gift exchange. I’ve been wanting those too, but haven’t had a true need for them yet. I’m surprised they are really the only player in the drawing bow game.
  15. I got: Preppin' weapon sanding block Lee Valley Router Plane (stolen off porch, to be reordered) Nakashima's Soul of a Tree Krenov's Impractical Cabinetmaker Woodpeckers mini square magnetic base adjustable LED light I'll probably use part of my year-end bonus or distribution to buy myself something else, but I haven't decided what yet. Was thinking about a bigger bandsaw, but we will be moving out of state in about 6 months so I'll probably wait until we move to buy any more machinery.