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  1. JohnG

    Help needed!

    Best of luck finding production help. Might get more calls if you provide a ballpark price range, or more info on your needs and lead time (qty of pine vs walnut, other style options, would the person be responsible for staining and finishing or only construction? Etc). Have you considered using real cherry for your cherry color option? I’d imagine that it would be pretty reasonably priced in PA.
  2. Confidence in what regard? And compared to what grade of non-stainless?
  3. Glasses falling to meet the blade is better than the blade coming to meet the glasses! Bet it was an exciting moment. Also would have been unfortunate if the glasses shot up and hit your eye!
  4. A couple years ago I made a large desk with a similar style top. The main desk surface was a good quality plywood, laminated on top of another piece of plywood (slightly less expensive) for added thickness. Then a solid wood trim was added around the edges. The trim is about 3/4" thick and about 2" wide (tall). I figured that any movement in the 2" dimension would be small, but to be sure I only glued it to the top sheet of ply (and used biscuits for alignment). The idea was to keep the top edges aligned, but allow the other 1.25" to move as needed. I haven't seen any noticeable movement on the trim through the seasons.
  5. JohnG

    Wall Clock

    Looks great! What’s a good source for quality clock mechanisms and parts? I have a clock on my to-do list as a gift for my mother.
  6. JohnG

    HELP used wrong cleaning product on wood table

    Which cleaning product did you use that left the streaks?
  7. JohnG

    new toy for wood ID

    It was supposed to be a joke but wasn’t very funny. I’ve used both sites a good bit and really appreciate all the work that you put into yours. I’m terrible at identifying wood that doesn’t have a label on it, so it has been very helpful.
  8. JohnG

    new toy for wood ID

    Easiest way would be to use The Wood Database can you adjust the light?
  9. JohnG

    What is architectural millwork?

    I don’t think this was a legitimate question. The OP’s company (Same name as username, linked in profile) offers architectural millwork drafting services and claim to be experts in that field. Seems fishy.
  10. JohnG

    Popular Woodworking

    Hmm, I don’t think I’ve received the April issue yet. Though I also haven’t checked the mail in days.
  11. JohnG

    Popular Woodworking
  12. JohnG

    Popular Woodworking

    It does. I got a subscription a while back when they offered 2 years for $18. Haven’t found them as interesting or helpful as FWW, so now I mostly just flip through quickly to see if anything catches my eye.
  13. JohnG

    What kind of hinge is this?

    Similar to a friction lid support, but not quite the same. Also similar to Southco crescent concealed hinges, but again not quite the same. Pic is too dark to really see, but it kind of looks like a cross between a knife hinge and a friction lid support.
  14. JohnG

    Fine Woodworking Archive.

    The $99 will give you print and digital. Since you already have print, it would be a bit redundant. I’d email or call them and I’m sure they would be happy to upgrade you for the difference in price (maybe prorated depending on when your subscription runs out). There is/was a place to do that online before, but it took me a while to find it when I did it and I don’t remember how I ended up at the page.
  15. JohnG

    Fine Woodworking Archive.

    They have changed a couple time recently, but you currently have two subscription options. Print Only Unlimited (Print & digital issues and archive) You also have the option of buying the digital archive, a one-time purchase, as mentioned in this thread, but does not give access to future issues. Previously, and possibly still, there was an add-on that you could purchase if you already had a print only subscription. This would also give you access to the digital archive and issues. I assume that this is being phased out, but that they will always allow you to pay the difference between the two membership levels to go from print only to Unlimited.