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  1. JohnG

    New shop and beginner woodworker

    Looking good! Baltic birch ply does have some heft to it. Mistakes are part of the journey and are often the best way to learn and improve. As you look at more of the project journals and showcases on here, even the people with most impressive pieces often made some mistakes along the way or ran into some issues. It’s being able to overcome these issues and how you fix your mistakes that matters.
  2. JohnG

    CNC mistake for your entertainment

    And I guess I should have looked up the proper rules before posting
  3. JohnG

    CNC mistake for your entertainment

    No facepalm emoji here? Sorry, I knew a family of Faulkners.
  4. JohnG

    CNC mistake for your entertainment

    I personally prefer it without. I enjoy seeing people revisit old projects so you can see a direct comparison of skill then vs now. Not to be the grammar police, because I am not particularly good at the grammatical rules, but here’s my understanding- Faulkner’s would be possessive for David or for Sandy Faulkner. “That’s David Faulkner’s house.” Faulkners would be non-possessive for the Faulkner family. “The Faulkners live there.” Faulkners’ would be possessive for the Faulkner family. “That’s the Faulkners’ house.” That being said, there are sometimes traditions for different uses of names that aren’t necessarily grammatically correct.
  5. JohnG

    My Garage Shop - Tour and Reorganization

    Very very true. As an accountant I find a lot of humor in some of the common money/tax complaints. Interesting contraption!
  6. JohnG

    My Garage Shop - Tour and Reorganization

    Thanks! Awesome, that is a good reference to know. I made the rack from scraps and tried to minimize waste from the scraps, which is why there are several 'styles' in use. The lower rack uses OSB to sandwich the 2x4, which I was unsure about, but it seems to be strong enough. I have a lot of 12' boards, so I'm glad to have them up off the ground. It frees up a bunch of space, since before I just had dead space above the lumber. It's odd- Some of the people around here that were evacuated, or chose to evacuate based on the original forecast, ended up mad that they left "for no reason." While there is some expense and inconvenience involved, I'd much rather have that than to have my house in 6' of water and trees falling on my house and cars (which would obviously be far more expensive and inconvenient).
  7. JohnG

    My Garage Shop - Tour and Reorganization

    The shop got really messy and disorganized when I was preparing for potential flooding with hurricane Florence. We didn’t end up with bad weather at all, but better to be over prepared than under prepared. My lumber was about half an inch off the ground, with my Cherry on the bottom. I was worried we would get some water in the garage, so I restacked all of it on my table saw and assembly table. I also put my in-progress desk and (later) put some other tools on top as well. Having my only working surface covered by a couple hundred bf of lumber meant that I couldn’t really do anything in the shop. Plus, the other floor space was taken up by patio furniture and other stuff that’s normally in the yard. Since I was going to need to restack the lumber again, I took the opportunity to make some additional lumber storage brackets and install those. I have more, but was able to get by with two levels. The top level is Cherry and a few boards of Walnut. The lower is Poplar and a bit of Maple. I got a cheap moisture meter and found that my newest lumber was at about 10%, and the same as pieces I’ve had in the garage for about a year. I figured it was safe to stack unstickered, but then put a couple straps on the upper lumber to be safe. I wasn’t sure how much these brackets could hold, but found that one can easily support my weight (195lb), so I will probably run out of height before the brackets fail. After I stacked the lumber, I hung onto the wood and it didn’t mind, so I think they are plenty strong. Next up is organizing the few sheetgoods I have, then probably making a couple flip top carts or another workbench. (And working on the desk)
  8. I agree with wdwerker. The shot straight on makes the back look a little small, but then some of the other angles make it look just right.
  9. JohnG

    What did I do wrong?

    Welcome to the forum! There are a lot of helpful and friendly people here. Do you have any pictures of the cabinet that you can post? I don’t have any spraying experience, but I’d guess a couple close up pictures may help others give you feedback.
  10. JohnG

    Morris chair follow up journal

    Agreed, it didn’t look bad with the vertical pattern, but this way is much better.
  11. JohnG

    2 Presents Done

    I keep coming back to look at these. Truly beautiful pieces.
  12. JohnG

    2 Presents Done

    Yes, more details please! They look great!
  13. Hey, 30 seconds sounds pretty good! I have been trying to train her to leave the power tools alone, but she is still young and big yellow and red switches are tempting. For the tools that stay in place and often plugged in, I keep all of the power switch locks in a bin on a shelf, just to be sure she doesn't accidentally turn something on. My lathe just had a in-line rocker switch on the power cable, so I bought a power tool switch on Amazon and wired it up so I can lock it out, too.
  14. It is coming along very nicely! At what age did they become interested in helping? My 1.5 year old likes to "help" in my shop, which is usually spreading out small handfuls of sawdust and taking the sanding drums off of the sander. I don't run tools while she is around, she just likes to explore it. Are they sleeping in the background of the 2nd pic? Do you go with a low VOC finish, or something really strong to make sure they knock out and sleep heavily? When I worked at a hardware store a coworker fell asleep on a pallet of paint thinner, said it was the best nap he ever had!
  15. JohnG

    Aromatic cedar boxes

    They look great! It’s a shame it was such a frustrating build.