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  1. Looks like SS offers a set with a special phenolic insert.
  2. I didn’t take it that way, I just didn’t want it to end up going down that rabbit hole. I know some people have strong opinions about sharpening. My stating that was more to explain why I didn’t otherwise respond to your filing comments. And I specified quality grinder because the cheap ones are not worth their weight in dirt, IMO.
  3. I don’t want to get into the age-old debate of file vs grinder, but I’ve chosen to go with a quality grinder for my primary sharpening method. I was at the stihl dealer today and almost walked out with a new saw. So you had mentioned that you use your 2x10 (or 2x12?) reference on every cut. Do you secure it to the log on every cut or just on the first?
  4. That’s up in the air at this point. Bmac gave some good advice about buying used, but I may go new if I come across something to mill before I find a good used one. I hate the idea of buying a used saw on ebay and trusting that the listing is accurate, but I do like the idea of being able to throw in another smaller saw for the same total cost. I’ve been looking locally for a while and there hasn’t been anything reasonable. I did also order a benchtop sharpener. I’ll use files when needed in the field, but otherwise will use the grinder.
  5. I got my 36” granberg alaskan mill in the mail. Not I just need to get a saw for it!
  6. M&T is never overkill. Dowels or pocket screws would also work if you don’t want to go M&T
  7. Big thanks to @Chestnut and @Bmac for their input on chainsaw milling. I'll post my setup when I've got it ready.
  8. Gave my peavey and hookaroon a workout today. Just a portion of it-
  9. You have a 660? Yeah I’d use my 271 for most felling, and I have a smaller saw for limbing and other small stuff. I’ve held an 880 with 59” bar and can’t imagine using that for anything other than milling.
  10. @Mick S if you don’t want to unload it you can just change the shipping address to my house Hookaroon and peavey arrived today-
  11. Today my wife gave the green light for a chainsaw mill setup. @Chestnut have you been happy with your 660 for milling? I don’t recall what setup @Bmac has. While it would be fun, I’m not doing a double head 880 setup. I’d buy a bandsaw mill before doing that (which is in the future plans). It won’t be a 100% dedicated mill saw, I do have a 20” 271 that I use for most other chainsaw tasks. The bigger saw will be used occasionally, and would have been handy last weekend when I cut up a 26-28” white oak for a neighbor (the mill setup would have also been nice for that!) 880 c
  12. Beautifully done! I would love to see the build photos.
  13. Not today, but recently had two house project plans crushed by Covid era pricing. One project was quoted 2-3x what we were expecting and the other (larger one) was 1.7x. Looks like I’ll be doing some framing/construction work in the near future. To permit or not to permit...
  14. SS probably has a patent on using hot dogs as test subjects Seems like this is more in the “kickstarter” phase than preorder. No claims regarding potential damage to your tool. I’ll be interested to see how it stops the blade fast enough without putting excess stress on the tool.