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  1. Definitely don’t want the 52”, just the 36”. Any thoughts on the two overarm dust options? I’m considering doing the router table and lift. I’m coming from a small jobsite saw so the PCS would be a luxurious amount of table depth, but I’ll also price out the ICS.
  2. I upgraded the lighting in my shop today. It previously only had 4 single bulb fixtures so I had to have task lighting at every tool and bench. I installed 10 4ft LED and it is fantastic! Also my wife has demanded that I buy myself a sawstop, so it’s a rough life. Just need to decide on the final build specs and hope the wait time isn’t too long.
  3. That’s probably why they are groomsmen and bridesmaids, not bridesmen and groomsmaids.
  4. Congrats! Also, isn’t it traditional for the bride’s family to pay the officiant (or make a donation to their church)? I hope you paid yourself enough for a new tool!
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    Sorry @Mark J I was sure I had responded to your post with the article, very interesting! We do avoid using pesticides whenever possible. I did use some recently to get rid of a hornet nest, since hornets can and will destroy honey bee colonies. The bees are doing very well. Their numbers have increased greatly. One colony has fully drawn out comb in two deep boxes and will soon begin on the “super” I added to the stack. The second colony is nearly done drawing out the comb in two deep boxes. Both have a lot of brood production and have started to store pollen and honey. I’ve been meaning to post another update, I’ll get started on that.
  6. Not really. In the end, it’s a fairly small job. If prices were back to normal I’d save a few hundred bucks, $1k max on the materials. I’m guessing we’ll finish up in the $10-15k range depending on what else I hire out. Considering that we were quoted nearly $30k for the job last fall, the difference in material cost is not a big deal.
  7. Bunch of 2x4s and 2x6s, drywall, rigid foam insulation, etc. Need to get rolling on our basement project. Also got some 3/4” ply while I was having stuff delivered.
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    Their site is working fine for me.
  9. @Chestnut let me know if I leave out anything. Outside dimension are: 15"W x 24"H x 7"D (depth not including door thickness) Case is 5/8" thick. Door frame is 5/8" thick also. Adjustable shelves are 3/8" thick. Inside height of lower drawers is 3" To hang it I bought some metal french cleats on Amazon. I think they have 1/4" total depth, so it sits off the wall a bit but not as much as if I had made wooden french cleats. I used to think it was odd that Michael Pekovich was so into making hanging wall cabinets, but now that I've made a couple I just want to make a lot more of them. Interestingly, this cherry hasn't darkened much over the past 1.5 years. It has been in places that don't get direct sunlight, but I still expected it to darken more. Still absolutely love it though.
  10. I may not have time to work on projects in my shop these days, but there’s always time to add tools and supplies! This time it was free! Got a lot of sheets of grid paper for design work. The grid is printed in “nonreproducable” ink so after you draw a design you can photocopy it and the grid won’t show up on the copy (on most printers). Also got a lot of ~1/8” thick chipboard for making templates and/or storysticks.
  11. I used MaxCut on a couple of my early projects and it seemed to work well. They’ve changed their versions a bit since then but I assume it still has similar features.
  12. Awesome work. These still make my brain hurt.
  13. I’m hoping to mill the sycamore log I got a couple months ago if the weather cooperates this weekend.
  14. Your first pic is all they should need to see to realize it’s an issue with their finish or finish prep. The area in question spans two separate boards in the lamination, so it is clearly not inherent in the wood grain itself. The grain on the two boards within the affected area is different enough that it wouldn’t be such a ‘regular’ shape. As has been mentioned above, it really looks like they missed a spot when they were pore filling. Your last pic appears to show that section looking much more open and rough in the grain. Have they seen the pictures or have you only described it to them on the phone?
  15. +1 for Ridgid belt/spindle sander. However, I do get a lot of nonconsensual manicures when using it on smaller pieces.
  16. FWIW, in the fall I had a 120amp subpanel put in my carport for an EV charger and future shop build. The main panel is in our basement on the opposite side of the house. Straight line it’s about 100’ away, but there was about 20’ vertical so they probably ran 150’-175’ to route it cleanly. They ran a circuit to the EV charger and wired that in and added another 120v outlet near the subpanel. Main wire, 120amp breaker, conduit, subpanel, 60amp 240v circuit, 20amp 120v circuit with weatherproof box, misc parts, and labor was around $2k total.
  17. Widened a doorway in our basement from 36” to 40”. We are having another bathroom put in and wanted clearance to get a 36” tub/shower through.
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    Fixed that for you
  19. How much has it “skyrocketed?” Ask the electrician for the breakdown of parts vs labor. Around here, contractors at times add quite a premium to their labor when they get booked up. You can verify the cost of the panel and rough cost of wire. Get a quote from another electrician to see if they are in the same ballpark. We saw more than 5x difference between two contractors for the same job recently.
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    Can anyone recommend decent weather resistant storage cabinets? Similar (size/shape, not necessarily color or styling) to the pic below? Most options I can find are hideous or have very bad reviews. I don’t want diamond plate or loud colors. Plastic, composite, and metal are fine, as long as they won’t rust or break down outside with some exposure to rain and weather. They will be along the outside edge of one of the bays in our carport so they will receive some indirect weather. Just want to be able to store some kids toys/helmets/etc, a few gardening tools, and a few car/tractor related things in them for quick access without having to leave them in the open. I have very little desire to make them out of wood, I’d rather just buy something.
  21. It was payable to me, not for someone else.
  22. Well this morning I put a $7k cashiers check through the wash, so starting out strong.
  23. Yep. Loaded tires and 5’ bush hog (500lb) on the 3pt. I’ve carried 2 filled 55gal barrels on a pallet without issue and could definitely handle more. Since I had to keep the loader higher up with this setup, I was cautious driving down our hill and had it in 4wd, but the rear didn’t lighten up as much as I thought it might.
  24. It actually worked very well. I was able to water out 14 orchard trees and ~60-70 berry bushes from the seat of the tractor. Since we don’t have running water near any of that, this was significantly faster and I was able to more thoroughly water them.