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  1. Good info, thanks! I picked one up, remembering your tip for keeping a router bit from rolling around in the drawer.
  2. The Lowe’s by my work has the Bosch Colt on sale for $79
  3. Maybe, maybe not. The wood database has shrinkage % listed for woods. If walnut and your secondary wood have a very similar shrinkage % then you will probably be fine. If they are not similar, you’ll probably have issues down the road. There are also calculators (I think Wood Web has one) that let you enter the species, width, MC range, and cut type, and it will tell you how much you can expect it to move.
  4. I used GF HP on my wife’s sewing desk a few years ago and it has held up well.
  5. I just ordered a pair of IsoTunes Free. I had bought a pair of their wired earbuds (wire between the two ear buds) but they would always get snagged on my shirt or something and were frustrating. Also have a set of 3M worktunes that I occasionally use, but I’ve never found earmuffs to be comfortable or effective with eye protection on.
  6. Looks like for bending/forming a wire or rod around the center pins.
  7. Awesome story and a useful tool! Good to see them continue being used.
  8. How big of a roundover are you planning to use? Handheld should be fine, just pay attention to the endgrain sections and whether you are going uphill or downhill. For a tabletop handheld is likely going to be easier and safer than trying to keep it on the router table.
  9. JohnG


    A past neighbor of mine went with a Vivint system. He was pleased with it but I don’t know any details about the system or what his expectations from it were.
  10. JohnG


    Ok I do see the value in cameras in this case! I swapped cars with a friend for a couple weeks while they were going through a similar situation.
  11. The ICS base is great. If you are going to get a mobile base, it is the one to get regardless of CI vs laminate insert. It has no trouble lifting my 36” with CI insert and CI RT plus junk on top.
  12. JohnG


    Personally, I don’t really see the value in them. Maybe I’m more fortunate than I realize to live in the area where I live. Though I also didn’t want them in SoCal or in Norfolk. Maybe I’m just naïve. The only cameras I have up are for wildlife and to see the water temp in my water stove. I would say that if you’re going to get cameras, get the best quality cameras you can afford. I used to frequent a photography forum and there were constantly guests posting “my security camera caught this car on my property but I can’t read the license plate, can you enhance this screenshot?” Lighting is important and camera placement is critical. Having the camera up high on the corner of the house sees a large area and avoids tampering, but has a low chance of getting a clear view of someone’s face, and therefore not much value in trying to catch potential criminals.
  13. I’d make a sled to hold the piece at 45*, similar to cutting splines. Either dado set or set up stops and use a flat top grind TS blade. This could also be done on a router table. Or hand saw and chisel.
  14. When showing the contraption to someone you have to make sure you enunciate “bowls” when you say, “I’m going to clamp you bowls in here and then raise the TS blade into them.”
  15. I’ve heard this criticism but I’ve also heard the argument that there shouldn’t be any sludge if you use good oil and proper interval changes. Haven’t seen (or looked for) data to support one or the other though.
  16. 700lb over 40sqft really isn’t that much weight. As mentioned above, the greater concern will be evenly supporting it. At 4’ wide you don’t have too much concern about it tipping unless you’re going for a trestle style base with large overhangs.
  17. My current car has easier oil changes than any of my past vehicles
  18. Grade and thickness same for both?
  19. Might be the most harm caused by pvc dust collection ever recorded.
  20. So the internet loves to profess, yet nobody ever provides anything to back up this claim. Can you provide any documented case of static electricity causing a fire in a woodshop?
  21. JohnG

    My New CNC

    Looks like it came out well! What happened on the first attempt?
  22. Finished putting a fence up around our garden to keep the bunnies out. Made a quick wooden gate from PT 2x4s. Staked some of the trees in our orchard, and gave them a good watering.
  23. Thought it might be nice to have an ongoing thread where we can share deals or sales on woodworking tools and materials. To start it off- Harvey Tools is running a sale through the weekend. The Ambassador bandsaw is currently $1,749, which is the lowest I have seen it in a while. Current “list” price is $2,499 though it is not often actually sold at that price. A lot of their other tools are on sale as well, but that’s the most notable.