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  1. I also have the Ridgid Combo unit. I haven’t had any trouble with the spindle coming loose, but agree with everything else. I use the belt 75% of the time. I will say that the belt sander has drawn more blood than everything else in the shop combined. It’s probably bad form, but it’s very prone to launching small pieces across the shop at about mach 2.
  2. Looks like cracks in epoxy to me. It may be possible to get a thin superglue or something else to flow down into the cracks, assuming you can feel the cracks on the surface. This would make the cracks less visible, but then getting the surface smoothed and blended would be difficult without the right tools and experience. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will post and give their thoughts.
  3. JohnG

    More DC Systems

    Most people on this forum are hobbyists. That means that the goal is not always "getting by," but for some it's enjoying the process and the interaction with the tools. I "get by" with my HF DC, but my next tool purchase will likely be a better one. Better DC = less sawdust and fine particulates in the air = healthier lungs, less cleanup, and fewer sawdust boogers. Cost/benefit analysis is different for everyone.
  4. Not weather related but we’ve had a sofa on order since July and a cooktop since October. We were looking at 8mo for the oven we want but my wife found maybe the only place in the country that had a couple in stock so that’s actually in transit now. I don’t have much time to run a bigger circuit for the new oven (going from single to double). Might have to hire it out but we already spent more on the oven itself than we had planned to spend on all new kitchen appliances combined.
  5. Quick win project between rounds of playing in the snow with my kids. We recently upgraded my middle kid from a toddler bed to a twin bed. We found a decent used wood bed with drawers below. One of the center support/guides for a drawer was broken so I made a new one. It was a nice opportunity to try out my new shop layout and DC setup. Broken piece had some crazy grain. New one made from a scrap piece of maple. Edges eased with my little stanley. Then a quick coat of shellac and then wax. In place and back in service!
  6. I’m just planning to let it melt away, but we don’t have much that we need to leave the house for. My wife did pass on her shift tonight, but they had more staff on shift tonight than usual and the weather means not many people are walking through the ER doors. I did cut up a horse stall mat to make a soft blade to clear our road (not state maintained, half mile long) if it sticks around too long or if the neighbors have trouble getting out. We don’t get enough snow around here to justify a snow blade or blower.
  7. We have gotten about 6” of snow compared to the forecast of 10-15”.
  8. Couple backorders were delivered on Friday!
  9. A number of big names have multiples of the exact same outfit that they rotate through. One less decision to make each day.
  10. Our house was built in 1994 with Andersen throughout. They still look great and operate flawlessly. No idea what line they are but I have the construction drawings and a big pile of documents and photos from when the previous owners built the house that will probably say.
  11. JohnG


    No worries, we have no plans to sell our honey, though we will likely give some away to friends. Everyone can choose how much or how little they manage their colonies. We will probably be more involved with ours when our kids get older and either have an interest in managing the colonies or when we have spare time again. We haven't had problems with varroa mites so far. All the treatments have varied reviews and claimed efficacy, so it's probably just best to find one that you have readily available and are comfortable using.
  12. JohnG


    It’s much milder here. We supplement when/if necessary but otherwise let the bees do their thing. We aren’t focused on getting maximum honey production.
  13. @Coop you can be a “bee haver” instead of a “bee keeper.” Put out a hive box in a good location and there’s a decent chance that some honey bees will make it their home. I’ve known several people that do this, one guy has about 10 colonies that he’s never managed. Sure, sometimes they leave or a colony collapses, but then another comes along and picks up where they left off. You would only need to clean it out if it gets infested with mites or some other pest. You can’t rely on having a honey supply, but bees are fully capable of living and surviving without human intervention (and arguably they’d be far better off in general if it weren’t for pesky humans and their insecticides anyway). Hive boxes are made to be the ideal size for bees, if they discover it, they’ll want to make it their home.
  14. So it’s a girl! Congrats again!
  15. Congrats!! The cubbies will probably come in handy for the changing table usage. I like the design and always agree with the cherry decision. I’ll be interested to hear how you like the horton hardware.